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Found 34 results

  1. Hi, I am facing a big problem with overwolf at the moment, it just doesn't want to launch anymore. Everytimes I try, I get 2 errors messages popping up. I already uninstalled and reinstalled, unchecked and checked the .NET framework 4.5 as it was suggested in another post, but nothing worked so far. Hoping you could find a solution. Log.rar
  2. Basically, it tells me that it supports the video game to record, clarify, the application to capture video games, when in the list is admitted.
  3. Steam chat login

    I can't login into Steam chat,iit says that the credentials are wrong. Probably ebcause of the authenticator, is there a way to login without having to disable it? Its very sad that we must disable this security feature to be able to login.
  4. "Can't find Steam" Error

    Whenever I try to launch Hitman Blood Money, which is in my Overwolf library, it give me a "Can't find Steam" Error that I don't know how to fix. Can anyone please help me? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey all, just signed up to overwolf and added the twitch app to it. It seemed to be so easy to setup the streaming... But im getting allways the error message "An unexpected error ocurred"... This error message unfortunately doesn't help much.. My PC should be pretty good for streaming. The worst part is the graphics card (GTX 960). Upload is 5 mbit/s. Can I attach the error logs here, without any problem? It doesn't log any information about my computer which I shouldn't paste in public? Thanks for any help in advance! Have a nice saturday. Alex
  6. Cant install any app

    Yesterday I installed Overwolf for LoLwiz but I cant install it and any app at all. I click on install button in store and wolf trying to do it but every time there is an error and "Not connectedConnecting in Xseconds... Try now" When the timer reaches zero installation begins again and so on. Absolutely the same problem described in this topic But the decision was a new version of Overwolf. I have the latest version from official website and I still have this problem. Some screenshots Log.rar
  7. Server Connection Error

    hello i'm trying to install overwolf but i'm getting this " Server connection error" i'm on windows 10 64bit i found the full installer of latest version http://setup.overwolf.com/
  8. "No Store Settings file" Error [New]

    I was really enjoying overwolf until the recent update ( It literally started crashing after i did this update. And when i try to open the appstore i came up with the error that i mentioned. I checked the other topics about it, tried everything and got nothing. Any new solution you guys have? My log file attached below Log.rar
  9. When i'm trying to install overwolf, its says "Downloading 25.40/47.70MN,2483 KB/s" but it's getting stuck, i tried to restart and to exit and enter to overwolf and its still not working. I got windows 10,64Bit.
  10. [Solved] No store settings file

    i am dying from this well, i really wanna get this fixed. Hopefully you guys are very active. Anyway! Whenever I startup Over Wolf, i get the error message "No store settings file." I can still install apps through the site and manual download, but it doesn't show up in games. sometimes it does, but glitches out my game and makes me keep moving and maybe to dying ingame. (That happened over 6 times in minecraft) Um... Not really sure where my logs are. So if you need those, tell me where thats located. ALSO! I checked the other thread. It did NOT work. So, I need a new method. Thanks, Cookid. ---------------------------- EDIT: I fixed it! I did a clean uninstall and install. Worked! If you have the same error, try that Closed. ----------------------------
  11. Rainbow Six Siege Error

    My overwolf is unable to find my rainbow6Siege pls HELP or ask for more info
  12. Typefrag

    Hey, i have problem. When I clik on step 2: lunch ts3 on my typefrag app, ts 3 is starting, but app don't look this :/ sorry for my English.
  13. Today I have been working and testing my app a lot and it was working without any issues to speak of. Then out of the blue it started giving me the "Replay is already capturing." error and none of my recordings were saving anymore. I closed and reopened the app, but immediately upon calling turnOn() I got the "Already turned on." error. I should mention that I did not have any other Overwolf apps installed and I don't have ShadowPlay or any other recording software set up. (I mention this because one of my beta testers had the same issue and disabling ShadowPlay + restarting his computer fixed it.) I ended up reinstalling Overwolf and deleting everything in AppData/Local/Overwolf. I did not restart my computer, but after reinstalling Overwolf I installed my app and it has been working normally since. This is giving me a great amount of paranoia because I don't have the vaguest notion what caused it. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Edit 1: now I'm getting this as an error when I try to call turnOn() after launching the app: Object {status: "error", error: "Could not start recording.", description: "START_STREAMING_ERROR_ONE_INSTANCE_ALLOW"} Edit 2: I cleared the cache and it didn't fix the problem so I restarted my computer and it hasn't happened again . . . yet.

