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      It's been a while but I think some people (especially first time visitor's) don't know yet
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      Just start typing anything related to your issue (for example, 'fps' or 'heartharena') and discover new ways to work things out.

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Found 4 results

  1. I have a small SSD with my system, all games installed on a another drive (e: ) the OverWolf cant found my games , if i trying to add the ark directory it is not working How can i resolve this effect ? i tried to show for OW all folders without any result ark/ ark/engine/binaries ark/shootergame ark/shootergame/binaries ark/shootergame/binaries/Win64 and here is the medicine : OverWolf is sensitive for the custom steam folders , mine was steamstuffs on drive E: after i renamed this folder to SteamLibrary (and readded the library under the steam's settings/downloads/library ) everything working like a magic OW found my games on drive E thanx for the support Mr. LEOkonami
  2. This is the first skin that I publish. Here's a video: https://youtu.be/iQUGyHvYtfU And if the download does not work here's a mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w96ar2b6rrg0bax/Spinwolf%20V1.0.zip?dl=0 Feel free to add me! Username: Mountlion Credits: Base skin: FloydHunter - Darkwolf V2.00 Can be found here: http://forums.overwolf.com/index.php?/topic/3985-darkwolf-simplistic-overwolf-skin/?view=getnewpost Sound: Overwolf team - Nvidia skin and ROG skin Fps: FloydHunter - Wildstar skin Can be found here: http://forums.overwolf.com/index.php?/topic/6181-wildstar-overwolf-skin/?view=getnewpost Cursor: Overwolf team - Star Trek Online skin Spinwolf V1.0.zip
  3. I wanted to share my themes I made for you gamers out there. The themes here There are more than 70!! epic windows 7/10 themes for you! and a pack with cool desktop images if u dont have win 7/10 The Wallpapers raging from HD up to TRIPPLE 4K!!! The desktop wallpapers here 120< images to choose from all found on the internet in about 7day searchin, 4k and DCI and Dualscreen pictures These are examples of the wallpapers: The Windows 7 widgets here all 16 pro widgets tested and all of them had no trouble. Google Chrome Themes for Gam4rs here 9 Google chrome themes open them with google chrome and then it automaticly installs it! Minecraft Accessories Here All my texture packs and other stuff for minecraft please enjoy! STEAM SKINS For you!!!: Cool Steam skins on this page. Its at the bottom of the site. Windows XP 64bit, Win Vista take a look at this: Here Win 7 and Win 8 windows versions with 1Ghz min cpu and min of 4Gb ram try to reserve a win 10 version, there wont be a window logo anymore so here on this page get the win10 downloader, you can also find it on microsoft page(mediacreationtool) Windows 10 users u good Linux, mac and other cant do for u much sry , Still there are cool stuff like kubuntu, linux mint and dual bootin, If u want to get anything more I'll try to fish it for ya Greetings from Finnland u see ads cause this shit needs to be paid someway. For devs, more skilled technical gamers or just students: Take ur pc every where u go! A software where u can get your windows system on a usb! The software Here Fast start for your windows!! only 3 secs to start! a xml file that modifies the start of windows Here Install: 1.hit windows btton + R and 2.search taskschd.msc then it opens up a window 3.click on the folder (LEFT) "Task timing thingy bla" 4.then import task (RIGHT) 5.then find your .xml Any questions ask me. I tried it my self If this doesnt work I cant do anything just blame PCWelt they gave me the download file, PCwelt is a trust worth pc magazine Windows optimizer for windows pros FREE full version no crack or anything. Download setup Here, How to get it free u ask? goto the aschampoo website and make a free account and then request a key. as always any Qs u get As Access ur PC from everywhere u want! With this chrome app. Download the app on ur phone then login and access ur pc from everywhere. Crypt ur files before u share them in dropbox or drive. Download here
  4. Hey all! So recently the experimental custom skins update came through, and I was SO EXCITED about this that instead of spending many hours gaming, I spent them making this skin (for myself). Since it's a fresh update, I thought I may as well share this as a first contribution of sorts! It's also the first skin I've ever made, let alone animated, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! It was a bit tricky not having the documentation that's yet to be published, particularly with animating, so apologies for the blazing fast animations - no idea how to control this! Screenshots: Docked Opened Expanded You can download it here Thanks overwolf, for this awesome feature! P.S. Do I post feedback about this in the announcement thread, or through the /feedback button on the overwolf app?