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Found 14 results

  1. Steam chat login

    I can't login into Steam chat,iit says that the credentials are wrong. Probably ebcause of the authenticator, is there a way to login without having to disable it? Its very sad that we must disable this security feature to be able to login.
  2. Viber

    I'll be thankful if you add Viber in your appstore. I use Viber more than Facebook Messenger.
  3. Requesting new 3rd party Web API

    Newbie here and wanted to know if others have requested adding APIs not listed on the Overwolf API list. What is the process and how long does it take to implement? Sent a request earlier to the contact information listd. Just curious as one of the apps we are developing requires authentication from another service.
  4. League of Legends Chat

    So ever since League of Legends released its League of Legends android chat app, I felt that it would be a great idea if overwolf could implement such a thing in the chat. If anyone is up for the idea or has any tips for guiding me along the right path, in hoping to make this happen, please like this and comment your ideas and suggestions down below. I'm hoping that the end result would look something like the picture below. Thanks for reading!
  5. Facebook chat does not connect

    Hello, I have problem with connecting to FB Chat. I entered my username (not e-mail) and password correctly, because I get other error when I enter wrong. Pidgin has the same problem. The error tells me to try again.
  6. Hi there. I am trying to use OW for a game that needs better communication and coordination. Therefore I am looking for a plugin that provides larger letters in the the OW chat window. The notices actually pop and and disappear after 3-5 secs. Thats not long enough to realize the given information during a battle. And the message's letters are very small. I need a bigger chat window and larger letters if possible. The chat window should be moveable, means more flexible than the actual one. It's fixed in the lower right.
  7. Facebook chat

    I think that the Facebook chat could be better if group chats could also be used with it. Any ideas for and against?
  8. Twitch app chat not working

    I installed the Twitch app, I click "chat view" then it says "connecting to chat..." it said that for like 5 mins, and it wouldn't load. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  9. Problems with SMITE

    While running overwolf, streaming to twitch, and playing Smite.. my game crashes... without overwolf & streaming, it's fine... I use overwolf specifically so I can see my chat while streaming.. it makes my life 100x easier, but I can't do that while playing that specific game.. I'ts not simple drops FPS, or anthing like that.. Overwolf itself breaks Smite.. i've tried everything and anything.. not clicking on it, opening them seperately in opposite orders, opening them both, or each seperatly as admin, and every combonation there-of.. Smite & Overwolf simply don't get along atm.. My game crashes or worse.. it'll connect, but i cannot click anything, or use the keyboard in game.. which renders me useless until i realize it has happened & restart the client anyways, emulating a crash... please don't give me suggestions or anything like that... This is simply faulty programing somewhere, on someones part... don't know who, don't know where the conflict is.. but it's somewhere on out... lets see if the wolf pack can get their act together other than this 1 issue, i love the product.. hope this bug gets fixed soon so I can get back to reading chat & responding while dominating lane, & not just when i back & alt-tab
  10. Links in chat breaking

    I'm noticing after updating to the new version of Overwolf, links in chat are breaking so I have to now copy/paste links into a browser. So far I have only seen this via Overwolf chat and have not tested it using other chats, though I assume the same thing is occurring. I have attached a screenshot of what is occurring.
  11. I want to login multiple yahoo and skype accounts. Will the app support this ?
  12. Toolbox

    The Toolbox for Overwolf consists of a set of helpers requested by the community, or frankly, that I wanted to have while gaming Included are Tools around the Teamspeak Chat, a Volume Control for Windows, and Guild Wars 2 Map/Notifications. TeamSpeak - Chat, Macros & Announcements Channel and Private Chat including Multi-Server Support Shows pictures and youtube videos directly in chat Overlay Announcements & Questions Macros: Create Chat Macros that can be used for TeamSpeak or copied to clipboard for chat pasting Toggle Microphone Mute Volume Control The Volume Control module is a tech demo for accessing the windows volume mixer without having to switch to desktop. The latest version of SonicConductor, the required background application connecting Overwolf to the Windows Core Audio API, can be downloaded here. Since I'm developing this one in dotNet/C#, a seperate installation is necessary, however as things move forward, fingers crossed, I may be able to completely include it transparently, removing this extra step. It's not all on me, though, Overwolf needs to support dotNet for that ;D Guild Wars 2 - Map & Notifications Live Guild Wars 2 map including WvW objective timers Avatar position is provided out of the box Other players positions can be fed over TeamSpeak enabled by my CrossTalk plugin (recommended) and conventional server with shared key. Also shows TS nicknames when using CrossTalk Set your personal commander on anyone Interact with the map to give commands via TS Chat (resulting in announcements, notifications, map markers) or to the clipboard for chat pasting Have the map follow you or make it free flow for seeing the whole picture and separate Notifications for objective changes without having to have the map open. Interested? Get Toolbox here! Note that since I got a couple of other projects, all with todo lists and such, future development has much to do with feature requests and bug reports. "He's gonna add that anyway" is as uncertain as "sure he'll notice himself and fix it". Feedback helps me a lot with prioritization of my limited development time. So feel free to keep it coming Cheers, thorwe
  13. Hi all, So Annoyed right now, was so enjoying Overwolf again (Just re-installed it after months of not using it) and then bam, Twitch App Chat stops working! Spent the last 2-3 hours trying to get my Twitch App Chat working again in Overwolf. Keeps giving me the error "Unable to connect to Twitch Chat. Retry to connect" It worked the first time I installed Overwolf & the Twitch app. Used it for awhile, then restarted my machine, after that was not able to reconnect / see Twitch chat as an overlay via Overwolf. i can stream with no problem, just not see the chat. Which is the whole reason i'm using it. Tried: 1) Searching everywhere for solution on google / forums: fail 2) Restart/Shut down, etc... :Chat fail doesn't load 3) Sign out & Back in Twitch App: chat Fail 4) Remove Twitch App from Overwolf app store & reload: Chat fail 5) Tried on my other twitch account: Chat fail 6) Uninstalled Overwolf & re-installed (Both main program & Twitch App): Chat fail So bummed was really enjoying it again, burned a good portion of my Saturday trying to get it going. Hope someone can give me some further things to try. Thanks, - Kismet
  14. Adding VK (vkontakte) chat is possible? (like Facebook)