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Found 17 results

  1. This may be the case with any Steam game if you install it in a non-default path. I installed Steam to g:\games along with the rest of the related utilities. It make backups simpler and avoids potential permissions issues. I wanted to add Fallout 4 to OverWolf and it didn't scan. Adding it manually wouldn't work if I chose the actual game path. I had to add by selecting the Steam path; in my case "C:\Games\Steam". Edit: Ehh, I'm not sure if it works just because OW lets me actually add the folder. It starts Steam but not Fallout and I can't get OW to do anything with Fallout 4 anyway.
  2. Steam chat login

    I can't login into Steam chat,iit says that the credentials are wrong. Probably ebcause of the authenticator, is there a way to login without having to disable it? Its very sad that we must disable this security feature to be able to login.
  3. Hi, I have some issues about Overwolf on some games like Arma 3, Rust and others. After the update in Windows 10, works normally but now, only game i can see who is talking on TeamSpeak with OW is Insurgency (there i can see my FPS OW count and TS3 Alerts). The others, i can't see who is talking to me and i can't see my FPS Overwolf count as well. Thanks... Thiagotnn
  4. I came here to share my experience with this bug i found. Whenever I have Overwolf running with Steam running and i enable Steam FPS counter this bug appears. The skyline gets a black texture and the view distance is shallow. This also happens if the Steam FPS counter is off but i shift+tab into steam overlay. If Overwolf is not running this problem goes away completely. This only seems to effect Source Engine games. The bug exists with Counter Strike also. Just posting this so the developers can see it. Thanks
  5. "Can't find Steam" Error

    Whenever I try to launch Hitman Blood Money, which is in my Overwolf library, it give me a "Can't find Steam" Error that I don't know how to fix. Can anyone please help me? Thanks in advance.
  6. Overwolf overlay on Payday 2

    I don't know if this is a problem with my copy of Payday 2, the mods on my Payday 2, the skins on Overwolf, or the FPS counter on the screen. Basically the problem is that everytime i play Payday 2, there's always a double cursor. My windows cursor, and my in-game cursor, which is the one that the game detects as an input, also the slower one. This happens several times in the past, without Overwolf on my computer, and the cause is usually because i use the Steam Overlay, and usually the double mouse is gone when i restarted the game. This one appears from the start, and won't go away even if i restart the game over and over again, unless i exits Overwolf. I love this program, but the double screen on my favorite game is a deal breaker, especially since it really bothers me. Is there an option where i can just exclude Payday 2 from Overwolf's overlay? I really don't want to uninstall it, since there's a lot of use in SMITE Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello there, I'm looking for some help... I've installed Overwolf to use it with GTA Online, because the high amount of people I get on TS, and with Overwolf's TS APP it's easier to work that out. But my Overwolf isn't detecting Grand Theft Auto V... Can anyone help me on this?
  8. i downloaded Overwolf again on Win 10 now but cant add games to the list. It automatically detected several games (Dying Light, Firefall, etc) wich were installed via steam and also GTA V wich wasnt. Now i wanted to add the rest of the games (all 60 of em ) manually but they cant be found. I tried it with ARK: Survival evolved, Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and the pre-sequel as well as Elite: Dangerous and Killing Floor 2 but none where found by Overwolf. All of those are installed via steam and i dont know if thats part of the issue.
  9. Hello, I want to customize overwolf to work like the steam overlay. I want it for teamspeak mainly. I picture it to work like this: I launch CS:GO, hit ctrl+tab, the overwolf shows, a hit the ctrl+tab again and it is gone. Same principal like the steam overalay. I do not want to see teamspeak when I am alive in the game. I just want to check it quickly.
  10. I wanted to share my themes I made for you gamers out there. The themes here There are more than 70!! epic windows 7/10 themes for you! and a pack with cool desktop images if u dont have win 7/10 The Wallpapers raging from HD up to TRIPPLE 4K!!! The desktop wallpapers here 120< images to choose from all found on the internet in about 7day searchin, 4k and DCI and Dualscreen pictures These are examples of the wallpapers: The Windows 7 widgets here all 16 pro widgets tested and all of them had no trouble. Google Chrome Themes for Gam4rs here 9 Google chrome themes open them with google chrome and then it automaticly installs it! Minecraft Accessories Here All my texture packs and other stuff for minecraft please enjoy! STEAM SKINS For you!!!: Cool Steam skins on this page. Its at the bottom of the site. Windows XP 64bit, Win Vista take a look at this: Here Win 7 and Win 8 windows versions with 1Ghz min cpu and min of 4Gb ram try to reserve a win 10 version, there wont be a window logo anymore so here on this page get the win10 downloader, you can also find it on microsoft page(mediacreationtool) Windows 10 users u good Linux, mac and other cant do for u much sry , Still there are cool stuff like kubuntu, linux mint and dual bootin, If u want to get anything more I'll try to fish it for ya Greetings from Finnland u see ads cause this shit needs to be paid someway. For devs, more skilled technical gamers or just students: Take ur pc every where u go! A software where u can get your windows system on a usb! The software Here Fast start for your windows!! only 3 secs to start! a xml file that modifies the start of windows Here Install: 1.hit windows btton + R and 2.search taskschd.msc then it opens up a window 3.click on the folder (LEFT) "Task timing thingy bla" 4.then import task (RIGHT) 5.then find your .xml Any questions ask me. I tried it my self If this doesnt work I cant do anything just blame PCWelt they gave me the download file, PCwelt is a trust worth pc magazine Windows optimizer for windows pros FREE full version no crack or anything. Download setup Here, How to get it free u ask? goto the aschampoo website and make a free account and then request a key. as always any Qs u get As Access ur PC from everywhere u want! With this chrome app. Download the app on ur phone then login and access ur pc from everywhere. Crypt ur files before u share them in dropbox or drive. Download here
  11. I'm using a Laptop and PC at once when gaming so I can browse stuff on the web or watch videos at once. Still when me and my friend chat together I cant see the chat I said on the other pc. Thats not a big problem but a little to fix. And I would love to see syncin between them. Steam Game sync. I played game before I heard anything about overwolf so I would love to have my Steam game data on overwolf. As amd gaming eveolved did it too so It isn't impossible to do it. I'm having often a problem: When I open a game example tf2 Overwolf wont show upp :/ Could u fix it please. Annoyin when it happens almost every day.
  12. Steam shop app

