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Found 32 results

  1. League Of Legends doesn't show up on the library section in Overwolf, so i am unable to use lolwiz and replayhud. It would be nice if there was a solution for this problem.
  2. Overwolf and Replay HUD lagging

    Hello, I've been using overwolf + replay HUD for several months and recently it started causing FPS crashes that drop from 120 to 20, does anyone have a solution? Log.rar
  3. Garena also have a summoner info checking program! you can check here http://mobile.garena.sg/ its an app sadly no website Hope this help! :D
  4. EDIT: Issue still not fixed, but I think this may have to do with the new Garena client update. I cannot launch LoL from Overwolf game library as there is no direct way to launch from an .exe file any more. Before the Garena client update, running the LoL launcher executable directly opens LoL. The update forces users to open the Garena client to launch it through there, launching from "LeagueClient.exe" results in a bugsplat. As a result, I believe that Overwolf also runs into issues with trying to launch Garena LoL directly from the .exe, and being able to communicate with the game being launched through Garena client. Overwolf support for GarenaLoL has been broken many times before, but I hope the devs keep up with changes with Garena better in the future. I tried reinstalling Overwolf and ReplayHUD but it did not get fixed. Game Summary works perfectly fine for other games (e.g. CS:GO, Overwatch) as it shows the Game Summary screen at the end of each session. But after any League of Legends game it does not show, opening the Game Summary via Overwolf tray icon opens the Game Summary UI, but with no gaming stats or videos filled in. If I had played another game before LoL, the game summary just shows the Game Summary for the other game upon opening manually. I do not have LoLWiz installed so there should be no conflict regarding that. Overwolf log file is attached. Log.rar
  5. Overwolf just take the wrong client, the old client. When i scan my computer for adding games Overwolf don't put League of Legends in Games, so i do it manually but this error happens and now i don't know what to do, help pls, i can't use any Apps for LoL. Also, any of the hotkeys don't work Log.rar
  6. Lolwiz cut off in lol

    When I start a match and I look for the stats and the what items to build ect in game in League of legends it is cut off i can't only see the top half showing some of the team and i can't even see the right side of it showing laning opponents and what to build. I tried searching and apparently I am the only one having the problem. Please help cause i really wanna use this. I attached a photo of what it looks like, this is in a practice game that I made but it does the same in regular match. I've tried messing around with the game settings but nothing has worked so far.
  7. League of Legends API request

    Hi, I have a cool idea for an Overwolf app. About that, I'd like to know if the following stats are going to be available any time in the future through the Lol API: armor penetration (flat and percentual) magic penetration critical chance lifesteal spell vamp cooldown reduction atk range tenacity Plus the standard stats such as: AD, AP, atk speed etc.
  9. lol wiz won't pull up data

    Won't pull up data. Keeps on saying retrieving data until the game ends. Help please
  10. Ping spike while playing League

    Every time I have Overwolf up when I play league I have huge ping spikes, when I end the Overwolf app the ping spikes stop. Anything I can do to help with these ping spikes with Overwolf?
  11. Game Crashing

    I installed Overwolf and it was great saw these awesome apps that could help me, but they didn't instead they crashed my game. Because of this I have a ban timer for 20minutes, I would just like to make a suggestion to make a warning that theses app can crash your game.
  12. League of Legends Chat

    So ever since League of Legends released its League of Legends android chat app, I felt that it would be a great idea if overwolf could implement such a thing in the chat. If anyone is up for the idea or has any tips for guiding me along the right path, in hoping to make this happen, please like this and comment your ideas and suggestions down below. I'm hoping that the end result would look something like the picture below. Thanks for reading!
  13. So I've been trying to make some simplistic video recordings of my League of Legends games using Overwolf to record commentary over a game through spectator mode, but every time now I've been getting the same problem. Whenever I try to view the footage around the 15 minute mark it goes to a black screen in the playback. It gets to the point where I have to open it up in my video editor to see that it's a black screen because it will basically freeze any media player that I tried playing it in at the time it shows a black screen in the editor. The sound goes silent too, even though in game the recording icon still shows up until I hit my hotkey and it stops like normal. I'm using op.gg's game recorder to take a look at the game with full spectator control. It opens up the in-game client using a batch file and I'm using Overwolf to record analytical commentary over the footage. I used to be able to get it to work too but it's recently stuck with this problem again and I forgot what I did to try and fix it. I'm gonna keep experimenting with the settings but I wanted to post this in case it's a more common issue than I know. Here's some links to a couple of screenshots of all my current video settings at the time of posting.. http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb145/Fungeek375/Overwolf%20Screenshot%201_zpsf857hrjl.png http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb145/Fungeek375/Overwolf%20Screenshot%202_zpsnf5k9a9e.png And attached to this post is a .zip file of my logs folder, since I've also seen it give me "An Unknown Error Has Occurred" messages if I leave the recording on after I shut down the game viewer. I'm gonna send a report to support as well, it's only a .zip file on here because the .rar file was too big to upload here. I'll be on a little later to try and fidget with it some more but for now, I'm tired and annoyed so I'm gonna go take a nap. Any help you can give is very much appreciated and I hope you have a great day! Log.zip
  14. So I use Overwolf for lolwiz and replay Hud. Thats it. Also I use teamspeak to talk to my friends and such. So i have to run as administrator for teamspeak to work in game. So basically when i run overwolf and teamspeak at the same time a million teamspeak clients spam and make my computer lag. I have tried all of the stuff i have seen(reinstalling both overwolf and ts3, starting overwolf After ts3, running overwolf and ts3 as administrator) and nothing works. So I was wondering if anyone else know how to fix this. Please help because this has forced me to only beable to use teamspeak and not overwolf. Thank you.
  15. Overwolf with OBS

