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Found 16 results

  1. LoLWiz not detecting game

    So i recently downloaded LoLWiz and decided to try it out on a normal game, But its not detecting the game, What do i do?
  2. Hello. So lately I have been trying to get my lolwiz to start working but for some reason overwolf is functioning fine but lolwiz wont give me the menu for setting up the game i just get it sitting there and i even try and shift tab in game and nothing happendes help!!!
  3. With things like clicking the little x in the top left corner or clicking next/previous on the tips section nothing happens both when I try to click in-game, or in the loading screen.
  4. I recently got a new monitor with the resolution of 1920x1080, at 33". I felt this was too big to play league of legends at fullscreen so I changed the resolution to 1280x720 windowed so i wouldnt have to go so far across the screen. Now when Lolwiz opens the top part is cut off so I can only see the bottom teams stats and such. Is there a way to fit Lol wiz to screen so I can see it all?
  5. I cant download anything please help

    I have been trying to download apps specifically Lolwiz but anytime i try any app it says that it has disconnected then is frozen on the waiting part and never download part. "Not connected Connecting in x seconds... try now" is the notification on the top of the window. then it keeps retrying over and over again. please help i emailed support about a week ago still no reply...
  6. lol wiz won't pull up data

    Won't pull up data. Keeps on saying retrieving data until the game ends. Help please
  7. So I use Overwolf for lolwiz and replay Hud. Thats it. Also I use teamspeak to talk to my friends and such. So i have to run as administrator for teamspeak to work in game. So basically when i run overwolf and teamspeak at the same time a million teamspeak clients spam and make my computer lag. I have tried all of the stuff i have seen(reinstalling both overwolf and ts3, starting overwolf After ts3, running overwolf and ts3 as administrator) and nothing works. So I was wondering if anyone else know how to fix this. Please help because this has forced me to only beable to use teamspeak and not overwolf. Thank you.
  8. LolWiz

    Hi, so I've just downloaded Overwolf and have tried running Lolwiz. Upon doing so the app runs but after typing my summoner name selecting the region I'm playing and clicking save it just hangs at "Saving summoner settings". Does anybody know how I can fix this? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey there everyone! In celebration of the LoLwiz 3.5 launch and our continued growth and success we invite you to participate in our Wicked Winter Giveaway event. In conjunction with our eSports partner Cloud9 we will be giving away over $3000 in Riot Points and prizes! LoLwiz users have a chance to win DAILY prizes so don't miss out! The Giveaway ends on January 15, so hurry up! Check this video for more information: Rock on!
  10. Hello, occasionally LolWiz works but most of the time when I press Shift + Tab after seeing your stats are ready, it doesn't show off the overlay. Also I do not see overwolf on the left hand side of the screen when in game. League of Legends_10-07-15_14-56-28.Game.html
  11. Lol wiz bugged

    ola meu lol wiz esta bugado ele não prenche a tela ele fica cortado e eu puxo para o lado e ele continua cortado
  12. lolwiz bugged

    ola , o meu lolwiz ele esta bugado a dimensão dele é maior que a tela como posso arrumar isso ?
  13. lolwiz

    Lolwiz isn't working for me, "something went wrong" - No active game for player. How do I fix it?
  14. LoLWiz installation problems

    I just downloaded the overwolf client and I constantly get this message http://puu.sh/i8w20/85a98232a4.jpg(top center of the screen) when I try to install the LoLwiz client. Is there a problem on my end or is it some sort of issue from their side? If so is there anything I can do to fix this?
  15. Coffee, anyone?

    I'm running Overwolf version 0.84.92 on Windows 8.1, and for some reason, whenever I launch LoLWiz or Twitch, Overwolf gives me the "Coffee, anyone?" popup and restarts. However, it doesn't render over the game when it restarts, and I can't use either of those apps.
  16. Hey Overwolfers, I'm proud to present to you one of our newest and coolest apps. League of Legends just got a whole lot smarter! LoLwiz ** Please head on over to http://www.LoLwiz.gg for news and updates as well as to register for a beta key. ** Straight from a community developer! Lolwiz lets you browse the stats of Summoners in your party. Win Loss Ratios, KDA, Masteries and much more. While waiting in menus check out specializations in greater detail. Party members show up with additional in game info including armor stats and resistances. Check out the app store it's waiting for you! Let us know what you think! We're anxious to hear the feedback! ** Please head on over to http://www.LoLwiz.gg for news and updates as well as to register for a beta key. **