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  1. Video thumbnails

    Hey, You are correct. It seems like a bug on our behalf. Thanks for pointing it out to us. We'll try to make sure it will be fixed in the upcoming versions. However, If you will try to access the thumbnail_url you received, it should work. You should get an image file with the correct MIME type headers. So it should not hinder the functionality of your app. Cheers, Zappatta.
  2. Video thumbnails

    Hey goodbyte, When you call a video creation function, such as overwolf.media.replays.capture, you pass on a callback function that is triggered once your media is ready. The callback function is provided with an object containing information on your created media. This object contains a property called thumbnail_url, which contains a URL you can use to access the video's thumbnail. You can use this URL as the src attribute for an img tag, or do anything else you wish with it. Hopefully this helps you to achieve what you are trying to do. Please feel free to comment if you need anything else Cheers, Zappatta.
  3. is a <webview> tag supported?

    Hey jfgilliam, <webview> is indeed a tag that be used in chrome apps. But as ItayOW said, it's not a standard HTML tag and is not supported by Overwolf. So you should basically use just a standard iframe. If you are concerned about security you can try the sandbox attribute. But in most cases that wouldn't even be required. iframes are relatively secure, and JavaScript within the iframe cannot interact with its parent document. Especially if they are loaded from different origins. Script within the iframe cannot easily "steal" information from it's parent, and vice versa. If you want to be on the safe side, add the sandbox attribute and see if everything breaks. if something does you can try to add different attribute values as described here Good luck with you app, we a looking forward to seeing it Cheers, Zappatta
  4. Hey guys, Just a quick update to let you know that I've looked into this issues. It appears the windows API events don't work entirely as they should. We've added these issues to our bug tracking system. I can't tell when yet, but hopefully these will fixed in one of the upcoming releases. Cheers!
  5. Media Player

    Hey Ome, The URL you can provide to the setVideo function must be a URL for a video recorded using the Overwolf SDK (using the overwolf.media.videos or overwolf.media.replays API) The documentation page explains how to create a media player element. If you are doing it as described there you shouldn't have a problem. If you do, please provide us with a sample app and I'll take a look at it to see what's wrong.
  6. A few questions

    A build process is indeed mostly copying the necessary files into a folder, but you can also add extra perks like automatically bumping a version and updating your manifest.json file, or automatically creating an .opk package file. I really hope to get around to creating a guide for this sometime soon. As for tips on performance and memory management. There are tons of articles on the web regarding JS memory and performance. Found this one on google, skimmed through it and it seems very elaborate. Having said that, just make sure you don't rush to do "premature optimization". Personally, I just try to keep these issues in the back of my mind when I'm coding. For instance, start by just looking at the app's browser process memory consumption every once in a while. You don't necessarily have to take any action, just be aware of it. The rest will follow
  7. A few questions

    Hey AeonLucid and the rest It's always nice to see new developers looking into the Overwolf SDK. You can do really cool things with it if you set your mind to it I'd be happy to try to answer some of your questions. #1. First of all you can define launch events in your manifest.json file (scroll down a bit, it's under "webapp settings"). This can help you get your app automatically launched whenever the user runs specific games. After than you can use the gameInfoUpdated event to shut down your app when game exists (Just make sure you don't create a bad user experience where his app suddenly disappears and he can't understand why). You can also use it getRunningGameInfo somewhere in you app's start point to make sure it is running in the correct game, and display a message to the user otherwise. So basically this can help you to: a. get your app launch automatically launch when a specific game runs. b. close your app when the game closes (or changes). c. Display an error message if the user tries to run the app when the game is not running / another unsupported game is running. #2. Since the overwolf ODK runs on the chromium engine you can essentially use any library that you wish to. Obviously there's way too many javascript frameworks nowadays to make sure that all of them work. But theoretically, anything than runs on chrome should run on an Overwolf app as well. Personally, I love jQuery and use it in all my apps. I've also used AngularJS in some without any problem. So feel free to experiment with any library you wish. If you find something that doesn't work, please let us know #3. As long as your final output is an Overwolf app structured as described in the documentation, you can use whatever tools you wish the get there. I see no problem with using bower/grunt/gulp or any of those. I am actually sometimes using grunt on some projects to quickly "build" my apps. Can't promise anything, but hopefully sometime soon I'll publish a quick how-to article on doing so. #4. In terms of dos and don't, I'm sure the are many advice we can share. Here's a few I can think of: You app files are usually stored locally on the user's disk, so you can be more lax on load time performance with your scripts/assets. Working with multiple windows can be a bit confusing at first. But remember that each window is it's own browser instance.you need to load all your scripts in each window. Also inter-window communication is a bit clumsy. We are contemplating plans to improve that in the future. Keep track of your apps memory consumption. Remember these apps are supposed to run in conjunction with PC games. Inefficient memory usage / memory leaks may eventually slow the game's performance which is something that can deter people from using your apps. Good luck with your apps Cheers, Zappatta
  8. Hey Bonozo, Have you tried using HTML5's FileReader? Have a look at this example: http://codepen.io/matt-west/pen/CfilG I think this should work inside an overwolf app.
  9. reCaptcha in javascript app

