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Found 27 results

  1. Overwolf - cannot install

    Hello guys. Im new here and i would like to solve the problem i have. I have downloaded install directory of overwolf from this link: http://www.overwolf.com/download/ In order to install Arena Companion, but when i click on downloaded file, a small window apears, that has "Install" button on it. The moment i click install, 2nd small window apears, with download started, but every single time after a second or two, this window closes and interupts download by itself. Can someone please help me about this? Thanks in advance
  2. Pandora App Crashing

    Hello, recently (within the last 2 days) I have noticed that whenever I use the Pandora app on overwolf, after about 20 seconds, I get a popup window saying "Overwolf browser is not responding" and then pandora will close and it says that the app crashed. Here's what I've tried: restarting overwolf restarting my computer reinstalling pandora app reinstalling overwolf checking overwolf for updates If anyone knows what's going on, please help me fix it. My computer isn't running out of ram, I never have more than 40% of my 16 gigs of ram used up [side note, I'm a bit busy at the moment, but when I do reproduce it, I'll upload screenshots if that will help] [edit] I've added the logs from my the app. PandoraLogs.rar
  3. "No Store Settings file" Error [New]

    I was really enjoying overwolf until the recent update ( It literally started crashing after i did this update. And when i try to open the appstore i came up with the error that i mentioned. I checked the other topics about it, tried everything and got nothing. Any new solution you guys have? My log file attached below Log.rar
  4. windows 10 crash on start up

    My overwolf is always crash and exit. Im try to uninstall, reinstall, everything... or maybe not. Any idea? (log file attach) Log.rar
  5. Overwolf Store no longer working

    Hello, I recently installed Overwolf but I can't get it to work. It installed fine, when I click the icon on my desktop the little red wolf appears too but it immediately crashes with 'Overwolfstore no longer working'. Any idea what could be wrong? I've tried searching your forums but couldn't find a solution. I'm running W10 64bit. Thanks in advance.
  6. Make overwolf liter!

    When I play games example gta5 online, there are so many objects to load for my cpu so when a big object comes overwolf freezes the game and needs to be closed. So overwolf 217408kb. could you make this abit liter cause my games freezes. My intel pentium g3258 cant handle big things.
  7. Overwolf crash at startup.

    Well, there's the log file. P.S. An older version worked perfectly except that I couldn't log to youtube Log.rar
  8. Hi I was asked to look into issue with my app, it is crashing. While I started to investigate why it would crash I found this issue: If you have two html pages (windows in overwolf), first will start the new window. If those two pages are using the same plugin and both use refresh function both windows will constantly re-initialize, it looks like they are switching focus from one another but I think they are actually restarting. For my app it means crash but for apps that wont crash it means the app will be unresponsive. I modified the overwolf pools app to show what I mean - I copy pasted index.html and added that html as window in manifest, index.html will also open that new window. Basically if dev team wont fix this it means for each new window you will need to have separate plugin. polls app in attachment (I removed the dll files so remember to copy it back) polls-sample-app.zip
  9. Overwolf Store/Brower crashing

    As title states, the program is just not working. At all. Logs attached. No razer programs anywhere. I've already posted a similar thread with no responses, and I've noticed others are having similar problems with no responses either. Except the difference is, they haven't gotten a response in two weeks. To be frank, I am contemplating out right getting rid of this program and telling all my friends to do the same if I can't actually get even a response from someone within Overwolf. Log.rar
  10. When i start OW from OverwolfLauncher.exe: Description: Stopped working Problem signature: Problem event name: APPCRASH Application Name: OverwolfStore.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 551271b4 Fault Module Name: libcef.DLL Fault Module Version: 3.1650.1562.0 Fault Module Timestamp: 52d3dd6e Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 009ce37d OS Language: 6.3.9600. Language code: 1049 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When i start browser from Overwolf.exe (from overlay): Description: Stopped working Problem signature: Problem event name: APPCRASH Application Name: Overwolf.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 551271b5 Fault Module Name: libcef.DLL Fault Module Version: 3.1650.1562.0 Fault Module Timestamp: 52d3dd6e Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 009ce37d OS Version: 6.3.9600. Language code: 1049 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ОС Windows 8.1 Enterprise 32-bit Intel Pentium B940 RAM 3 GB GeForce GT520M Log.zip
  11. Overwolf Causes TorchLight 2 to Crash

