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  1. Sweetfx Preset Selector not working

    Yes, you should see noticeable differences. There should also be text in the upper left of the screen telling you that a new preset was loaded.
  2. Sweetfx Preset Selector not working

    Hey everyone. That's some weird behaviour you guys are describing, thanks for the reports. May I ask how you guys start GW2? Are you using any command line options, or even a third party launcher?
  3. It's attached to the first post. I can see it on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, even without being logged in. It's already been downloaded 3 times. But okay, I'll send it via mail.
  4. That's right. The sample app is attached.
  5. Overwolf changelog

    You know what's really good PR? To get the message "Overwolf just updated to version 0.95.xxx", clicking on "What's new?", and reaching this page. The dev changelog got stuck on version 0.93 as well, and the Facebook page that was supposed to deliver "the latest news regarding our app development tools" was not only last updated in april, but not one single post on this page actually contained information on the SDK. At Gamescom, almost a year ago now, it was promised to heavily improve documentation. At least from my point of view things only got worse from there. Combining that with the huge amount of bugs in the API/Framework and the lack of proper communication channels to resolve them, it becomes more and more frustrating to develop apps for Overwolf.
  6. Consider the following code snippet: function createWebserver(port, onSuccess) { overwolf.web.createServer(port, function(createResult) { if (createResult.status === "success") { createResult.server.listen(function(listenResult) { if (listenResult.status === "success") { onSuccess(port); } else { createWebserver(port + 1, onSuccess); } }); } else { createWebserver(port + 1, onSuccess); } }); } createWebserver(44444, function(port) {console.log("Listening on port " + port);}); This attempts to create a webserver listening on port 44444, and if that fails (probably because the port is occupied already), it tries the next port, and so on, until it succeeds. Now if you've got an app with a main window and a subwindow (the main window immediately opens the subwindow), the main window will print out "Listening on port 44444" and the subwindow will print out "Listening on port 44445" because the main window already occupied port 44444, the allocation there failed, and so the sub window jumps to the next port. However, if you now reload the subwindow, via F5 in the dev console, window.location.reload(), navigator.plugins.refresh(true), anything like that, the subwindow will print out "Listening on port 44444" Meaning, it allocated a webserver on a port that was already occupied. That's obviously not possible. And the message on successful allocation is certainly wrong, because all requests to port 44444 still reach the main window, not the sub window. This is not fixable by calling server.close() before reloading. The error will remain. The only way to work around it is, instead of reloading the window, to close it and open it again. A sample app showcasing everything I talked about is attached. This is yet another breaking bug that prevents progress on one of my projects. Cheers, aRestless OverwolfWebserverBug-1.0.0.zip
  7. Overwolf changelog

    *Bump* Especially bugfixes / changes in API behaviour need to be documented. There are a lot of little weird things that need workarounds, and changes to their functionality are never documented. Examples: navigator.plugins.refresh(true) starting to break apps out of a sudden, and overwolf.windows.onMainWindowRestored only working in the actual main window. Also, it took me ages to figure out how overwolf.web is supposed to work.
  8. Documentation for overwolf.web is missing

    Good to know, thanks for the answer. I assume you also want to add actual response payload in the future? While you're at it, you might want to add support for the access-control-allow-origin header as well, simply because it opens up a few more use cases and requires less setup when queried from other overwolf apps.
  9. http://developers.overwolf.com/documentation/sdk/overwolf/web/#overwolf-web-webserver There's no documentation on how to use the created webserver. Specifically, it's not explained how to "answer" a request received by server.onRequest.addListener(...).
  10. That's amazing news! Thank you! Please let us know as soon as you've got an ETA, because the current situation also results in significantly more development effort for us.
  11. Any statement on this? Because this is really hindering us in creating a concise user experience.
  12. Hi there. The benefits of the ignore_keyboard_events property are clear: You can build a menu that can be used with the mouse, and the user can still interact with the game via keyboard inputs. However, many applications have a few properties or features that require keyboard input. With ignore_keyboard_events set to true, the only way to work around that is to open an additional window for that input, which has ignore_keyboard_events set to false. This is not great. It breaks the workflow in otherwise well-designed menus, there is a significant delay when opening a new window (and sizing it to the proper size) and the additional menu windows bloat the associated project from a developer perspective, especially the manifest.json. As someone who hits this issue quite often, I'd be glad about a way to toggle ignore_keyboard_events at runtime. This way, I could have it set to true by default, but when the user, for example, clicks a text input field, I'd set it to false. This is exactly how most game UIs work, where, for example, the game only stops catching keyboard inputs when the user clicks into the chat box to type a message. I have no way of estimating the development effort for that, but It would be a great addition to the API.
  13. Can you be more specific on this? Is this performance hit "per pixel", or is it use-or-don't-use-at-all? Is the performance, for example, affected by fully transparent PNGs, or only if the alpha value is not equal to 0 or 1? On top of that, a number of very prominent Overwolf apps are using semi-transparent backgrounds, including HearthArena and ReplayHUD. So I'm a bit confused that it's "not recommended".
  14. It's a rotating PNG. The problem isn't the animation itself, the problem is how partially transparent areas are blended with colors behind them (meaning your desktop or the game in the background). It doesn't matter if it's a gif, PNG, a webm or just a div styled with CSS: partially transparent white on a white background will result in grey. The reason is most likely the blend mode, meaning how the color of a specific pixel is computed from the colors and alpha values of the different layers. For the standard color channels, I'm pretty sure MULTIPLY is used, which is totally fine. But with the alpha channel weird stuff is happening.
  15. Hi there. Consider the following code: <html> <head></head> <body> <div style="width:100px;height:100px;background-color:white;opacity:0.25"></div> <div style="width:100px;height:100px;background-color:white;opacity:0.5"></div> <div style="width:100px;height:100px;background-color:white;opacity:0.75"></div> <div style="width:100px;height:100px;background-color:white;opacity:1.0"></div> </body> </html> In a normal browser window, you won't see any of these divs. They blend in with the white of the background. However, if you use a transparent Overwolf window ("transparent" : true) in front of a white background the result will be this. That's just... bad. It makes it impossible to let a partially transparent object appear brighter than any background. On top of that it's not even consistent, because the darkest div is the one with opacity set to 0.5. In my current project I had planned to show a glowing animation on my menu on application startup. Sadly, with Overwolf's blending method, I can't achieve this effect in a transparent window. I'm quite sure this would be a pretty simple change, since it would just be about picking another blending method that doesn't do that weird stuff with the alpha channel. Cheers, aRestless