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Found 5 results

  1. Im courios about whats the best you use. Im trying to use some vue.js, with skeleton.css but just to make a small app, what do you use for bigger apps?
  2. Just installed the developer version and off the bat I've been having nonstop problems. I'm sorry it's a lot in one thread, I just didn't think you'd want me to make a new thread for each issue and I suspect that the issues are probably related to eachother in some way. When I start up Overwolf, it doesn't remember me having logged in. Whenever I start it up I get spammed with several errors saying "Overwolf is already running on a different Windows account. Please close it first.". This spams me 3-5 times despite there not being any overwolf processes open before clicking it. When I click log in button and sign in that way, the program locks up, doesn't give me access to anything, and just gives me a loading wheel. I have to close the program to get it to stop. In order to actually log in, I have to click "Skip sign up for now" and then click the log in button in the top right of the window after the store loads. I tried to download the Twitch app, the button switches to "Installing" but nothing ever progresses and it never installs. This is true for any app I try to install. It also tells me that there are no reviews and it's never finished "Fetching Downloads..." When I log in, as long as my cursor is over anything in the store (not one of the modals that pop up such as an install) my cursor gets the loading wheel next to it. The loading wheel never goes away. I can't use any of the drop down options (Settings, Show Dock, Support, or Exit) without it getting stuck in the loading wheel thing again. "Show Dock" does toggle to "Hide Dock", but no dock appears. When I open up My Library, which shouldn't have anything in it, it shows the loading bar get very close to being full but it never does. I'm on Windows 8.1 64-bit and I just installed the program for the first time today.
  3. I'm looking for an experienced App developer who can start working almost immediately on our project. The functions will be similar to that of the FaceIt app so you must be able to link databases with out website and sync logins, points, matchmaking, etc, through the app. Payments will be made through an escrow account on Freelancer.com or Elance.com. PM me your experience, previous work and contact info for further details!
  4. TeamSpeak App Contest 2014!

    Hiya folks! As you may should already know, we just launched our TeamSpeak App Developer Contest! I made this thread so that you all can toss ideas around with the developers to give them an idea of apps that YOU want to see added to the Appstore. Check out our Feature Request site to see some ideas others have had, or post your own! Feel free to throw out any ideas you have for kick-ass apps to be made. Maybe this will help inspire the developers to make some great apps! For some past ideas you can see our old thread from last years app contest.
  5. Okay, this is probably the wrong Category but for some reason I cannot post in the developer category, sorry. So I am trying to make my own app. I have thoroughly followed guides. I created a NS plugin for my app, but here's the problem: the windows are completely bugged. The "can_resize" property ("true" or "false") isn't respected. The "width" and "height" property either. So I tried resizing within the javascript, didn't work either. Moving and Restoring works, but not resizing. Even when overwolf.windows.changeSize returns success, that the property "width" and "height" of the window has changed (with overwolf.windows.getCurrentWindow), the size is still the same. Now I would gladly post my manifest.json or my javascript, but this is not just a single bug. I think an overhaul of the overwolf.windows have to be done. The App contest is really interesting, I have nice ideas but if I cannot successfully implement them, it will be hard. (PD: Is there anyway we can get a file API without using a NS plugin?)