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Found 16 results

  1. My Overwolf Apps keep disappearing.

    I use the Overwolf browser in World of Warctaft specifically the Zam app and the Calculator app. However every few days they disappear and I have to re-install them. Why does this happen?
  2. Hi :D, so I am having a problem with the Overwolf Library. I can't add the MMORPG "Dragon Saga" to "My Library" for some reason. When I tell it to let me select it manualy and then select "Dragon Saga" in the List and then show it the Folder in which the .exe File is, it gives me following Error Message: "Sorry didn't find it there...". Does anyone know if I am the one doing somehting wrong or if the programm ist just buged... The folder I redirect him to is: "C:\Gravity\Dragon Saga" in there is the Patcher, that is used to start up the game so I don't see the Problem. Thanks for the help in advance
  3. App request

    I want a app that can automticly write some text which I have written. So I can for example make a text which is GGWP or a longer string. It is like a macro but I want it activated in a list I can press, so I can have more. So when I open up ingame chat I can find the string I want to write and press it.
  4. Cant install any app

    Yesterday I installed Overwolf for LoLwiz but I cant install it and any app at all. I click on install button in store and wolf trying to do it but every time there is an error and "Not connectedConnecting in Xseconds... Try now" When the timer reaches zero installation begins again and so on. Absolutely the same problem described in this topic But the decision was a new version of Overwolf. I have the latest version from official website and I still have this problem. Some screenshots Log.rar
  5. Edit: latest update fixed the behaviour (only keeping the current + latest version of the app) Hey there, there is (imo) a big problem with the file-management of the overwolf Client regarding Apps / App-versions. If you take a look within %HOME%\AppData\Local\Overwolf\Extensions\ there are all installed overwolf-Apps located. Within the folders for every App (/ggfmakpbllghoepnmfelddbminamnbmfelbahfdp/ for example) there are folders for the corresponding APP-version. If a new version for an overwolf App is published, there will be a new Folder created with the files from the new version. But the old redundant version-folders are never removed thus creating a lot of unneccessary data-trash on the harddrive over time. There is also now indication for the user, that this is actually happening. If an App has 2MB in size and the user installed it 10 versions ago, there are already up to 20 MB unneeded data for a single app on his computer he won't get rid of until uninstalling overwolf (since uninstalling an App leaves all files for the app within the directory above, not even removing the latest version). And since every new version creates a copy of the App-files, those versions might only include a change within a single line of code creating like 99.9% unneccessary extra data. I didn't get a reaction for my last post on here, so let's see how it goes this time. Cheers
  6. Hey Wolfs! We're happy to finally announce the winners of our latest Nvidia app challenge. We want to thank anyone who participated, and hope to see you again next time! You can find all the details in the following link: www.overwolf.com/nvidia-app-challenge/ Congratulations to all the winners!
  7. Apps closing out on second monitor ?

    So , I thought that all of these apps were super useful that I found on Overwolf. Now , as a Streamer I would love to utilize all of these apps .. Outside of my game. For those who play Counter-Strike:Global Offensive and other games there are some people who want their screen cleared when streaming. They don't want to open all of the apps while playing a game. All of that stuff blocking the sides is annoying and disrupts gameplay. Once I start my game i have to reopen all of the apps IN-GAME. My question is why do the apps running on my second monitor close out when I open CSGO ? This has so much potential and I just wish I could utilize it for my stream. Basically , when I'm trying to run overwolf apps on the desktop and I switch to my Counter-Strike window , all of my apps on my second monitor close out and I'm completely clueless as to what happens on my stream now. I have no follow / donation alert showing , no chat box so that I can interact with viewers, I can't do polls , I do a simple update of the stream of a different game , and it's just irritating. Is there a setting for this already ? I'm trying everything I can for this.

