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  1. The dock is not activating (i.e. going in game) for iRacing. It's as if it doesn't recognize the game anymore. It has worked for a couple of years now.
  2. Clicking on App, Overwolf takes over USB input devices

    Yes, while playing iRacing works.
  3. Clicking on App, Overwolf takes over USB input devices

    The new file is working for me also. Thanks for the update. When will this go out to the general public?
  4. Clicking on App, Overwolf takes over USB input devices

    The app is simply and I frame using the browser. I catch the on click event at the body level.
  5. When Clicking on an App or just activating the dock, Overwolf is taking over all of the USB input devices and sending garbage to the game. I'm running iRacing using a wheel, pedals, shifter as separate devices. When I click on my App and make it active, the inputs go crazy. It's shifts on its own, the force feedback goes away, the throttle and brake maxes out. This is not good when in a race. It causes crash. Why is it doing this and how do I stop it. I have reports of it doing it on Windows 7 and 10.
  6. Overwolf - TS³ - 2nd Monitor

    I ts3 on my extra monitor, but I do not use the in game ts full app. I do use the notifications. My guess is you can't use both full and external. Why would you need to?
  7. Overwolf Game Requests

    iRacing has released an option to use DX11. It is BETA for now, but thought you might want a heads up that Overwolf doesn't recognize the DX11 version.
  8. how to get callback after dragResize()

    Thanks, the onresize event is working for me. I know Overwolf saves the window location for me, but t I'm using a limited pool of 10 windows to allow the user to choose what they do. Depending on what gets assigned to the window, I want to remember the size of that item no matter which window it was assigned to before. I wish the window did not have to be predefined in the manifest. I would like to be able to create a window dynamically and assign the same properties that would have been in the manifest.
  9. I would like to save my new size in localStorage, but I do not see a callback like there is for dragMove(). Am I missing something? or is there another way to get called when the resize is done?
  10. strange behavior on tripple monitors

    Bumping this to add, I'm running Windows 7 with AMD Radeon R9 200 with 3GB. I'm on their latest version, 15.12. Is anybody running more than one monitor that can add their experience?
  11. is a <webview> tag supported?

    Sorry, didn't know that. I was porting over an App that I wrote in Chrome Apps. It has a webview tag that acts like a iFrame, but is isolated and creates it's own process. I see iFrame has a sandbox option. Is that similar? What is the "standard" way to securely embed another site's content into your own page?
  12. is a <webview> tag supported?

    Is a <webview> tag supported? It seems not, I can only get an iFrame to work.
  13. strange behavior on tripple monitors

    Here is a link to a short video. It is using the built in browser to go to www.time.gov as I move it from monitor 2 to 3. http://1drv.ms/1m6YrQb
  14. Maybe my setup is just strange, but I cannot get any app to update unless I move it to the left monitor in my triple monitor setup. I can move the app to the middle and right side monitors, but it never changes. It's like it's frozen. But as soon as I move it back to the left monitor it starts updating. I'm running iRacing, Windows 7, with AMD Catalyst to create a display group. In reality I have 5 monitors. The main monitor, is on top and it hosts the windows task bar. Then the triples are below it. Then there's a 5th monitor under the triples. Sort of like this. 1 (this is the main monitor to windows) 2 3 4 (these are all in 1 display group. iRacing and Windows sees them as monitor 2) 5 So, another side effect is when going in and out of the game, the apps move to monitor 1, on top. Then the game starts they move to monitor 2,3, or 4 and not always i the same place. But unless they are on monitor 2 (the left side), they will not update. Going in and out of the game causing them to move around and not stay where I put them. I've tried this with the built in apps as well as the one I'm working on and they all act the same. So, I don't think it is how my manifest is setup or how I'm opening the window. Which is very simple, I'm just opening a html file with an iFrame to another website. I have attached them Anyone got a similar setup with it working properly? index.html manifest.json.txt
  15. How to Auto Start App(s) when Overwolf starts?

    I mean to launch Orverwolf applications, like the browser or chat. As it is now, I have to navigate to overwolf and start them myself manually. Think of how the old Windows Widgets used to work. I know Overwolf was designed to work on top of games, but I see it being useful in just plan old desktop mode as well. In another post, I asked for n option for the app to stay on top as well.