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  1. SMITE Skin Request

    I was working on one a while back, but it got perma-shelved due to life stuff.
  2. So, I did a thing in minecraft..

    ..where I took RoosterTeeth's version of Monopoly and rolled with it. Basically, I turned their version of Monopoly into the real version of Monopoly. I just finished it up like two nights ago or so, and have just released it to the wild land of the interwebs. lol. There's a download link in the description, here's what some of the board looks like on my end(because of the texture pack): I've seen some videos where they had a working version of Monopoly that required several mods to work, or in the case of the RT version, was a lesser version of Monopoly, which kinda made me think, "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a working version of Monopoly in minecraft that was identical to the actual board game, but at the same time required no mods?" I searched, then gave up on trying to find one and made my own in my spare time. lol
  3. [CUSTOM SKIN] Liquid Metro UI

    It is indeed the same one. When looking at the appstore, it should say that its a user or community skin.
  4. hatsune miku skin

    I'm having this weird issue with the sound effects on apply version. Idk if its the same with the other one, but the final frame of the RegularToExpanded is slightly off for the apps. Screenshot: Having issue installing the regular one too, but I think that's just on my end.
  5. Custom Skin Addition

    I was wondering if this would be the place to request features for the skin creators to work with? The sound options are awesome, but I don't think there's a mouseover sound effect for mousing over apps both in the regular and expanded sections(not entirely sure if its in already or not). I have an idea for a skin that I'm working on that could use it. If that's already a thing, then maybe I missed it.
  6. Overwolf Game Requests

    Not so much BDO + Overwolf that I got working, but rather other things. It took some looking into it yesterday to fix the game capture options in OBS to get it to capture BDO directly, but Overwolf doesn't exactly have that. I've also gotten the steam overlay injected(?) into BDO and accessible while playing it + allows for it to stream to Steam Broadcasting. I've had extremely rare occasions where Overwolf worked with BDO like maybe a year ago? Idk. The only way to do it now is to have it run overtop the game - which if the mouse pointer hovers over it, you end up alt+tabbing. I feel like you guys probably almost have it figured out or something. It seems like it should/could be doable. Idk, I'll attach my game list but I doubt it will help much. https://www.dropbox.com/s/noqwownfpmwiww6/GamesList.8963036.xml?dl=0
  7. Overwolf Game Requests

    @LEOkonami I took a look at the pie graph after voting for game request, but both Black Desert Online and DOOM we're using the same colours. Speaking of Black Desert Online, any word on it? I was going through OBS settings, and I was also wondering if the anti-cheat option for game capture could be used to inject Overwolf into BDO? Idk if anyone's thought of doing that or not, and it seems like a lot of work to do that aaaaand perhaps there's an easier way to go about it.. Idk, popped in my head while messing with OBS. That kind of thing is well beyond my pay grade though. lol.
  8. LF HELP! Teamspeak!

    Yeah, this area(Custom Skin Design) is meant for Overwolf skin's, or at least that's what the pinned thread that came out when the Custom Skin Design section was launched basically states. Chances are you'd have better luck asking on the TS3 forums. Not saying someone here wouldn't know, but there is a better place than the Overwolf skin section to ask for TS3 skinning help. Check this link, its TS3 Skin's forum section. You could start there and potentially find the answers you need.
  9. LF HELP! Teamspeak!

    Are you talking about making a skin for Overwolf, a skin for the Overwolf Teamspeak app or a skin for teamspeak? If it's just for Overwolf, like a teamspeak skin for Overwolf, then there's no coding involved at all. Example of this here. You can download any of the skins and take a look at their contents to see just what is involved in the process of Overwolf skin design. There's zero coding involved(the json files count maybe? but its the only thing that needs typing). Every custom skin is just a bunch of images created in image editing programs, all piled together and named correctly. If its any of the other two options, this might not be the right forum section. Though it does technically fall into the same category as Overwolf Custom Skin Design, its not really a skin design for Overwolf. Designing a skin for teamspeak would be better suited in the general forum section or the teamspeak forums. Designing a skin for the Overwolf teamspeak app would probably be better suited in the app development section. For that option though, I'd try finding the Overwolf Teamspeak app's extension location and going from there. Seeing what the contents are and shit like that. Though, the TS3 app is basically just injecting the TS3 client you have open into your game, so Idk how well checking the extension would be. That said, I could be completely wrong(and probably are) so I'd still give it a check if this is what you we're talking about.
  10. LF HELP! Teamspeak!

