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Found 17 results

  1. Overwolf not Recording Minecraft

    Ok.. So over the past couple weeks I've tried to record with overwolf on minecraft. It all goes as its supposed to, but after I finish and look at the video.. It only is 3 seconds long and has visual glitches.. Here's an example of one that was, as it said right before I finished it, 8-9 minutes Youtube Link Anyone know why this might be happening? Settings: - Recording Mode: Monitor - Resolution 720p - Frames 30fps - Codec: X264 (uses CPU) - Preset: Very Fast - Capture mouse cursor: Desktop and Game - Capture Overwolf Windows: All, except the video recorder - Recording Indcator: Top Left - Audio: All set to system default and on It works fine on other games, but apparently it's not liking minecraft
  2. Why does this keep happening?

    The game that I am currently playing (Minecraft) decides to crash anytime I attempt to record with the Overwolf Game Capture application. I don't know why this is happening Can anyone please help me? To possibly help you, I will attach the log file. latest.log
  3. I've started using the built in recording software with Overwolf as opposed to using a non-native app outside of Overwolf to record when I play Minecraft. When I use a launcher called http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-tools/1262884-launcher-magic-launcher-1-3-1-mods-options (Magic Launcher) the overlay does not cover the game, and only records my desktop. Is there a way I can fix this, an argument I can enter or something along that line?
  4. Aye so, I'm wondering if Overwolf Overlay will ever actually work with Minecraft? it hasn't since I got it, Any ideas when it will?
  5. Overwolf Not Recognizing Minecraft

    I recently tried getting Overwolf to detect my game installations just to have everything in my library. When I try to do this I have to try and add Minecraft manually because it is not automatically detected. I do not, or Overwolf cannot, find/detect the right installation of Minecraft in order to recognize it. I have tried adding my .minecraft folder and the launcher itself, but to no avail. I also did a search on the forums and saw that this is a rather frequently asked question, but I never saw a solid answer to the question. That being said, is there a guide of some sort that could show me how to add Minecraft and other games's correct directories so that they will become recognized that I'm missing?
  6. over wolf help

    overwolf cant find the game minecraft i have tried manualy searching the game too but it wont work help me here pleas help me
  7. Ok so I enjoyed using overwolfs screen recorder whilst playing Minecraft. I took a 3 month break from Minecraft and then when I came back to playing, when ever I would try and use the screen recorder it would work fine at first, then it would cause lag spikes. Then eventually my computer would freeze and I would have to manually shut it off to fix it. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling overwolf. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Minecraft. It still messes up like that. Can you guys help me?
  8. Overlay not appearing in Minecraft

    Ive been trying to set up overwolf in minecraft for the past 2 hours , ive tried what i imagine is everything but it just isnt appearing , ive tried using the default texture pack , not using optifine , using hotkeys , rebooting minecraft , rebooting overwolf. It can launch minecraft for me , but all i want to do is stream , and it just wont appear , please help me as soon as possible , im so frustrated :|
  9. Minecraft Apps

    My name is ShadowPunchAsh , but you guys can call me Shadow. As most of you know Minecraft is a HUGE game and lot's of people play it, I was wondering if Overwolf would add an app for Minecraft, just as simple as crafting guide. For me and my friends and lots of other Minecrafters is crafting , of course yes you will remember all the basic stuff , but having to search up all the uncommon stuff is tedious, having to keep closing the screen and reopening mine craft, so having something where you could search up a craft-able block or item would be amazing like the Tf2 Crafting Adviser, what do you guys think?
  10. Minecraft Streaming Help!

    When i try to stream on minecraft, it says i have to be in-game. Well, when i click to start streaming, it clicks out of minecraft and onto the twitch window! Please help and tell me how to fix.
  11. Not working with Minecraft

    I'm not getting an overlay in Minecraft. I'm using the official launcher and I'm using 64 bit Java and I have DirectX 11 and .net 4.5.
  12. Minecrft

    I am using overwolf for minecraft and it doesn't go into the game. It only works when I reinstall it and 50% of the time with that. it goes tommy desktop, so its not actually in the game. Which I need because I go fullscreen. Can anyone help me please?
  13. Can't See Replies Skype Chat App Bug

    Hello! I recently started using Overwolf. I play Elder Scrolls Online and Minecraft. I encountered a bug with the Skype Chat App. I can only see what I say to the person I'm talking to. They reply back, but I can't see it, so I have to check the Skype window. For example: Me: [through Overwolf Skype chat app] Hi! [skype Sound] [Nothing] [Checks Skype Window, NOT app] Friend: [in Skype Window] Hello! Does anyone know a solution to this? I can't see what they reply in the app! Is Skype not supposed to be running in the backround? Help!!!
  14. Minecraft

    This is my problem. Im new to overwolf. I cant get minecraft to work for my computer. its the only reason i got this. its awesome, i ve tried manually searching for it wont popup can someone help me staff? Thanks, Cozy
  15. Minecraft with Overwolf

    I have the Problem that Overwolf doesn't shown in Minecraft when it starts in Fullsreen mode. Can some one help me or fix that bug? Thanks loomer97
  16. 2 problems

    Hi there! I've been using Overwolf since I got Teamspeak 3. Now, you see. I've noticed that in past versions Overwolf can't detect Minecraft with 64-Bit java. In this new version, it says that Overwolf now is able to do this. But when I try to do it myself, it doesn't work at all. I've checked if my client is Up-to-date and it is. Is there any way of solving this without having to switch back to 32-bit java? I'm using Windows 8 and Minecraft 1.7.4 but not 1.7.5. The second problem is that it can't detect my Minecraft "install" location. I've tried to set it to it's folder (C:\Users\Username\AppData\.minecraft) but it won't detect it still. Any help on that too? I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  17. Hello, I've recently been recording Minecraft with Overwolf. (I've recommended it to some of my friends .Only thing i would say it needs is a 2nd audio input so u can record your voice and what comes out your stereo and or/ headphones .) But anyway, I recently went to go change some capture settings and i noticed it was on automatic and i couldn't uncheck it. And it says Minecraft for now is only supported in automatic mode. So basically the question is when will it be supported in custom settings. (Dont know why i made it so long just for that XD sorry)