    hello guys, so my problem is that when im in game (LoL) and i try to record the game it show that i have "Start_Streaming_Error_")... the funny part is that im not streaming, im not even on twitch, when i close the game and try to record it shows i must be in "Active Game"... i try again while in game and there is no change, still this error... Btw i recorded 3 videos, 2 of them were till i got in the game, i mean the videos were on my monitor, when LoL started the videos have auto stopped... then i saw that in my settings there was "Record monitor/Record Active Game" so i unchecked the first and checked "Record Active Game" the next video was recording the whole game and in the end in the video folder the video was 0bytes and i couldn't even open it... so these are my problems... would be thankful if you help me fix them... Cya.
  15. No store settings file

    Hello, today I ran into this problem when you run! After you install this application, I launched it, but climbed a mistake! To attach screenshots of the problem! HELP ME PLZ!
  16. Unknown Error occurred

    hey guys, i tried to record a lol game now with the lolwiz app, but when i click on the record button there comes this error message: An unknown error has occurred. 2 weeks ago i recorded ~ 10 games and it works without any problems. and i changed nothing on my computer (i was on holidays, so i wasnt at home to do something there) ty for helping greedings Shader_93
  17. Store doesnt work

    I installed Overwolf ver. (08-15-2015). Pressed start and an Error appered: "No Store settings file. After that it close the programm. Pls Help Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 10130. Log.rar
  18. Hi I was asked to look into issue with my app, it is crashing. While I started to investigate why it would crash I found this issue: If you have two html pages (windows in overwolf), first will start the new window. If those two pages are using the same plugin and both use refresh function both windows will constantly re-initialize, it looks like they are switching focus from one another but I think they are actually restarting. For my app it means crash but for apps that wont crash it means the app will be unresponsive. I modified the overwolf pools app to show what I mean - I copy pasted index.html and added that html as window in manifest, index.html will also open that new window. Basically if dev team wont fix this it means for each new window you will need to have separate plugin. polls app in attachment (I removed the dll files so remember to copy it back) polls-sample-app.zip
  19. Overwolf Capture Footage wont open.

    Yo so i was recording some game play and partway my disk drive run out of space, it was only after i stopped recording did i realise this and now the file wont play or open, I`ve made space in case that was the problem and still it does not play. This footage is of the up most importance and i would appreciate some help on getting it to work. If i missed out some detail be sure to ask me. Thank you in advance, Martex
  20. Hello So I am having a problem with my Overwolf. It says recording is not supported in the game every time I try to record the game. The game is CrossFire NA and I have it at 1600x900 although my menu is at windowed because I want to be able to access all my other tools such as RaidCall. I am very certain Overwolf does not support CrossFire but it does not say that in the compatibility list. It only says Overwolf is not compatible with Windows XP, but what I am running is Windows 8 on compatibility mode set to Windows 7. Even still here we have Overwolf being incompatible when I try to use the video recorder. I think Overwolf needs to be patched so that the game can actually be recorded through the video recorder and I also need to have it be able to record both the windowed menu and the full-screen game in one recording, even if it means having to see the menu parts and the game parts in separate video files. I need this fast because I have a clan war next week and I have to be able to record both my voice and the game (both sounds and the screen) as quickly as possible, with both the voice and the game in one file.
  21. Cannot stream or record videos

    when ever i try to stream or record anything it goes to 5-8 seconds and stop recording i dont know why this is happening i have used overwolf for long time and didnt need recorder but now i need it badly dont wanna use xplit or those others because those make me lag as hell so i need help fast Log.zip
  22. Cannot install any apps

    Hello, I have not been able to install any apps through overwolf appstore. When I press the install button it says installing for a couple of seconds and then the text on the red button is replaced by the message "ERROR". I am attaching an archive of the overwolf logs and a screenshot of what happens when I try installing the twitch app. Edit: It seems it is solved now so it might have been an internet connection problem, even though I could download other things from the internet. Log.rar
  23. Overwolf Is Already Running

    I just downloaded Overwolf and everything was seemingly going fine. I logged in and was browsing some of the apps to download. When all of a sudden the appstore crashed, on attemp to log back on, the error "Overwolf is already running" wouldn't stop popping up. I can still use the dock mode but didn't have enough time to download any apps before it did this. After reading up on this I saw that the moderators/admins like to see a copy of the log files so I have attached them to the bottom of this post. Also if it helps knowing this all went bad seconds after clicking the download lolwiz app. Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to read this, and I hope to hear from someone soon. Log.rar
  24. Smite Giveaway - Timer Reset

    I've had the timer that tracks my ingame time reset 3 or 4 times now. I dont know whats causing this, but it is rather infuriating, moreso with the deadline being so close. What can i do about this, or who do i contact to resolve the issue?