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  1. I'm baaaaack!

    Oh dear, hope you're OK!
  2. Send an image to a twitch streaming [solved]

    Hi! Welcome to the Overwolf forum.If it's the streamer pressing the button in their overwolf client and then an image appears, this is as simple as creating a window with a button and making it not viewable on stream. You then create a window that is always visible on stream and also minimized. And then by passing data through local storage you check to see if the button is pressed, and if it is you display in image in the always visible window and if it isn't pressed you make the image invisible. This means you will see the button and your viewers wont, but they'll see the image and you won't. Much like other streaming programs where they can overlay information. Here is info on how to make windows streamable/not streamable http://developers.overwolf.com/api?id=overwolf-streaming (setWindowStreamingMode) http://developers.overwolf.com/api?id=overwolf-streaming-enums-StreamingMode Edit: fixed post, misread question.
  3. launch_events

    You need to call getRunningGameInfo in order to obtain the game id, yes. Also you are telling it to start minimized, this means the app launches but stays hidden in the app tray so you should change this to false.
  4. I'm not sure you can, I think you'd need to use the FileReader API which in my testing didn't work. However, I'm sure you could create an NPAPI plugin but that would obviously mean it wouldn't just be HTML. But... I think you can use the file upload so you could potentially upload it to a server and then retrieve it when the app opens.
  5. Twitch App Challenge Question: IRC Bot Apps

    I'm not sure, I haven't used the chat api. But I would assume it's not very intensive considering it's just an IRC chat which is decades old and there are many IRC web apps that run smoothly. And network usage is very small for IRC. check this for a chat sample https://github.com/overwolf/twitch-sample-apps/tree/master/chat-sample-appyou should be able to figure out the basics.
  6. Twitch App Challenge Question: IRC Bot Apps

    Kappa feed just connects to the IRC channel for the Twitch channel and prints out the Kappas. There is no need to connect to anything else other than irc.twitch.TV you can use the API for this.
  7. Overwolf API simulator JS file

    You could try following the steps they use to debug the app and then using the page inspector in chrome or Firefox to find the location or the contents of the JS file. I'm not sure where else the file comes from. I think overwolf creates its own webserver for the app to run and debug so the file should be somewhere in the overwolf files I assume.
  8. Overwolf.js file is missing

    I'm not sure that exists, is there anything about that on the API docs? If there isn't then you can't use it. I'm not sure why you are trying to create a mobile application when the Overwolf API needs the core Overwolf software in order to work which is why you create a HTML 5 app for PC. Overwolf isn't on mobile, if you are using Appcellerator then you shouldn't be using anything to do with Overwolf on mobile.
  9. Overwolf.js file is missing

    A mobile application? Overwolf is strictly PC right now, I'm not sure what you are trying to do that would warrant the use of Appcellerator. If you want to make an Overwolf app then you should consider using a text editor like Atom, Sublime text, Notepad++ or an IDE.
  10. Simulating Mouse Clicks

    I don't really think it is possible because that could essentially mean a NPAPI plugin would be able to take over someone's PC. I might be wrong though because they are very powerful.
  11. Getting content of a screenshot image

    You can create a File object by doing new File(path);I don't think you can actually use this with URLs but doesn't Overwolf give a file path for the screenshot?
  12. Getting content of a screenshot image

    I think image quality is affected because you are putting an already compressed jpg and then capturing the canvas compressing it even more (I may be wrong considering you are using 100% quality). But I found this https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/FileReader/readAsDataURLwhich allows you to get the Base64 data of an image but I am not sure if Overwolf supports the File API I think I tried creating files a while back and it didn't work but it may have changed now.
  13. Click the window you want and make sure its in focus, then press Ctrl+Shift+I.
  14. Help getting Twitch Sample Chat App to work

    Hi, I would recommend using Jquery for your second request as it is a lot simpler to use $.post(URL,data,callback); and it seems like you use Jquery for your first request anyway. But to get to your problem, I haven't used the Twitch API yet but when calling one of my own APIs I came across the same error you did and I found the only way to bypass it was to supply that header server side. So that would mean Twitch would need that on their API but it also doesn't explain how Overwolf have tested it themselves unless it was just a code snippet supplied by Twitch and hasn't actually been tested on Overwolf. Just a thought because that was the only time I have experienced it when dealing with APIs.
  15. New at programming, looking to understand :)

    HTML5 is the better option. But I am guessing you know C++ so you can make NPAPI plugins to add more functionality to your app.j