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  1. Overwolf Game Requests

    Dead Island please! And might i add, i recommend this game, best game i have ever played in my life. :ugeek:
  2. Bug report *** Fixed ***

    i dont use messanger, sorry but, i love the new design of the widget panel, and the thing with the skype conference calls!
  3. Bug report *** Fixed ***

    So, i found a bug that occurs while operating Overwolf in the background. When Overwolf is working, the tilde "`" key, doesn't work (for me at least), and it prevents me from using the console in source games. Just wanna tell how i found it: *Skype call while playing CSS* Me: So, what am i supposed to do to make it work? Friend: Open the console first. Me: OK, wait, it doesn't work all of a sudden.. *5 minutes later of trying to figure out* Me: Look, on steam it also doesn't type down when i press the key Friend: Try on skype Me: Ok, ill do it with Overwolf which is awesome (yes, real quote's ) Friend: Doesn't work.. did you try closing that "Overwolf"? Me: Uhhmm.. let me try *Overwolf closed* Me: IT WORKS!
  4. EDIT: it didn't auto-update and i cant find a download! :oops: EDIT 2: Well, it auto-updated only after i restarted my computer.. :|
  5. Very well indeed! P.S. Janalopa, mind your' manners.. ;P
  6. Overwolf Game Requests

    Add Lugaru HD!
  7. Overwolf Game Requests

    Enable Terraria please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  8. Overwolf version 0.12.100 released!

    whoa! about time! Just kiddin' breaks are alright! I am excited.. :mrgreen:
  9. my overwolf vid :o

    It wont load for me, do you care to also add a link?
  10. If your not advertising drugs, gambling websites, and stuff like that, you are NOT an enemy!
  11. Now, its been 3 days since the latest release of Overwolf have been out, and it has been announced in the blog, but it was not announced in the forums, for the convenience of people who prefer to check the forums. So i took the liberty to make the topic this time. I hope it nobody bothers. Exciting things are happening in the dungeon-like headquarters of Overwolf! It all started when Uri, Overwolf's CEO, came in one day with a mysterious cardboard box. It was full of awesome Overwolf T-shirts instead of the heads of vanquished enemies, which the development team had planned to mount on their desks. After everyone had put their shirts on (which took a while.. have you ever tried getting dressed while chained to a desk?), Uri had more good news for the Overwolf team
  12. Messenger

    i dont use msn, but i support this idea, since its great.
  13. Can't install/run *** Solved ***

    well, we have the same OS, and i can run overwolf perfectly fine. but i have no idea about your problem. just wait some more time, and i'm sure you will get an answer.
  14. Overwolf version 0.9.80 released!

    awgh! didnt auto update! :cry: well, i guess its because when i started up my computer, there were problems in connecting to the internet and Overwolf crashed or something. ah well, time to re-intall! :roll:
  15. Overwolf's One-minute survey!

    me and rodex are awesome, i bet we both won a free computer!