    Okay so I wanted Overwolf because it looks like a really cool system! I downloaded the installer and booted it up, but it read a message saying "This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software developer" I assumed that Overwolf was a 32bit installer, and I have a 64bit OS, so I tried to find an installer that was 64bit, but all of the 64bit ones turned up with the same results. If anyone can offer any advice to try and help fix this problem, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! ~::UPDATE::~ I got it working!! What I did was I extracted the files (Using WinRar) from the Overwolf installer that you download, and ran the installer that was extracted!
  9. An app you could open windows start menu with or a simulation of it so you could start programs ingame without minimizing or quitting the window. Would this be possible and if yes then do it. Or code more cool apps for games. like for GTA a map what you could mark your intrests. Or a Minecraft mod list or Minecraft mob spawn guide or Black ops 2 zombies mystery box location. or Cities skylines tutorials list. or battlefield 3/4 best shooting positions. or Facebook/instagram/twitter app. Cool would be playin android games ingame. Or other browser games. Thanx. If you liked any ideas please chek the poll. I apprieciate your answers. ps sry for bad english. I'm better in speaking it.
  10. Overwolf Store/Brower crashing

    As title states, the program is just not working. At all. Logs attached. No razer programs anywhere. I've already posted a similar thread with no responses, and I've noticed others are having similar problems with no responses either. Except the difference is, they haven't gotten a response in two weeks. To be frank, I am contemplating out right getting rid of this program and telling all my friends to do the same if I can't actually get even a response from someone within Overwolf. Log.rar
  11. Cannot install any apps

    Hello, I have not been able to install any apps through overwolf appstore. When I press the install button it says installing for a couple of seconds and then the text on the red button is replaced by the message "ERROR". I am attaching an archive of the overwolf logs and a screenshot of what happens when I try installing the twitch app. Edit: It seems it is solved now so it might have been an internet connection problem, even though I could download other things from the internet. Log.rar
  12. Store review system

    Okay so I feel like this is a pretty important issue: The new review system in the store is great BUT I can see so many apps, including mine, that are just getting slaughtered by people who install the app and just decide it doesn't work - giving it one star and moving on. I got two bad reviews, one of them completely mistook the use of my app for a streaming app so apparently that is my fault and I deserve one star for that?! I contacted the people who made them to ask if they could remove them as I offered solutions to their "problems" and neither user has contacted me back or even removed their review! I also have another review which simply says "Doesn't work" which knocked my rating down even lower and I have no way to fix it! What wasn't working? Was it the app that crashed? did you click the wrong thing? is it unclear how to use the app? I need Feedback - not "Doesn't work"... I would love for a way to maybe show we have contacted a user about their score and then have a way to request a better score or for it removed especially if the app is 100% fine and works! I do not care one bit about people telling me they don't LIKE my app due to UI designs or what not but I hate when someone just says it doesn't work, I know a solution and then they don't reply leaving me with a bad rating for a good app. Any other devs out there getting this?
  13. hello overwolf developers, i will like to know if mobile website and web app platform is allowed in this app contest. thanks
  14. Can't install of the APPs

    For some reason, I can't download apps, when I click on "Free", the red button right, then it goes to "Installing" I have left it on for a few hours. But still hasn't installed. I have uninstalled it a few times, and still isn't working. But I don't know what else to do. The Overwolf support team doesn't help much, its been a month since i sent my logs into them. So if any of you guys have any suggestions about what could be happening and how to fix this issues, please leave a comment. Much appreciated
  15. Minecraft Apps

    My name is ShadowPunchAsh , but you guys can call me Shadow. As most of you know Minecraft is a HUGE game and lot's of people play it, I was wondering if Overwolf would add an app for Minecraft, just as simple as crafting guide. For me and my friends and lots of other Minecrafters is crafting , of course yes you will remember all the basic stuff , but having to search up all the uncommon stuff is tedious, having to keep closing the screen and reopening mine craft, so having something where you could search up a craft-able block or item would be amazing like the Tf2 Crafting Adviser, what do you guys think?
  16. Hello, I placed the App of my game LOTR Online into the 5 apps place at #1 in the dock of Overwolf. Always when I start Overwolf, the app of my game is gone and all places are resetet to the normal view. The games app is missing in Overwolf. I have to replace it all the time. What is wrong and what can I do to save my apps view? Greetz Sebastian from Germany