    All you need to make a skin is an image editor. You could do it in mspaint, technically, but I wouldn't recommend it. For the skins I made, I used Photoshop. The Elite: Dangerous skin was made in blender(just going off what I remember reading when it came out). I think given enough time, one could make one in Krita. I've dabbed in all of these, Krita doesn't seem suited for skin creation but its free and who knows, maybe it'd be good for it. Idk what QssEditor is exactly, but from a quick google search it doesn't seem to be the program you'd need(though I could be wrong because again, idk what it is).
  11. Can't Find le skins folder

    C:\Users\COMPUTERNAME\AppData\Local\Overwolf\Extensions Skins, however, can be saved anywhere technically and loaded into overwolf fairly simple. If you're looking to just start making one, just take any of the user-made ones to get the file layout(folders, manifest, file names, etc) and just go to town. Where you save it doesn't really matter, and its a better idea to save them OUTSIDE the overwolf extension folder as if you need to reinstall, you could lose all your skins/work. Example, I keep a folder in My Documents called Overwolf Skins for that very purpose. Afterwards, you go to Overwolf settings, Support, Development Options and Load unpacked extension, then look for the folder that has the same name as the version number in your manifest and you're set.
  12. World of Warcraft Purple

    Good start so far. Are you going to continue to work on it?
  13. How do i download a skin??

    There are two ways for the Skin Creators to do this. Most people give a zip file, so we will go with that method first. To apply a skin for Overwolf, you need to take it out of the zip file. Generally, it doesn't matter where its placed, so long as you find the proper location. Its a good idea to NOT save them in the same folder that Overwolf is - which is in the %appdata%/local folder. If for some reason you need to remove Overwolf, or do a fresh install, that area get's wiped - an in turn, so would all your skins. So, as an example, I save mine in my documents under a folder called Overwolf Skins: This is how I save them. I make a folder for them, call it w.e they are named, then from the ZIP file, drag the folder that is usually labeled 1.0 or 1.1 or whatever the version number into that folder. As an example; here is the contents of the folder for the Overfox skin: If the Skin Creator didn't make the ZIP file have the skin name as a root folder for the skin, you can do so yourself. It's not necessary by any means to do this, but it makes it much more easy to remember which skin is which if you're installing multiple skins. After that, you need to find the skin. For that, you need to go to the Overwolf settings, and click on Support, then click on Development Options: Which will bring you to a page that looks like this: Once there, you need only click [Load unpacked extension...] and search for the skin. The folder you NEED to select is the numbered one. So in the case of Overfox, you need to choose the 0.9 folder. Doing so will add the skin to you library and then you're done. There's an easier way to install skins, but it depends on if the Skin Creator makes an OPK file for it or not. OPK files are basically installers that allow for people to simply install a skin without the hassle of the above. They work just like any other installer, double click to run it, then its done. It should automatically add itself to your skin library. Hope this helps.
  14. Show your desktop!

    Mine's basically been this since the announcement of the remake for FFVII.. lol. Though, my left monitor used to be a smaller resolution. That monitor died a month or so ago so I picked up the replacement one about a week ago. For some reason, the monitor doesn't like lower resolutions. lol.
  15. Hey Tiamarth, I just loaded the Sub-Zero skin up a minute ago and the RegularToExpanded animation had a frame just be completely white. Not sure which it is, and maybe its an issue on my end or something, but I thought I'd give you a heads up.
  16. [Skin] Spinwolf (Darkwolf edit)

    The main part of the dock, the part labeled CompactToRegular, looks oddly similar to one of my skins; Darkwolf V2. The lighting on it is in the exact same spot, so it made me wonder if you just put a colour overlay over it to try and hide that fact. The transparency of the compact(before any animation starts/any hovering of mouse over dock) image, the thickness of the border around said image plus the lighting's position is pretty too coincidental if you ask me. Also, the FPS image being used within the skin download is the exact same image as my WildStar skin's FPS image. After some searching via my skin library, I also found that those sound files are from the GeForce skin. Basically this skin is a thrown together, barely edited version of two of my skins and the Nvidia skin - with the only thing that stands out about it being the icon spinning animation. I honestly don't mind too much, but at the same time, if you're going to use other people's work, then credit them. Especially if you only lightly modify them to this extent. We took the time to try to create something, from scratch, after all. This isn't really a complaint from me, and to be honest I don't think the Overwolf Team would be too upset about the audio being used. This is just more of a word of advice. For me, personally, and as a future reference, I never said on any of my skins that it was okay to just use them as you(future Overwolf Skinners) see fit. That being said, simply asking me ahead of time - be it via messaging or adding me on Overwolf to send me an IM to get the okay - would of sufficed.
  17. Guild Wars 2 64-bit client; Overwolf doesn't work

