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Found 11 results

  1. Overwolf not displaying in game

    Alright! So here's my issue. I'm playing paladins yesterday, right? and all of a sudden "overwolf browser has stopped responding" tabs me out of my game. This happens regularly so I'm fine with it. I click "ok" as always as go back to my game. Then, I get in and my dock is gone. I press Ctrl+tab, which is my hotkey to get the overwolf cursor and whatnot. Nothing showed up. This is getting to be a horror novel, ya know? so I told my people "Yo, I gotta restart my computer, I'll be right back" and I restart my computer, give it a full 20 seconds before turning it back on, and still, the overlay refuses to show in the game. it works fine on the desktop. all features still work, but in game, it will not show.
  2. Problem during Sign Up

    Hi, Overwolf! My logitech program recommended the 'Overwolf' and I wanna a try. But when I sign up a new account, I can't get the picture with text... Like this I clicked 'Replace image' nothing happend... So is this a issue on your server or related with my network?
  3. Overwolf Recording Issue

    Hello, I just made this account because I really need help with Overwolf. So, I downloaded the recording app for Overwolf, but after I finish recording, the video only saves a few seconds of the recording. Can anyone help me with this? Much appreciated.
  4. Rainbow 6 Siege - Overlay - CPU overload usage

    For some reason when I used the overlay of the channel in Rainbow Six Siege with this recent update and I back to the desktop, the CPU usage go in the top from 35-40% to 90%. If I go back to the game the CPU usage drop. I think this recent update have an issue with the CPU. When I don't use the overlay and a back to my desktop the CPU act normally. Please help me. I want to use the overlay for this game but I can't browse the internet because the CPU is in the top.
  5. Hey wolfs! We just want to give you a quick status update on the Facebook chat feature. Many of you approached us with issues regarding the following actions: 1. Downloading 2. Installing 3. Signing up/Logging in FB have disabled this feature since April 30, 2015. We understand it's an inconvenience, and we are working hard on it guys, we really are. For now we simply ask for you to be a little patient, and promise you we will fix this as soon as we can and send out an update for you. Keep on rocking!
  6. Hey wolfs! We just want to give you a quick status update on the Facebook chat feature. Many of you approached us with issues regarding the following actions: 1. Downloading 2. Installing 3. Signing up/Logging in FB have disabled this feature since April 30, 2015. We understand it's an inconvenience, and we are working hard on it guys, we really are. For now we simply ask for you to be a little patient, and promise you we will fix this as soon as we can and send out an update for you. Keep on rocking!
  7. Elite: Dangerous horizons issue

    Hello, I recently installed Overwolf for elite dangerous horizons which recently came out. May i mention that i know for a fact some people in the community i play with are having NO issues what so ever. I boil it down to either my machine or its just me being an idiot. I digress here is my issue: - I have installed the client, had to manually add elite into Overwolf game section as it didn't find it. - Continued to add some apps such as Spotify, ED board. - Go to games launch the game. - Game launches the Elite dangerous LAUNCHER window... - Choose x64 bit horizons - Game launches ok, the overlay tab (little semi circle stays for about 2 seconds before disapearing on the appearance of the logo_ - after that there is no way ive found to show the tab (ive tried CTRL+TAB and SHIFT F2 with those Hotkeys respectively ticked in the settings menu) - Ive tried reinstalling Overwolf as well. - tabbed out of game to see if OW is running, it is.. it just sits on my desktop instead. I would love if someone would point out what im doing wrong here and i do hope its not hardware specific. Im on windows 7 -GPU NVIDIA GTX 780SC i dont think you'd need to see anything other than the GPU But if you need more info please dont hesitate to ask.
  8. problem with world of tanks giveaway

    Hi. I started yesterday for 1000 gold in world of tanks. after 1 h i received message on screen "expended". I never received code. WG support sayed that that is a bug and I must start countdown again and then I will receive. But i can't start again. I have oved picture in overwolf menu green stripe with text expended. My name is same on WOT like here zagrizeni. So pls if someone can help me or ppl from support it will be nice. send me that code
  9. hi I played a little bit with the Teamspeak Plugin in the SDK and I noticed that values in the return Objects from some methods has not the type which was described in the documentation. I would like to report this issue. getServerInfo() : serverId, channelId in the return objcet are strings not int myClientId is an int, that is correct I save myClientId for later and send a test message onTextMessageReceived() : fromClientId, serverId are strings not int I test in the response handler (fromClientId === myClientId) and it is false It is not a realy big issues because js converts the values if needed. So I changed '===' to '==', but its not so nice. M.A.
  10. This is a list of bugs/issues we found while developing with Overwolf. Will be extended css perspective / -webkit-perspective not working at all, some 3d transforms are working though (link) <?xml-stylesheet type="text/css"?> not working in SVG files no way to define transparent areas which still should catch clicks (e.g. the background area in transparent scroll lists) App just crashes if it doesn't find a file (compare to Browser which shows an error message) no way to define that windows should keep their aspect ratio dragMove does not return a distance or something similar, please provide a callback, so the app can react to that Overwolf does not remember which subwindows were open (can be programmed, but would be nice as built-in feature, maybe definable in manifest) Overwolf crashes if you use the chrome debug console inside of it many times (memory leak?) error message "Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type image: (image)" on requesting graphics from CSS getAllServersInfo calls its callback multiple times, not just one time different messages return same error code in getAllServersInfo ("Not connected to client - call Init first" and "not connected" both return "0x0702"; also, there is "client library not initialized" which seems to be the same as "Not connected to client - call Init first") shortcuts don't work outside of supported applications, even when Overwolf window explicitly has focus (user clicking on it) - that is a much needed thing. no way to specify window positioning (in an app with 7 subwindows the dev wants to specify default positions for them...)
  11. Large multi-monitor bug

    Here is a video (the mouse isn't displayed, but it is on the far left edge). http://youtu.be/TWRwVt9LlJc This happens consistently in every 16:9/10 game I play. It does not tend to happen in 3:4 or 4:5 games. I have three monitors. Two are 1920x1080, but the third is 1280x1024. Does anyone have any idea why this may be happening or how to fix it?