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  1. I'm sorry, I'm probably too sleepy of something, or may be I messed up wordings in my previous post (my Engrish), but I have no idea what you're talking about. I use OW primarily as a TS overlay for GW2. GW2 isn't the only game I play. To take screenshots and recording I use other apps. Because OW is useless for taking screens in Fallout 2 for example, so I HAVE to use something else, right? And I don't want to remember separate hotkeys for recording with OW when it works and with something else when it doesn't, and I don't want to have them both recording simultaneously if I assign the same hotkeys when suddenly both work, not to mention I dunno why should I tinker with 2 different recording apps and their settings when one is working fine everywhere. So, naturally, I approach GW2 as any other game. Taking screens and videos with an app that works everywhere and using OW for it does best for me in this game.
  2. Ok, it was a weird combo of the updated (since there was 0 issues before) GW2 64-bit client + FRAPS + OW. Remove any of them, and everything works fine. As a solution I finally switched from FRAPS to Bandicam, though it exhibits some weird behavior with GW2 and OW too, sometimes when I use OW the Bandicam's FPS counter disappears, to reappear later, but overall it seems to work. Guess it's GW2 64-bit only issue, since I don't see it in other games. Seems Anet weirded out overlay apps with this update for the 64-bit version. Inb4 why I am using FRAPS/Bandi with OW if OW provides FPS counter and screentaking and video recording anyway. Well, OW doesn't work with all the games I play, and I actually do not want it in some games, while stuff like FRAPS/Bandi works basically with everything, and that's what I need. Welp, overall seems to be some weird software interference issue, pardon me for somewhat false alert xD
  3. Today Anet updated GW2 64bit exe, and now OW won't allow me to even start the game. Past the launcher, when I'm supposed to see the char select screen, I get just a white screen, the mouse cursor changes though to the GW2 one. The 32bit exe works just fine, but... it's basically useless to me, since I use OW mostly for TS overlay, and I need TS overlay the most for the organised events on the new maps, and new maps pretty much require the 64bit exe to avoid CTDs, lol. Guess I'm back to running TS and GW2 windows side by side for now
  4. Older builds.

    Sorry for the late reply. Anyway, OW just crashed giving me this opportunity to send a fresh log, lol. Well, apparently my Log.rar is bigger than allowed to attach here. Hope a dropbox link is ok here https://db.tt/fE8tPsT6
  5. Older builds.

    Hello, is there any way to use older builds? Since the latest update OW consistently crashes at least once a day, (almost) never happened with the previous build, I believe the OW update was the only change on my system later.
  6. Overwolf messes up GW2 controls for me

    Thanks for the clarification and for the incoming fix
  7. Overwolf messes up GW2 controls for me

    It actually happens with hotkeys reassigned not to use Shift/Alt/Ctrl, not assigned at all, and even when they are turned off. Like Enable Hotkeys unchecked. That's the weirdest part. I should've made it clear in the first post.
  8. Overwolf messes up GW2 controls for me

    Well, I managed to circumvent it by assigning dodge to Del in the game and Del to Shift on my keyboard... sounds weird already, right? And I have no idea what people with not gaming keyboards would do. Also, thanks for letting me know I am not only one with this problem, I spent ~3 hrs yday thinking it could be a result of some weird combo of the software I use and trying to pick the culprit. Whelp.
  9. So today OW updated itself, and then I noticed that whenever I close/minimize OW windows (browser, settings, ts3) in game, my character dodges. Or just when I click in the game window after clicking on any OW window. It happens when I assign in the game options dodge to Shift or Ctrl or Alt, and does not when, for example, I assign it to Del. I did not test the whole keyboard. Or it jumps if there is Shift/Ctrl/Alt in the jump command. You've got the idea, I think. It's like OW closes/minimizes its own windows through default shortcuts even if they are unassigned/reassigned, and the game reacts to those buttons. I tried reinstalling OW few times, but to no avail. Is it even possible to use the previous version of Overwolf without it updating itself without even asking me? It worked flawlessly, and I do not need new features, at least not at this cost (honestly, I am rather tired of the situation nowadays when I am afraid to update any app, no matter what OS, no matter who developed it, a single enthusiast or a huge corporation, it seems we users always will be screwed one way or another). It is not anywhere near gamebreaking, but it is annoying as hell. Seriously. PS Attached the log, not sure if it helps. Log.rar
  10. Hope my post won't be considered as necroing the thread, but since this thread is the first result in google for me for overwolf + radeonpro, and quick search on the forum did not produce the solution I am about to post... You actually CAN use both RadPro and Overwolf, all you need to do is to open RadPro settings, select Compatibilty list, add Overwolf.exe and then check Disable API detection and hit Save (it also can help with other apps having problems with RadPro). Works flawlessly for me. Hope it will help some strugglers. I know that RadPro development is pretty much dead now, but it still works with the latest drivers, and can be an irreplaceable tool for those who uses AMP GPUs (native AA in GW2? NO!). And being able to use both Overwolf and RadPro is just sweet.
  11. Thanks. Shame on me for not checking the settings first >.<