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Found 10 results

  1. Rocket League API don't show opponents

    Hey guys, I installed Overwolf to use it with the Rocket League Tracker app a month ago. I tested it befor the Rocket league update and it worked (sort of). I had problems before the update that i had to quit Overwolf completely after i quit Rocket League (RL) before going in RL again. The problems seem to be permanent existent. Symptoms... Overwolf and the RL-Tracker show me ingame my rank and this is very "just in time" After a game my MMR-Score is updated quickly from RL-Trackers website. But it always says that there are no other Players in the game. After quitting RL there never shows up a summary of my gameplay as before the update. Is it an API issue? I uninstalled both Overwolf and RL-Tracker-App multiple times but there is no cure for me. How can I do a workaround or what do you guy need me to do to get you a clue for that odd behaviour? Thanks in advance AntiPattern
  2. League of Legends API request

    Hi, I have a cool idea for an Overwolf app. About that, I'd like to know if the following stats are going to be available any time in the future through the Lol API: armor penetration (flat and percentual) magic penetration critical chance lifesteal spell vamp cooldown reduction atk range tenacity Plus the standard stats such as: AD, AP, atk speed etc.
  3. Helloes, I'm fairly new to Overwolf API, so I wanted to ask a simple question: Is it possible to gather / track information related to in-game data for statistics? This sounds possible to me since Overwolf hooks itself to the game's executable. The info I'm interested in is like: Diablo 3's gold gained and amount Hearthstone card / collection information stuff like that, all in-game related.
  4. New to the API, questions

    Hello Overwolf developers community! I have a few questions regarding the events API. I would like to use the events API for my RGB lighting project, called Aurora ( https://github.com/antonpup/Aurora ), to expand the keyboard lighting effects. Having a look at the documentation leads me to believe that the API is only designed for js and is only accessible for Overwolf's own apps. Is there a C# wrapper for the API? And is it even possible to utilize this API outside Overwolf's applications?
  5. League of Legends Chat

    So ever since League of Legends released its League of Legends android chat app, I felt that it would be a great idea if overwolf could implement such a thing in the chat. If anyone is up for the idea or has any tips for guiding me along the right path, in hoping to make this happen, please like this and comment your ideas and suggestions down below. I'm hoping that the end result would look something like the picture below. Thanks for reading!
  6. Events not triggering ?

    Hi there I'm finishing my nvidia app challenge app and when I tested the app it didn't work... To listen for the events I got a seperate js file (callen main.js) and imported it over the html file. //mp3 file with sound to play on event trigger var sound = "path/to/mp3" sound = overwolf.media.audio.create(sound, function(result) {return result.id}) //eventlistener overwolf.games.events.warface.kill_in_slide.addListener( //kill in slide function () { overwolf.media.audio.play(sound) } ) In the html I import this file like: <DOCTYPE html> <head> <script src"main.js"></script> </head> ... Thanks for any help =)
  7. Hello everyone, I'm developing an app using the Overwolf API, with RoboCraft. I would like to get certain data from the game (username, etc.), but I am having trouble getting the API working. When I launch my app, and go into the console (in dev tools), I have tried typing overwolf.games(). It comes back with an object. In the documentation, Robocraft is a sub-section of overwolf.games(), so I tried typing overwolf.games.Robocraft(). The console, this time, comes back with "undefined". I have also tried overwolf.games.events.Robocraft(), that gives me the same thing. I would like my app to use (for one), playerData(), but how do I do this? I'm new to Overwolf, so I'm probably overlooking something! Thanks, Barney
  8. Hello, I am trying to understand the "Start a new stream" method in the APIv2. What do the stream authorization parameters, client_id and token, mean when streaming to Twitch? Thanks! auth: { client_id: twitch_client_id, token: storage.get('login-token') } The full code example is this one here: http://developers.overwolf.com/api?id=overwolf-streaming
  9. API - Requested Functions

    Requesting API Functionality "Activate Microphone" function. This will be used when a list of channels is displayed that is from more than 1 server. When joining another servers channel. (Joined multiple servers at the same time) "Kick client from Server" and "Kick client from Channel" functions We have a function to send text messages but no "poke Client" function Add a user to your contacts and retrieve a contact list. "Add as Friend". Set Avatar and Delete Avatar functions. Let me know if you guys can implement any of the following functions and if the code is already available
  10. Okay, this is probably the wrong Category but for some reason I cannot post in the developer category, sorry. So I am trying to make my own app. I have thoroughly followed guides. I created a NS plugin for my app, but here's the problem: the windows are completely bugged. The "can_resize" property ("true" or "false") isn't respected. The "width" and "height" property either. So I tried resizing within the javascript, didn't work either. Moving and Restoring works, but not resizing. Even when overwolf.windows.changeSize returns success, that the property "width" and "height" of the window has changed (with overwolf.windows.getCurrentWindow), the size is still the same. Now I would gladly post my manifest.json or my javascript, but this is not just a single bug. I think an overhaul of the overwolf.windows have to be done. The App contest is really interesting, I have nice ideas but if I cannot successfully implement them, it will be hard. (PD: Is there anyway we can get a file API without using a NS plugin?)