    Anyway to make a steam shop app for ingame dlc shopping? A little window where u would open the shop and buy ur dlc or skins what so ever. I noticed I cant open the chat app and steam at once. As @Six said there is a way to open 2 steam windows.
  13. Made a previous post a few days ago but it lacked an appropriate title. Situation? Steam games are not working well with my Overwolf. I click on the sidebar that is sticking out in the corner but nothing. If you turn off steam overlay in game, you won't see the sidebar either. The curious part about the entire situation is Overwolf functions normally IF a steam friend logs on or a notification pops up. It works all the way until the popup from steam falls off. I'm trying my best to remain patient but it's been a few days. I know people have been waiting longer than me but I'd like to get to the bottom of this asap. I need the overlays function. last edit: Forgot to mention that if you turn off the steam overlay in game setting Overwolf doesn't even show up in game. Log.zip
  14. I'm new to Overwolf, and switching over to it from Xfire. The interface seems lovely and its integration with so many other chat services is lovely and all, but the program only seems to detect about 5 of my 100+ games, meaning that there's little chance of me making use of the in-game overlay. The vast majority of these are Steam games located on my D: Drive, and one Origin game (Mass Effect 2) Located in the same place, while Overwolf resides on my C: Drive. All have been installed using the respective DRM services. When I try to detect games though, it only finds Guacamelle, LoL, Mark of the Ninja, Path of Exile, and Starbound. I tried manually detecting the one Origin game, as well as multiple Steam games, but every time it just tells me that the game was not found. It would be nice if there was an option like in Xfire where I could decide the directory and file to be searched on a per-game basis. Barring that, some help on getting Overwolf in its current state to recognize my games would be welcome.
  15. Skyrim, SKSE, And Overwolf?

    I'm playing Skyrim, Steam Edition and when overwolf is running it refuses to load. I was thinking it was my SKSE (http://skse.silverlock.org/) but no, even skyrim vanilla launcher refuses to load it. The only way I've got it to work somewhat is to load skyrim, and attach it with the keybind. Even then I can SEE the windows, but not control them. I'm Going to work on a log now but not %100 I can get a working one.
  16. Overwolf Doesn't stay on top

    I troll on Garry's Mod servers. But I have to use another form of recording than using this fine product. Mainly because Overwolf always stays on the desktop rather than the game. It does this to all my games: Minecraft Half Life 2 Half Life 2 Episode 1 Half Life 2 Episode 2 Half Life Lost Coast Counter Strike Source Garry's Mod Plague Inc Evolved Skyrim Moonbase Alpha Kerbal Space Program Portal Portal 2 TF2 Sims 3 SimCity Warframe Can you please help? I'm not liking the product I use to record and Stream.
  17. Hello gamers, I am trying to capture video warframe, but upon entering the game, even if I press shift + F1 does not allow me to record. How can I fix this? I use W8.1 and Steam, lenovo G580 i7 dual graphics.