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Found 9 results

  1. Hey there wolfs! We're happy to announce our shiny new app 'Builds of Legends'! The app helps you by providing concurrent guides and statistics for the champion that you currently play with in League of Legends. We're holding a 9750 Riot point giveaway for it's launch! Get the full information on how to get into the raffle in our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Overwolf/posts/1000779833291263 To download the app, click the following link: http://store.overwolf.com/app/Overwolf-Builds_of_Legends Jump into the rift and start owning your enemies! We got your back!
  2. Hey there everyone! In celebration of the LoLwiz 3.5 launch and our continued growth and success we invite you to participate in our Wicked Winter Giveaway event. In conjunction with our eSports partner Cloud9 we will be giving away over $3000 in Riot Points and prizes! LoLwiz users have a chance to win DAILY prizes so don't miss out! The Giveaway ends on January 15, so hurry up! Check this video for more information: Rock on!
  3. Smite Giveaway - Timer Reset

    I've had the timer that tracks my ingame time reset 3 or 4 times now. I dont know whats causing this, but it is rather infuriating, moreso with the deadline being so close. What can i do about this, or who do i contact to resolve the issue?
  4. Hi. I recently began participating in the smite fenrir giveaway. The only problem is that it keeps resetting every time I close smite. At first, I had 22:45 hours until I received it, and I also had the Frostfang skin giveaway done. Then, as I finished playing smite, I left for about an hour and rechecked, and I had 22:45 hours still, even though it said 21 hours after I finished playing. The next day, today, I checked it, and it said I had 29:45. Confused, I thought it was a glitch and I retried later. Still 29:45. Do I have to email support about this error? If so, I'll get right to it. Thanks in advance -Lunk
  5. Overwolf crashing on giveaway

    My Overwolf works just fine but whenever I open the app store and click on the giveaway tab it crashes.. I re
  6. problem with world of tanks giveaway

    Hi. I started yesterday for 1000 gold in world of tanks. after 1 h i received message on screen "expended". I never received code. WG support sayed that that is a bug and I must start countdown again and then I will receive. But i can't start again. I have oved picture in overwolf menu green stripe with text expended. My name is same on WOT like here zagrizeni. So pls if someone can help me or ppl from support it will be nice. send me that code
  7. Hello! I realize the World of Tanks giveaway ended this morning, however, I completed the hour usage before the giveaway ended. In my Overwolf apps page, it lists the giveaway as expired, but there is a green banner on the left corner listing it as complete. However, I never received an email or code.
  8. Worldof Tanks giveaway

    Today me and my brother finished the WorldofTanks Giveaway requirements,he got the code but i did not.10 minutes later i hit a post that said something about Ip Checker,and realised that since we use the same router we got the same IP's.With all this said is there a way to get that code?
  9. World of Tanks giveaway issue

    I am having a problem, the giveaway states that i need to play for an hour, which i have, but the timer went screwey, and now the numbers are over 6 digits ! ! ! Pls help . . . (and yes, those last digits are seconds)