    It's fine, don't worry about it. Anyways, what I was saying with that sentence was that you said you didn't like using Overwolf for recording because it didn't work in other games. That that was the reason why you used FRAPS or BandiCam. But for some reason, FRAPS/BandiCam + Overwolf + GW2 64-bit wasn't working. What I was getting at was that if Overwolf works, and you want to record GW2 stuff, why not just use Overwolf? What I was saying was that if the option - recording with Overwolf - doesn't work for, say, Fallout 2, but it does work for GW2, why not just use that method - recording with Overwold - instead? Another alternative to FRAPS or BandiCam - as previously stated, that also works with Overwolf - is ShadowPlay and OBS for recording, and Steam for pictures. Steam can virtually run any game through it, you just need to add the game to your library by the "Add a non-steam game" function. Furthermore, Steam doesn't crash while Overwolf, ShadowPlay or OBS are active. If you HAVE to use something else, there are other working options available. Here's the main thing I'm getting at though: If Overwolf is working for you in the 64-bit of GW2, then why run that plus another program to record? If you are running it for screenshots, GW2 can already do that. If you're running it for recording, Overwolf can do that and can do it very well. Why run unnecessary programs when you already have one - that works - running? The argument that it doesn't work in other games doesn't work here because we've already established that it does work for GW2. And as I've said before, there are alternative, better options available - that work - for other games. If Overwolf doesn't work in Fallout 2, put a request in to have the Overwolf team support it. For argument's sake, I ran my copy of FRAPS with Overwolf and GW2 64-bit. They worked, my FPS was horrible, but it worked completely fine. In fact, if there was an issue using all three, I should of definitely experienced it as I was also running GW2 with SweetFX and Immersive Combat Mode. The fact that I ran GW2 64-bit with Overwolf, FRAPS, SweetFX and ICM should of cause something to happen if there was an issue. If something is crashing GW2 or causing issue, its FRAPS, not Overwolf. FRAPS is poorly designed. It is a massive resource hog when recording and as I've shown and said earlier, there are better options for both screenshots and recording. If the issue is happening with BandiCam too, then again, consider other working options. Even if the dev's do find an issue on their end and decide to fix it, you're going to be waiting a little while for that fix. The best thing you can do now is switch to a different method. These are the things you have to deal with when recording video's and taking screenshots. If one method doesn't work, find another. If someone is telling you a method that does work, then research it and try it out. Nvidia ShadowPlay:Streaming to Twitch, Recording without FPS loss - lack of customization options. Can work with every game if record monitor is selected. Is in beta, and can have some issues(having different ratio monitors can sometimes cause a recording to be the other monitors ration.. I know this from experience.. 16:9 in 4:3.. lol). Basically a general all purpose, high quality recording and streaming option. OBS:Streaming, Recording, full scene customization, preview of how it will work.. Not in beta, and not as buggy as Nvidia. Controllable with Overwolf. Can record anything. OBS can record while the game is not on the top level. Example: You can record GW2 with OBS, while you're still on the OBS window. OBS has hotkeys, but they're not needed. What this means is that you can install the OBS Overwolf App for games you use OBS with, and select when to record. You can also turn off the recording feature of Overwolf any time from the Overwolf settings by simply unchecking the checkbox next to the hotkey. That way, if you decide that you want to use a hotkey for OBS, you have the option to do so without double recording. Steam Overlay:Can stream with steam - even non-steam games. Works with ShadowPlay and OBS and Overwolf. Can take screenshots. Works with basically every game via the Add game to library option. Works with GW2 64-bit - I think.. haven't fully tested it yet. Its in my honest opinion that you should stop using both BandiCam and FRAPS. They are bad programs. They were good when they were basically the only option, but they are outdated. I recorded a short video, very short, and it was almost 4GB of space.. For a 3:42 minute video. Using Overwolf, I could get a half an hour recorded in that amount of space, with better FPS, and the same quality. Using OBS isn't exactly the same, but it is still better as it actually works. I know this is long, but you really should try another program other than FRAPS or BandiCam.. Especially if you mainly use FRAPS. It hasn't changed in years - which is not good. I'm almost certain it doesn't even have an option for the Nvidia Codec that ShadowPlay uses extremely well, and that Overwolf and OBS use really damn well.
  18. Guild Wars 2 64-bit client; Overwolf doesn't work

