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  1. Overwolf lost nearly all games

    Hello, I wrote above that I will NOT search all my installed games (about 50 games) in that list. And that I will not manually add each game. I will send you some examples of my Steam games (not representing all installed games): Dying Light The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Far Cry 4 Sniper Elite 3 Styx: Master of Shadows Torchlight These strange thing is that Torchlight is not found but Torchlight II is found! I have two steam libraries: D:\Steam\steamapps\common This is a hard disk where I have moved games that I don't play at the moment Here I have installed - Torchlight - Torchlight II - Far Cry 4 E:\Steam\SteamApps\common This is a SSD where I have all games installed (SSD is faster, but due to limited capacities I added a second library to D:) So you should allow me to add custom folders where my installed games can be found. The tool GeForce Experience from NVIDIA has such an option. Regards OLLI
  2. Overwolf lost nearly all games

    Hello @ChriSKate, after uninstalling Overwolf (and the user proeferences) and installing it again, I just see 4 games installed after scanning for known games. 3 of them are None-Steam games and 1 of them is a Steam game. I really don't know why Overwolf just finds 1 Steam game although all Steam games are in the same folder (E:\Steam\SteamApps\common) Seems like Oversolf is buggy here? Manually searching if all my 84 steam games and about 10 None-Steam games are supported and then adding them manually is too much work! So if the automatic detection is not working them I will uninstall Overwolf. OLLI
  3. Overwolf lost nearly all games

    Hello, never ever I will search all my installed games in this list manually! The strange thing is that Overwolf detects some of the Steam games, but not all. Is there a way to delete all my settings and start from scratch? Uninstalling Overwolf is no problem, but where do you store all settings? OLLI
  4. Overwolf lost nearly all games

    Hello, after I did not use Overwolf for some months I wanted to start it again. I searched in the Windows 10 start menu for Overwolf and clicked the Overwolf icon, but nothing happened. So I downloaded and installed Overwolf again. I went to my library where I had 12 games. I scanned for installed games and after that my list just has 6 entries. I checked the list of supported games and saw that many of my games are missing, like: Dying Light The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Styx: Master of Shadows Here I named just some entries. All games are also listed in the Windows Control Panel. I have all games installed to E:\ My Steam library is installed on E:\Steam\SteamApps\common The strange thing is that 3 Steam games are found: Far Cry 3 Just Cause 2 Torchlight II But not the rest of my Steam games (although they are supported). And there are some BUGS: I have uninstalled Just Cause 2 (in that folder there is only a "*.mdmp" file) and installed "Just Cause 3" some months ago, but "Just Cause 2" is found. in the list of supported games all "Just Cause" games are missing (but "Just Cause 2" is detected as installed). What can I do so all my games are found when scanning for games? I don't want to add them all manually. Regards OLLI
  5. Facebook chat does not connect

    Since the FB chat is no longer working, I paused using Overwolf (until you have full FB and Skype support). Sorry, but I need a tool where I can get IMs ingame and answer them.
  6. Facebook chat does not connect

    Hello, in my opinion you should use the web versions of the chat clients. The multi-messenger service Franz (http://meetfranz.com/) allows multiple chat protocols: Facebook Messenger, Skype, Steam, WhatsApp, WeChat,Telegram, Google hangouts and many others (in total 23 services). At the moment I don't use Overwolf anymore because Facebook and Skype are no longer working. If you implement the web versions of all messenger platforms then you just need to open the URL in the internal browser and that`s it. No more changes need to be done on your side when the chat services change something on their protocol. Greetings OLLI
  7. Import Gametime

    Hello, it is very frustrating that Overwolf is not able to import the game time from other clients. This way I am missing many many hours in my profile. The first client I want to mention is Raptr. If you look at my profile (http://raptr.com/OLLI_S/games?sort_by=hours_played) then you see that I have 3,683 hours tracked in Raptr. Maybe you allow to import the play time from the Raptr Profile? The second client is Steam. I see 880 hours in my profile (http://www.mysteamgauge.com/account?username=OLLI_S) Would be fine if you allow to import these hours too. I really love Overwolf and I am no longer using Raptr. Would be great when I have my play times in Overwolf. Greetings OLLI
  8. Facebook chat does not connect

    Hello, the best way would be to use the web versions of the messengers: Facebook Messenger: https://www.messenger.com/ Skype: https://web.skype.com WhatsApp: https://web.whatsapp.com/ Steam Chat: https://steamcommunity.com/chat/ Google Hangouts: https://hangouts.google.com/ This way you just provide a "web browser" for the original messengers. You never have to change anything if the messengers are updated. And you never have problems that some API is shut down and you can no longer use the messenger. Greetings OLLI
  9. Facebook chat does not connect

    Hello, there are some multi-messenger services like Harvester or Franz (http://meetfranz.com/) that support Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Steam and other services. They both are just wrapper for the web versions of these messengers. So maybe this is an option- I stopped using Overwolf since Facebook and Skype are no longer working and tracking the game time for most of my games is not working (and there is no way to import my Steam play time). Recording screenshots and videos also works with Geforce Experiance. If these things are working again then I give Overwolf an other try but at the moment it is useless for me. Greetings OLLI
  10. Facebook chat does not connect

    Since FB chat is down I am no longer using Overwolf. Facebook and Skype are my main communication channels and both are no longer working in Overwolf. Greetings OLLI A disappointed Overwolf User
  11. Overwolf Game Requests

    I request "Just Cause 3"
  12. Facebook chat does not connect

    Hello, I received an update of Overwolf today but the problem is still existing. Please fix soon, most of my friends use Facebook and no other protocol. OLLI
  13. Facebook chat does not connect

    Besides the login issues with Facebook this would be an awesome feature. I am also very frustrated that I can not chat ingame using Overwolf when Steam is running.
  14. Facebook chat does not connect

    Hello, I have the same problem here! ​The login data are definitely OK, because I pasted them from KeePass (password manager). And I did use my Facebook Username, not the email. Please fix this issue soon! Thank you ! Greetings OLLI
  15. Steam Play-Time not correct

    Hello, as I have written above there is the page SteamGauge (http://www.mysteamgauge.com) that shows your complete library including the play time. You just have to enter the username. For my profile you find the data here: http://www.mysteamgauge.com/account?username=OLLI_S ​ And please also allow to import the play-time from Raptr and Xfire. I used both in the past and now switched to Overwolf. I think an import makes Overwolf more attractive to users and makes the decision to switch much easier. Greetings​ OLLI