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Found 33 results

  1. Spotify App

    Hi, I'm searching for the Spotify's app, but she doesn't exist in the appstore. How can i use this into a game without leaving it ? Thanks a lot, NuggetsMan.
  2. Video Advertising in Apps

    Is there anyway that the use of video advertising could be restricted within apps? I love many of the apps that Overwolf has been supporting - and indeed, a lot of the information has been helpful to improving my play in games like LoL. But over the past year, a number of the apps have been putting in videos, and these literally have cost me rating points in ranked games. That is, you have minimized or shutdown the apps after looking at them only to suddenly find your ping jumping from 50ms to 500-1000ms, because one of the background apps has decided to download and play a video. It's making me seriously think about uninstalling Overwolf - even if I will miss the information edge that the apps have been providing. (Sorry app developers - but I have a bad enough ping already, and when it comes down to it, being able to play the game trumps even the in-game information.)
  3. Controller Support

    Hi! This is my first post on the Overwolf Forums! I've been using the platform for a while now and I noticed something. When I finish playing Rocket League, and my game summary comes up, It says most used keys and clicks. I would LOVE if it would show controller output keys and stuff like that. Thank you for your consideration.
  4. 1. trying to sign up via the app 2. captcha not working 3. trying to sign up via the website - works 4. trying to login to the app - doesn't work because the app and website use different accounts 5. trying to sign up via the app again - app tells me my username is taken 6. closed the app I googled the captcha problem and found 2 year old threads! Why is this bug not fixed? Why is my username suddenly reserved by my website account, but I can't login with my website account? this is ridiculous.. i wasted half an hour for nothing..
  5. So I m from france and I just downloaded Overwolf, I tried to sign in with my new account but It didn't work... It's says that my username or password is incorrect (wich is not true)... so I tried to creat a new account but at the end of the process it ask me to enter the words above. But the probleme is I don't have any words above I only have this : AccessDenied Access Denied 687FDAFCF39A7DA8 yxJTEeDKJqwUNPz8QeJ0iHw9oHvhqyofDMHNFTf9Hnm1URpTTT2Dr7TN/50bA/WjHOqgd59mqMs= I m getting really upset now !! wt is that app!
  6. Hey there, Im the developer behind one of the winners from the Nvidia App Challenge. My Entry "Champ 101" aims to ease the process of learning about all the champs for new players as well as to give a quick overview of important champion-knowledge for more experienced players. If you're a League of Legends Player and didn't try it, please give it a shot and tell me what you think. Im not attempting to integrate functionality from lolWiz like ranked scouting but want to focus on relevant knowledge about the champions within your game. Feel free to make suggestions and criticize as you wish.
  7. Hello, when i run overwolf, robocraft has graphics bug. I have test to run robocraft with the launcher, or steam, but this is the same. I have test too to run without apps, but, same. Look this screens: With overwolf: http://prntscr.com/9tp0bu - In the game menu http://prntscr.com/9tp15a- In solo mode. I hope there is a solution for this bug, i realy want test robocraft apps. Thank for your help.
  8. I admit to being relatively new to using Overwolf, but one of the first things I do when getting a new game is to head into Overwolf and see what apps are available for the game. My problem is that I can't seem to find a way to categorize the apps by which game they target. I think the For Games category is too broad and that many great apps may get overshadowed by the top apps for each game. When I open the app store, I am not there to just browse all the apps. While this is a valid use case, I am almost always there with a specific game in mind and have to wade through tons of unrelated apps to find something useful. And even then, I don't know what game the app is for if it is not hinted at in either the app's name or picture. Allowing the apps to be filtered by game would allow lesser known or new apps to gain more exposure and not be drowned out by the popular ones. This would add more competition between apps as a new user would not be as likely to only grab the first app they see, which is the most popular in the current sorting. And as they say, "Competition breed innovation." As I said in the beginning, I admit to being new. I may have overlooked this feature already but I made a good effort to find it. If this is the case, the feature should be made more prominent as it is easy to miss. Thanks, Raitono
  9. Hello everyone, I'm developing an app using the Overwolf API, with RoboCraft. I would like to get certain data from the game (username, etc.), but I am having trouble getting the API working. When I launch my app, and go into the console (in dev tools), I have tried typing overwolf.games(). It comes back with an object. In the documentation, Robocraft is a sub-section of overwolf.games(), so I tried typing overwolf.games.Robocraft(). The console, this time, comes back with "undefined". I have also tried overwolf.games.events.Robocraft(), that gives me the same thing. I would like my app to use (for one), playerData(), but how do I do this? I'm new to Overwolf, so I'm probably overlooking something! Thanks, Barney
  10. Flash Driver