    I can't believe this is happening now.. Okay, so, I tried to run the 64-bit today, and it crashed. Kept crashing. So I uninstalled SweetFX, didn't use the ICM launcher, and tried to reopen it whilst Overwolf was running. It crashed on the launcher after logging in. So I closed Overwolf. There was still issues. I deleted the remaining SweetFX stuff and it finally worked. So I reopened Overwolf, and this happened: So I closed Overwolf again, and re-ran the 64-bit, and it crashed instantly.. So I opened the 32-bit and logged all the way into the game. So I reopened the 64-bit, and logged all the way into the game. So I reopened Overwolf and was met with the above image again. SweetFX started this chain reaction, but its only happening with the 64-bit client. The 32 bit works with Overwolf and SweetFX >.< Gonna keep tinkering with it though.. Edit: I've removed every trace of SweetFX, Overwolf is breaking and crashing the 64-bit right now for me. Going to save notepad files, then freshly reinstall Overwolf to see if that helps.. If it doesn't, I'll send you guys the log files and start a ticket via email. Edit 2: It's still happening after fresh install. I remember this happening to me in the past, but I don't recall how I fixed it.. Edit 3: I feel stupid because I should of just googled this like last time. PC Restart fixes this issue.. RIP FeelsBadMan
  19. Guild Wars 2 64-bit client; Overwolf doesn't work

    The reason for you to not use Overwolf for recording, conflicts with your posting in this thread. You don't use Overwolf for recording GW2 because you don't like it in other games, and it doesn't work in some other games. Therefore, the simplest solution is to not use FRAPS or BandiCam with GW2 recording. There's a good combination for Overwolf settings that produces high quality recordings at ridiculously small file sizes.. I can't recall what it was(had to uninstall and reinstall overwolf, lost settings), but its doable. Also, why not use OBS or ShadowPlay then? They both can record monitor's and are both free. If you can't use ShadowPlay for w.e reason, then OBS it. But really, for recording GW2, if you're using Overwolf, you really don't need to use FRAPS or BandiCam.. You're going an extra step in this case for a reason that doesn't apply to GW2.. Edit: This was from a little bit ago. The settings was set to Lossless. The file size for a 1:25 minute video was 89 MB. The quality isn't bad imo, but I had to set it to that because of my PC specs. I moved around a bunch to show what the quality drop would be like while moving - which is basically what the bitrate would be like in OBS. Low quality videos have bitrates of 1000-2000 in OBS, versus higher quality videos of bitrates between 3000-5000. Video may still be processing depending on when you watch it. To show you an example of something recorded with high bitrate - either it was ShadowPlay or Overwolf, cant remember - view this video I recorded a while back. File size was pretty big, but the bitrate was 5000 I believe:
  20. Guild Wars 2 64-bit client; Overwolf doesn't work

    Normally, I'd say a white screen means that your game needs authentication. Usually that's the case with me, as I don't use the SMS thing. I'd say it's that, but you said the 32-bit works, so that is confusing. Does the 64-bit version of GW2 run properly without Overwolf running? If it does, then that should mean its an issue you're having with Overwolf, but if it doesn't, it could be something else entirely.
  21. Coding stories - share a story with us :)

    Yep. Would be a bad move to have the site go down if you're still in the band. It's changed since then and gotten better, but still needs some improvements..that I've been putting off for a long time now. lol.
  22. Coding stories - share a story with us :)

    Not exactly related to app development, but one night I sat down for about 10 hours to rebuild my bands website from scratch. Basically I laid all the ground work for how it would eventually look. It was pretty trash before. Broken links, really REALLY bad placement of stuff. Whoever made what it was before I got at it was pretty new to the whole web design thing. Or was just bad. It was also my first real attempt in using PHP for anything. I had a similar experience to yours with it because I basically sat down one minute at night, next thing I know, its light outside. Also, me and my ex were fighting that night too, so I locked myself in a room, and more or less channelled the energy that I would of used fighting with her into fixing something important. That was a few years ago, and the band is still together so I guess I made the right decision. lol.
  23. Guild Wars 2 64-bit client; Overwolf doesn't work

    I've tried both with and without ICM use. It happens regardless.
  24. Final Fantasy XIV overlay not working

    Are you guys running the game as Admin and Overwolf normally? I've had that happen with other games in the past. Overwolf needs the same permission level as the games being played in order to inject itself properly into the game. Also, I'm not 100% on this, but running Steam as Admin might force the games to run as such as well. So, if that's the case, and if you're running the game through Steam, as Admin, Overwolf might not be able to inject itself. Its best to run Games and Overwolf normally instead of as Admin. Hopefully this is the issue at hand, as its a simple fix.
  25. Overwolf overlay not working with Windows 10

    Hey Logilac, While the peeps over at Overwolf check your log files, I'd like you to try something in regards to potentially fixing your issue. When you open League of Legends, does it run as administrator? If the game is running as admin, but Overwolf isn't, then Overwolf doesn't have permission to inject itself into the game essentially. They both need to have the same permission level, or at the very least, the game needs to have equal or less permission than Overwolf for Overwolf to work. I've encountered this kind of issue before in the past, and your issue sounds very similar to my own back then. If running LoL as admin is the only way it will work for you, then change Overwolf's permission level to equal that and see if it works. If the issue persists, then there's an issue elsewhere. Hopefully that fixes it though.