    If I have my Overwolf Overlay running and try to run TorchLight 2, I will get into the menu of TL2 for about 30 seconds then TL2 will crash. Overwolf stays open and functional during and after this time. I can also try to rush past the menu into a resumed game, but after a few seconds TL2 crashes regardless. When I turn Overwolf off then run TL2, TL2 works as intended, but I am a sad Overpuppy due to the lack of Overwolf. I couldnt attach the compressed file of my entire logs folder due to file size constraints, so I attached only the TL2 logs and what looked like general OW info. Let me know if there is an alternate way I can get you any needed information. EDIT: Felt I should include this: I am playing the TL2 version on Steam. I also play TL2 modded, though when troubleshooting this crash, I tested with the vanilla version to confirm the sources of any crashes. Log.zip
  12. Error 1 - I already contacted support sent attached log filez zipped and as yet haven't received a reply, not even an auto-response - Managed to work around problem of overwolf not working and flashing like crazy. It does not seem to like nivia downscaling over 1920 resolution. Error 2 - Nearly 1/2 the time I come to use overwolf, the overlay acts more like an underlay shift F1 does not bring the dock up only the cursor (World of Warcraft). Restarting both programs doesn't seem to fix the issue, only restarting windows. Error 3 - Dock resets - it moves itself to default location on screen and the docked programs reset to default at random intervals Error 4 - Spotify app freezes - not just the app but my total machine. It's not hardware at fault it's less than 60 days old with an almost clean install of windows 8.1 Error 5 - The software for some reason isn't labelled as beta... I'll attach another set of logs so you can cut and paste a thank you edit log.rar is 900KB so cannot be attached, I'd email but you never bothered to reply to the last one I sent.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey there! Thanks so much for including your log files. This will help immensly in tracking down this bug. I'll have the QA and R&D look this over and they'll answer as soon as they can.
  13. Hello, I'm using Windows 8.1 with the latest Overwolf client. Every time I launch Overwolf, the only thing that works is the appstore menu. Everything else freezes almost instantly: -The dock freezes after 2 seconds -When I press support/settings it freezes -Manually search game freezes -Overwolf itself randomly closes - ... I've tried reinstalling Overwolf a couple of times, deactivated my FireWall ... I cannot even close Overwolf the normal way. I have to use the task manager to close it. Cannot even start bothering scanning for games because Overwolf itself doesn't respond already. Thank you in advance, ~ Lithiium Logs.rar
  14. I was playing Sniper Elite 3 earlier today, and in the middle of a COOP mission with a friend, my screen suddenly froze and the audio looped. I hit Alt Tab, nothing happened. Then I hit Ctrl Alt Del and it takes me to the Ctrl Alt Del screen. I open the Task Manager, and see Sniper Elite 3 as non responsive. Then in the middle of my screen, I see a popup appear saying that Overwolf crashed. What's worse, my mouse wasn't responding. I believe it was 'stuck' inside Sniper Elite 3. So, I couldn't close Sniper Elite 3 to settle the issue with a working mouse. I ended up having to restart my entire PC. This concerns me a lot. If Overwolf crashing without warning causes my game/system to freeze and flip out, that could mean I could freeze any time in any game. I play quite a bit of Counter Strike Global Offensive, and the last thing I'd want is to freeze in the middle of a competitive match and screw my team over. Is there a way to stop Overwolf from crashing like this? If so, please post below. Also, it'd be nice if everyone could refrain from any disparaging comments.
  15. Overwolf crashing

    Hi! I was looking into getting the overwolf reward for Smite, but upon installing it, it crashed continuously whenever I tried using it. These functions causes Overwolf to crash when launching On windows start Live rounds Appstore My games Browser My Signature Doesn't crash when launching Videos Screen capture Screenshots Chat Multi-IM I have attached my logs Log.rar
  16. Overwolf keeps crashing!