    Whenever I launch the Google Play Music app, it shows up with the "adobe flash is needed" notification. Is there any way to install Adobe or any workaround to this problem? Any advice welcome. Here is an imaginary cookie for your help.
  11. Dear OverWolfLords, When pushing a button or slider on a "subWindow", I wish to notify the "start_window". I have tried everything I can think of, what is the way to do this? How can I set up an event listener on the "start_window" and send the event from the "subWindow", or any such solution? Thank you! We are developing our overwolf app live right now at http://twitch.tv/bonozoapps http://twitter.com/bonozoapps
  12. Very simple app request

    So i had the idea for an app recently, and wondered why it didn't exist already, i have a simple request: An app that loads a .exe file of your choice. I got the idea when i recently wanted to open Snipping tool, Unity, Visual studio and other work related things, i know Overwolf is supposed a gaming platform, but even gamers need to work sometimes..
  13. Cant install app

    Hi I have problem when I click to install app is write me Not connected connecting in 60 seconds but don’t happened noting here screenshot http://prntscr.com/7hy29l
  14. Strat Roulette app

    Could someone make a Strat Roulette app. for csgo fans and gamers. Here: www.stratroulette.com A strat roulette app features: - begins when a round begins - checks if it worked or not - checks the map and gamemode - on & off button - like system - If it worked system, auto check
  15. Two twitch chats

    So I have tried having two different Twitch chats in my app using Overwolf's chat plugin but whenever I use two difference chats the other window always seems to reload? An example would be: window 1 is open - user authenticated and connected to chat window 2 is opened - then window 1 reloads but they are both connected to chat perfectly fine? I am using two different client id's and have tried making a copy of the plugin but I am not sure if that would work or if i just didn't reference them properly? any ideas?
  16. Twitchr App Explanation

    So I made a video for explaining how my App Twitchr works and the features - yes it kinda sucks but I guess it gets the point across?!!? Anyone that has questions please feel free to ask, Enjoy!
  17. We have been working on designing and developing apps for Overwolf. Q: Can the user select a file to use? Example, user runs our app, can select an image for us to display. Will not cause any sandbox issues? Can be HTML only? We develop the app live at http://twitch.tv/bonozoapps
  18. Twitch app chat not working

    I installed the Twitch app, I click "chat view" then it says "connecting to chat..." it said that for like 5 mins, and it wouldn't load. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  19. Pushbullet Support would be awesome

    I'm going to ask Pushbullet a similar thing, in their forums.
  20. Q: In the video showing 3 submitted apps (Sketch, Kappa Feed, and Patreon ), Kappa Feed appears to be "an IRC bot", and thus hosted on a server. Assuming this is allowed, what are the "rules" of connecting an Overwolf App to a server (which in our case would be http://bonozo.com) ? We have been designing apps for the contest regularly at http://twitch.tv/bonozoapps and anyone interested in collaborating or watching is more then welcome to join @BonozoApps
  21. Recorder app problem

    Hello Everybody I was using the overwolf recorder app when i tried to stop recording it kept on recording and when i finally closed it by going on the task bar and closing it the file was a 0kb wmv with nothing on it
  22. Skype Needs Work

    I just started using Overwolf thanks to the Robocraft promotion, and I can't believe I haven't found it sooner! However, I'm sad to say that the Skype integration needs work. Sometimes messages don't get through to the overlay and I have to open Skype to see what was missed, and the chat list doesn't update with the online status of any of my contacts. I don't know if this is a problem with Overwolf, Skype, or just something that isn't supported by the Skype API, but I just wanted to let you guys know it's there. On another note, does anyone else havce this? Maybe my version of Skype (6.22) is just incompatible.
  23. Spotify Problems

    Hey all, just started using Overwolf, really enjoying it, however, the Sptoify app keeps asking me to install Flash, which I have installed already on my other browsers. I have tried to, download YouTube fix, and while my YouTube runs fine through Overwolf, Spotify does not. Any advice? Much appreciated, -Turtle Bits
  24. SpeakEasy Like the Speakeasies of days gone by, this app is going behind the curtain to provide you with the features they don't want you to have. Get your fix with this app today! This is a beautiful replacement for the TeamSpeak app that comes with Overwolf. It provides the same functionality plus much much more! Features: Chat via Server, Channel, or with any User! View all channels on current server and click-to-switch. Toggle your mic and speakers See a list of other users in your channel and send them a message! Two notification areas. One for people talking and the other for other events like people entering/leaving and messages. Open chat from notification! Settings window to move where the two types of notifications will be displayed. On-hover window controls for moving, minimizing, and closing. Transparency while dragging. Future Improvements: Connect to a new server either by typing in information or from bookmarks. Streamline client list and channel list. Set transparency of windows. Resizability of windows. Theming Bugs: None known Please message me on the forum if you find a bug. Username: adamk33n3r