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Found 48 results

  1. How to support GTA San Andreas

    Please help for not recording SUPPORT HELP
  2. Hey Overwolf users. I'm just getting into a clan on a game that uses Teamspeak 3 as their main communications, and so I decided to attempt to download the Overwolf TS3 Overlay. I have tried installing the Overlay through the Teamspeak Click-Widget-Thing, Installing the .exe that you get from the App List on Overwolf.com, and tried just installing regular Overwolf. All three give me an error that says "Connection Error - Please check your internet connection and try again" with a "Got It" button to click that just sends me back to the beginning of the installer about 1 minute after clicking "Install". I've tried wiping my local files, program files, white-listing, turning off my firewall completely, disabling and enabling my connection, nothing works. My log files will be below. Log.rar
  3. Hi, I have wanted to stream for a while and decided to start through over watch since its not too complex to use, but. Every time i click "go live" it loads for about 8 seconds and says "an unexpected error has occurred." What is there to do to fix this, I have everything set up, webcam as well. Is there a solution to this problem?
  4. Lol wiz not working

    I just downloaded lol wiz and it keeps asking me for my summoner name and region which i enter everytime and nothing happens. Also the shortcut shift+tab doesn't work..Is it broken ?
  5. Hello, i have just downloaded overwolf today but when i tried to sign up when i got to the recaptcha i was entering the correct information but it kept saying invalid i would like some help please
  6. Hello. So lately I have been trying to get my lolwiz to start working but for some reason overwolf is functioning fine but lolwiz wont give me the menu for setting up the game i just get it sitting there and i even try and shift tab in game and nothing happendes help!!!
  7. Old ts3 Server Overwolf

    Hi im MegStars i have problem, 2 or 3 Years ago i have this app(overwolf) in my pc, this program give free ts3 server. I create it, and now I do not have access to it, ip / passwords plis help my to get this old server ts3. Thank you very much in advance. Sory for my English I Better speak than write (Im from Polish).
  8. Ahh... we're sorry.

    I tried to open overwolf and it said the version was broken and cant fix it. I went to the website and installed the newest version and it wont open at all. Help.
  9. I recently got a new monitor with the resolution of 1920x1080, at 33". I felt this was too big to play league of legends at fullscreen so I changed the resolution to 1280x720 windowed so i wouldnt have to go so far across the screen. Now when Lolwiz opens the top part is cut off so I can only see the bottom teams stats and such. Is there a way to fit Lol wiz to screen so I can see it all?
  10. turning off capture?

    I've been looking for a way to turn on capture in overwolf since I've just deleted 2 gb worth of gifs from csgo capture, i only got overwolf for the TS overlay and the settings arent that usefull so any guides on how to turn off capture would be usefull
  11. How to fix Game capture

    Please, I hope someone can help me. I was recording with the game capture and when i looked at the recording afterwards it was only showing a corner of the screen. Is there a way to save the footage? Please help me.
  12. Currently I am stuck using a computer that can only run Windows XP. I would like to start streaming off of a capture card to Twitch, but so far haven't found any streaming programs that will work with Windows XP. I am curious if Overwolf will still work with it. So far it says I need "Microsoft .NET 4.5" to be able to run Overwolf. This will not work however as Windows XP cannot run Windows .NET 4.5 . Is there a way to use Overwolf with Windows XP still or has it become too outdated? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  13. i have successfully started and shutdown overwolf several times with no errors, however there are no gameslists being created in %localappdata%\Overwolf. is this a bug? intended feature? or is my install a freak of programming with no dependence on games lists any tips? im using the latest update as of this writing and im totally confused. the reason im asking is im trying to cobble together some half-A**ed support for no man's sky until official support rolls out
  14. lol wiz won't pull up data

    Won't pull up data. Keeps on saying retrieving data until the game ends. Help please
  15. Whenever i try to login to Soundcloud with Google (because thats how i do it), I click the "login with google" button and nothing happnes
  16. Hi all, I'm currently trying to create an app with League of Legends events but unfortunately i can't understand how i can use them. For example how can i check if the game launched and or when the player dies? I know that there are this options on the SDK but unfortunately can't find out how to use them. It would be really grateful if someone could make me simple demo just to get the idea how it works. (I already checked the one on github without any luck...) Thanks in advance.
  17. Key Bindings

    I need to rebind the hotkeys that allow me to screenshot as well as stop and start recording as i have a laptop and the standard bindings cause me to mute my music and toggle full-screen mode unfortunately it seems you are unable to bind these hotkeys to anything else help would be appreciated for if i cant resolve this matter then this app is useless to me
  18. Title says it all when I click overwolf in archeage it bring up the taskbar and none of my over lays stay in the game (twitch, browser, ts3) I have been trying to figure this out for an hour now can anyone help me figure out how to fix it? It only seems to do it in archeage I have tested other games and before its asked yes I have tried running overwolf as admin and yes I have tried both directX 9 and 11
  19. Can not change profile settings

    Hi, for some reason overwolf decided not to add a "save" button when editing your profile! When I change my name or birthdate etc. there is no way to save it, help. Either I am really really blind or there is no way.
  20. Cannot see the record window

    Hello, today I installed Overwolf, I want to record, but the record window just won't let me see him . So that means I cannot record. It doesn't show up on desktop, on games like League of Legends and Counter Strike - Global Offensive. Please help.
  21. Hi I just recently downloaded Overwolf and iv'e noticed it does not work with the supported title Chivalry Medieval warfare. The Overlay does not show up in Chivalry and trying the hotkey ctrl + tab does not work Pls help. Logs.rar
  22. Elite: Dangerous horizons issue

    Hello, I recently installed Overwolf for elite dangerous horizons which recently came out. May i mention that i know for a fact some people in the community i play with are having NO issues what so ever. I boil it down to either my machine or its just me being an idiot. I digress here is my issue: - I have installed the client, had to manually add elite into Overwolf game section as it didn't find it. - Continued to add some apps such as Spotify, ED board. - Go to games launch the game. - Game launches the Elite dangerous LAUNCHER window... - Choose x64 bit horizons - Game launches ok, the overlay tab (little semi circle stays for about 2 seconds before disapearing on the appearance of the logo_ - after that there is no way ive found to show the tab (ive tried CTRL+TAB and SHIFT F2 with those Hotkeys respectively ticked in the settings menu) - Ive tried reinstalling Overwolf as well. - tabbed out of game to see if OW is running, it is.. it just sits on my desktop instead. I would love if someone would point out what im doing wrong here and i do hope its not hardware specific. Im on windows 7 -GPU NVIDIA GTX 780SC i dont think you'd need to see anything other than the GPU But if you need more info please dont hesitate to ask.
  23. I recently started using Replay HUD for my league of legends games. I have specified a folder on my drive D: However in this folder after i complete a game there lays much more videos than the one or two plays i actually saved using the shortcuts. This means after a few games i had over a GB laying in video files there. Is this a problem with my setup or something else?

    Okay so I wanted Overwolf because it looks like a really cool system! I downloaded the installer and booted it up, but it read a message saying "This app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software developer" I assumed that Overwolf was a 32bit installer, and I have a 64bit OS, so I tried to find an installer that was 64bit, but all of the 64bit ones turned up with the same results. If anyone can offer any advice to try and help fix this problem, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! ~::UPDATE::~ I got it working!! What I did was I extracted the files (Using WinRar) from the Overwolf installer that you download, and ran the installer that was extracted!
  25. I can't add Minecraft

    I can't add minecraft to my games list! Please help!