    Hi there! I'm here to report a couple bugs I've encountered and ask a few questions regarding compatibility. The only other overlay I use is Curse Voice, but I've reproduced these bugs with Curse turned off as well. OS: Windows 8 64bit Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 RAM: 12gigs Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 If anymore info is needed please ask. The fist bug I've found is that if you don't launch League of Legends with Overwolf, then Replay HUD doesn't work and causes League of Legends to crash when it switches you to in game. It gives you a black screen, and the first time it crashed my graphics card drivers. Those are updated btw. Now if that's not a bug and apps aren't supposed to work without using OW to launch the game then disregard that. The second bug is that even if I'm not using any OW apps, whenever OW is running-- whether I launched League of Legends with OW or not-- the in game League client is not recognized by OBS Studio. I can set it up as a source but it will not display. Even if I disable the overlay and without any apps running. I understand the programs aren't compatible at this point, but they shouldn't effect each other like that. Lastly, I just wanted to know if there's any plans to make a plug-in to add compatibility to OBS Studio? I'd love to help make that if I wasn't an idiot with program design and coding, I don't mean to be demanding. OBS Studio is so much nicer than regular OBS, but OW adds nice components to my stream that I really don't want to give up. I included my log files in case they're needed. Thank you for reading. Log.rar
  16. Hey there, Im the developer behind one of the winners from the Nvidia App Challenge. My Entry "Champ 101" aims to ease the process of learning about all the champs for new players as well as to give a quick overview of important champion-knowledge for more experienced players. If you're a League of Legends Player and didn't try it, please give it a shot and tell me what you think. Im not attempting to integrate functionality from lolWiz like ranked scouting but want to focus on relevant knowledge about the champions within your game. Feel free to make suggestions and criticize as you wish.
  17. LolWiz

    Hi, so I've just downloaded Overwolf and have tried running Lolwiz. Upon doing so the app runs but after typing my summoner name selecting the region I'm playing and clicking save it just hangs at "Saving summoner settings". Does anybody know how I can fix this? Thanks in advance.
  18. Replay HUD Blackscreen ingame

    Hi, i cant see the Replay ingame in League of Legends, but its still recording in my file or can rewatch it on VLC. i cant use the Hotkeys and the Button after i died ingame but always see a black screen. Here are my logs Log.rar
  19. Hey there wolfs! We're happy to announce our shiny new app 'Builds of Legends'! The app helps you by providing concurrent guides and statistics for the champion that you currently play with in League of Legends. We're holding a 9750 Riot point giveaway for it's launch! Get the full information on how to get into the raffle in our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Overwolf/posts/1000779833291263 To download the app, click the following link: http://store.overwolf.com/app/Overwolf-Builds_of_Legends Jump into the rift and start owning your enemies! We got your back!
  20. Hey there everyone! In celebration of the LoLwiz 3.5 launch and our continued growth and success we invite you to participate in our Wicked Winter Giveaway event. In conjunction with our eSports partner Cloud9 we will be giving away over $3000 in Riot Points and prizes! LoLwiz users have a chance to win DAILY prizes so don't miss out! The Giveaway ends on January 15, so hurry up! Check this video for more information: Rock on!
  21. Question: replay hud

    When using the replay hud in league of legends i can't pres the replay button when i die, is there a way to change this? As i see others just press on it and they get their replay.
  22. Problems with the overlay in LoL 5.22

    When I start League of Legends with "lol.launcher.admin.exe" or via Overwolf, I don't see the overlay once I'm in the loading screen. The overlay only works with the "lol.launcher.exe" Log.rar

    hello guys, so my problem is that when im in game (LoL) and i try to record the game it show that i have "Start_Streaming_Error_")... the funny part is that im not streaming, im not even on twitch, when i close the game and try to record it shows i must be in "Active Game"... i try again while in game and there is no change, still this error... Btw i recorded 3 videos, 2 of them were till i got in the game, i mean the videos were on my monitor, when LoL started the videos have auto stopped... then i saw that in my settings there was "Record monitor/Record Active Game" so i unchecked the first and checked "Record Active Game" the next video was recording the whole game and in the end in the video folder the video was 0bytes and i couldn't even open it... so these are my problems... would be thankful if you help me fix them... Cya.
  24. Replay HUD not playing replays in game

    Hey, The replays are saved in the folder but cannot view them during game. they seem to refuse to play or show anything. I have tried re-installing... Here are my logs: Log.zip Thank you for your help
  25. I'm having an unnormally high ping (> 100ms ) with ping spikes (~ 200 ms) when I play League of Legends while using Overwolf. I'm not sure if it's caused by an app of Overwolf or Overwolf itself, because didn't have the problem in the first time using the program. However, I am sure that it isn't caused by bad connection on my end or on Riot's end and not by the computer itself. To test this I played 3 matches; In the first two I used Overwolf and I had said problem, in the third game I didn't start Overwolf and I had no problems. I restarted my computer between all 3 games. I have the following apps installed: - LoLwiz (had it since I use Overwolf so the chances are slim that this app causes the problem) - Repaly HUD - Spotify - Teamspeak (I assume that the browser, the video recorder and the chat apps are standart apps so there's no need to mention them) Is there any workaround for that or can I hope for a fast fix? Logs are attached: Log.rar