    Hey Velin, Unfortunately, you cannot get recaptcha to seamlessly work within an overwolf app. As you have already mentioned, recaptcha works per-domain and is not designed to work with an overwolf-extension:// URL scheme. However, it may be possible for you to integrate re-captcha with a work-around. You could make a simple HTML that includes your recatpcha and load it in an IFRAME inside your overwolf app. Then you could use postMessage inside your iframe to transfer the captcha response to your app's javascript. I have tested a similar solution in an app, and it seems to work reasonably well. It should also work for your app.
  10. manifest window size doesn't work

    Hey masterperas, As Thorwe mentioned the window size attributes in the manifest.json affect the initial state of the window. If your app user's will manually resize the window, Overwolf will remember the new size and open the window with that size in the future. In case you want to avoid that behaviour, you should be able to use the resizable: false flag for that window in the manifest.json file. That way users won't be able to resize your window and it will always stay the size you want it.
  11. "Detached from Target" - Dev Tools not working

    Hey aRestless, Like Thorwe, I am also suspecting some other service / app is already using port 8088 on your computer. You could use netstat, or tcpview to figure out what is using that port, and close it. At least while you are developing your Overwolf app. We are looking into changing this port number, or making it configurable in future versions. But this is more of a long-term solution. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We would be thankful if you could keep us posted whether this was indeed resolved by releasing the port.
  12. Plugin errors

    Hey guys, Would it be possible for you to share your app's code with us so we can try to reproduce the problem here? Once we can reproduce the issue, it will be much easier for us to understand what can be done to resolve it.
  13. Getting content of a screenshot image

    Hey Jorkro, Another possible solution would be to use XHR2 to get the screenshot file data as blob, and then send it to your server. see a guide here: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/file/xhr2/ I must admit I haven't actually tried it so if you end up doing so please let us all know if it works out
  14. Cookies in Overwolf

    Hey Jorko! I have ran your code here on my computer, and I was able to reproduce the exact same behaviour you are describing. So the good news are that it doesn't seem to be a problem with your code. The bad news is that it seems to be a problem with ours. So thanks for helping us find this bug Unfortunately this means that we have to find the root cause for this bug, and fix it in a future version. I'm afraid cannot yet tell you when will that be. In the meantime, I suggest you try to find some workaround that doesn't require cookies that are set by HTTP. Have you considered using local storage for your app? It's a more modern way to save information on the user's computer, and I've used it plenty of times in Overwolf apps, so I can personally testify that it works Hopefully this will do the trick for your app. P.S: Setting the CORS headers works for XHRs in overwolf apps, but not necessary. You can also use the externally_connectable param in your app's manifest.json file. to allow XHRs to other domains.
  15. Cookies in Overwolf

    Hey Jorkro, Overwolf isn't supposed to treat cookies differently than any other browser, and your cookies should be stored and available. However, you are saying that are not seeing the set-cookie header in the response you are getting from your server. This leads me to believe that the server does not include these headers, rather than Overwolf stripping them away. One way to make sure of that is to use some kind of proxy-based web traffic analyzer such as fiddler. If you are seeing the set-cookie headers in fiddler, but not in the Overwolf dev tools then the problem is likely in Overwolf. However, if you are not seeing the cookie headers in both fiddler and the Overwolf dev tools, then it is almost certainly because they are not being provided by the server. There could be many reasons why the server is not providing these headers. One could be that in your browser you are logged in and have an active session with the server, but not in Overwolf. Another could be that the Server is only adding the headers for specific list of user-agents which does not include Overwolf's. If you wish, you could share the code with me and I can take a deeper look to try to figure out what's wrong.