    Hello I got problems while running overwolf - everytime i try to click any application on appdock weird error pops up and i can only shut it down or try to run it in debug mode which also closes the overwolf. I tried to install it on other hdd but it doesnt help. But i managed to repair it somehow: i installed overwolf on my laptop (error keeps showing up) but copied all files from overwolf folder from my PC (he is working there) and it somehow solved - to the time. I played something like 9 hours (for Smite gievaway - fenrir skins) and during my play i had an weird error - something like "Smite.exe has stopped working". Overwolf and Smite was closed down and when i launched it again the timer was resetted back to 30hours (i should have 21left). But i didn't give up and played again - but this time i played something like 23 hours during two days and i had like ~ 6.3h left to code but I had to go and I turned off laptop because i was moving to other city (im studying) and when i launched laptop again I had that same error i mentioned earlier (When i click details in that error message there is something like "Overwolf stopped working") And now even when i copy files from my PC (i got them on my pendrive) still i can't run it properly - nothing i tried helps. What can I do? I'll attach my log files so you can check them. Log.rar
  17. Same as here: http://forums.overwolf.com/index.php?/topic/3391-continuous-overwolf-crashes/ Here are logs:Logs? Windows crash... And yes, I did every single damn solution you posted and yes I have NET 2.0 installed and yes I tried running it as admin but it doesnt work.
  18. Continuous Overwolf crashes

    As soon as I open any window within overwolf the program crashes. This happens with the browser and the app-store. And yes I uninstalled and did a complete clean install.
  19. A slight problem...

    Whenever I am using the overwolf client, Inside or outside of games, When I go to open the appstore, It says "Overwolf has stopper working" I have the most recent version (.0.81.34) and I have attached my overwolf log to this post. ( hope I did it right). Log.rar
  20. Driving me bonkers. I disabled firewall downloaded fresh install deleted overwolf folder from appdata and did a clean install. Then tried compatibility troubleshooting to no avail. Every time Ioad app store it says overwolfbrowser has stopped working and doesn't load. I can however load the browser and surf the web with no problems. Log.rar
  21. I've been using Overwolf for a year maybe and this is the first time I've had any major problem with the client. I have been having issues with the client crashing when it's starting up since I updated Windows this morning. I have tried several clean installs and the troubleshooting with no positive results. I have attached my Logs for reference and I hope I can find a solution. EDIT: Observing my task manager the processes show up like they're active, but no icons or any windows showing up Log.zip
  22. Crash On Startup-Need Help

    When i first downloaded overwolf the program was great and had everything i needed or could ever want!!!!! But after a couple of days the program would not open or would crash on stratup. I looked to forums for help and they said to send a log so i attached the log rar down below!!!!! If you can please help me !!!!!!!!! Log.rar
  23. Whenever i start Overwolf, there first comes the Error: "Overwolf does not work anymore". This window closes immediately and the Overwolf Overlay ( bakcground process) stays on my desktop and wont go away until i close it with Task-Manager.
  24. Overwolf crashes immediately

    Overwolf crashes immediately when I click on the interface. Therefore I can't use it at all. Here I've 4 screens: Here I'm starting Overwolf. You can't see the cursor, but it's right on the dock. Once I clicked... Thats German for: Overwolf doesn't respond, it searches for a solution to the problem. When I start a Game, which is supported by Overwolf, it crashes even if I'm not clicking it in the moment when it says the thing with shift + F1. I tryed several times, but couldn't take a screen of it.
  25. Overwolf Launcher crashes at startup.

    I have installed this on my home machine and it went fine. Installed it with TS3 just fine. Love the Google Play music app. So i tried to install overwolf through TS3 on my laptop and the Overwolf Installer kept saying General Install issue, while TS3 installed correctly. I found i could grab the msi file from the Overwolf local app data folder and that installed without error. However anytime i run the launcher the application crashes. Please help. Love this Application. I am attaching log files as well. Log.zip