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  1. Anyone have any clues or suggestions, other than closing down the app entirely? Because that's what i've had to do the past few days now.
  2. I dont know if it's linked to a specific app, but ever since the latest update, having Overwolf enabled during games of LoL have HEAVY stutters almost all the time. I don't know if it has anything in conjuction to having Afterburner running at the same time, but it works just fine on any other game, so i don't think it's that. The apps i'm using within LoL is LoLwiz and SweetFX Present Selector. edit: yes i know its in the wrong section now...
  3. Discord Overlay?

    Just to make things clear, this is/was a question about Discord, not TS3
  4. invalid .json file

    In the past few days now, i've been getting this error and i have no idea how to fix it :/
  5. Overwolf won't work with GW2 64bit.. with ReShade

    It's known that Overwolf doesn't work atm with 64-bit client of GW2. Unless you're experiencing crash issues with the 32-bit client, you're still fine to use it for now if you can't wait for the 64-bit version.
  6. Overwolf Game Requests

    Mostly because Overwolf is a DirectX based program and for now, it only supports dx9-dx11. WC3 is DX8.1, so it's too old for it to handle... at least for now.
  7. Overwolf Game Requests

    Probably not possible, cus its too old.
  8. Weird FPS readings in GW2

    Yes, it's WITH V-Sync on. I've tried with setting it off and its exactly the same. Turning frame limiter to 60 or unlimited only has a 10 fps difference, not matter if i have v-sync on or off.
  9. Overwolf Game Requests

    Guild Wars 2 recently came out with a new 64-bit client... and with that, Overwolf stopped working entirely for it. Just reporting in!
  10. Weird FPS readings in GW2

    Minecraft? Please... Its that the FPS counter shows twice the amount of FPS than what it currently is. That's it. And it's wrong.
  11. Weird FPS readings in GW2

    So... This is showing for me atm: I only have a 60hz monitor and i have V-Sync on. This should not happen. Looked around and i think it's something in your FPS overlay code that interferes with the game itself, here's the reference thread i found.
  12. Overwolf Game Requests

    Would love to see support for Blade and Soul
  13. After playing on the PTR for a few more time, a hour each time, it didnt happen again... Maybe it was something else in conjuction with ReplayHUD and something else...
  14. Overwolf - FFXIV:Heavensward DX11

    Can confirm as well, works wonders now!
  15. Found a issue with this app inside of WildStar (PTR), read below for more info: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/131953-memory-eating/