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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, So I have a problem with my overwolf. Since yesterday if overwolf is launched battlenet, steam or other can't be launched. I have the error 0xc00000e5. I know this is with overwolf because I tried a lot of different setup to launch my games and it happened only when overwolf is on. I try to desinstall and reinstall but the problem is still here. So I try to launch battlenet first and then overwolf. It doesn't work better, my computer freeze when I try to play any game. I don't have any idea if I can do something or just not using it... so if you have any suggestion ? Thx for your help.
  2. Hi there, I wanted to install Overwolf for using it in rocket league and teamspeak of course. But it keeps freezing.. I re-installed it 5 times now but nothing changes, the following link shows when it freezes. Please help https://gyazo.com/1039724f80136d2a1628f99782b32fc2
  3. Recently started playing Overwatch and tried to use Overwolf with it. When using Overwolf the game refuses any keybord and mouse command but i can still ALT+TAB out of the game and close it, cinematics and any visuals still play(except mousover visuals). The problem only occurs with overwatch and without overwolf it works fine. I know its still beta but maybe somebody got a solution. my specs are: GPU GeForce GTX 460 CPU Intel Core i5 760 @2.80GHz 16 GB RAM Win 10 Pro
  4. Error 1 - I already contacted support sent attached log filez zipped and as yet haven't received a reply, not even an auto-response - Managed to work around problem of overwolf not working and flashing like crazy. It does not seem to like nivia downscaling over 1920 resolution. Error 2 - Nearly 1/2 the time I come to use overwolf, the overlay acts more like an underlay shift F1 does not bring the dock up only the cursor (World of Warcraft). Restarting both programs doesn't seem to fix the issue, only restarting windows. Error 3 - Dock resets - it moves itself to default location on screen and the docked programs reset to default at random intervals Error 4 - Spotify app freezes - not just the app but my total machine. It's not hardware at fault it's less than 60 days old with an almost clean install of windows 8.1 Error 5 - The software for some reason isn't labelled as beta... I'll attach another set of logs so you can cut and paste a thank you edit log.rar is 900KB so cannot be attached, I'd email but you never bothered to reply to the last one I sent.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey there! Thanks so much for including your log files. This will help immensly in tracking down this bug. I'll have the QA and R&D look this over and they'll answer as soon as they can.
  5. I was playing Sniper Elite 3 earlier today, and in the middle of a COOP mission with a friend, my screen suddenly froze and the audio looped. I hit Alt Tab, nothing happened. Then I hit Ctrl Alt Del and it takes me to the Ctrl Alt Del screen. I open the Task Manager, and see Sniper Elite 3 as non responsive. Then in the middle of my screen, I see a popup appear saying that Overwolf crashed. What's worse, my mouse wasn't responding. I believe it was 'stuck' inside Sniper Elite 3. So, I couldn't close Sniper Elite 3 to settle the issue with a working mouse. I ended up having to restart my entire PC. This concerns me a lot. If Overwolf crashing without warning causes my game/system to freeze and flip out, that could mean I could freeze any time in any game. I play quite a bit of Counter Strike Global Offensive, and the last thing I'd want is to freeze in the middle of a competitive match and screw my team over. Is there a way to stop Overwolf from crashing like this? If so, please post below. Also, it'd be nice if everyone could refrain from any disparaging comments.