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  1. GW2 Contest Term

    There's so many Trading Post-related websites out there, which I think are already covering all possible needs. Making an Overwolf version of their services doesn't seem like a "new idea" to me. So yeah, I think there won't be (m)any possible revolutions in this contest. In the end, I guess it's all about how narrow or wide you define a "new idea".
  2. GW2 Contest Term

    So I guess that means that submitting or improving your existing GW2 app is not OK, is it? I find that negative, because I as far as I remember, some existing GW2 apps qualified for the TS3 contest and it's bad for people like me who have submitted GW2 apps between the two contests. Gives me the impression that submitting apps without a running contest is rather bad. I can understand that (winning?) entries of past contests do not qualify.
  3. TS3/GW2 non-cash prizes

    It arrived today. Also, the keyboard has the German layout. Thank you.
  4. TS3/GW2 non-cash prizes

    Hey there, has anyone received his non-cash prizes from the TS3/GW2 contest yet? I'm getting a little impatient and unmotivated for the new contest as Steelseries seems to not care too much about their winners. Or is it just me like for the t-shirt that took a month to arrive?
  5. Devs Get a Free T-Shirt!

    The shirt itself is not damaged. Also the small gift card inside isn't. What I cannot explain is why even the German customs sticker on the left has color on it. So customs must have spilt it over the package. Maybe your picture should read "CUSTOMS"? I'm afraid it arrived that late. Now it's too cold to wear it outside.
  6. Devs Get a Free T-Shirt!

    When I was at customs office today to get a package from China (79 cents value, yay!), they told me something else just arrived. It was the Overwolf t-shirt. Because no content was declared and it was sent by a company, I had to print them the e-mail that I won that in a competition and had to show them the contents of the package. It was then declared as low-value advertising product and I didn't have to pay for it. Additionally, something dark spilt all over the package and the address was barely visible. German Post service wrapped it in plastic foil that said that the package was damage. I first thought that the package got wet and the color was washed off, but everything was fine. Obviously a package above broke and it spilt over mine. I really wonder why it took so long to arrive. It was sent on 30th of September. But it looks cool and has the correct size.
  7. Eye tracker arrived!

    This Alt+Tab thingy is pretty cool. Will stop spamming the forum now.
  8. Forum time

    As stated in another thread, overwolf seems to be a subsidiary of Time Travelers Inc. So anything is possible.
  9. Forum time

    ...is 11 minutes late. Just wanted to note that.
  10. Eye tracker arrived!

    Just received mine. No customs.
  11. Eye tracker arrived!

    They are sent from Sweden, which is in the EU. So I expect no customs. Mine is said to arrive today, but did not arrive yet.
  12. Regarding the Tobii eye tracker competition.

    So I received a key from Steelseries and ordered a development kit with that. I guess everyone else should check their emails.
  13. missing sdk for javascript

    The developers.overwolf.com page says closed beta in its title. You might want to fix that too.
  14. Regarding the Tobii eye tracker competition.

    I got a second invitation from Raif, however, I already signed up instantly after receiving the general newsletter (but did not receive a confirmation).
  15. There are quite some of these, see attachment in this post: http://forums.overwolf.com/index.php?/topic/3216-teamspeak-plugin-set-away-message/#entry13098