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Found 11 results

  1. LoLWiz not detecting game

    So i recently downloaded LoLWiz and decided to try it out on a normal game, But its not detecting the game, What do i do?
  2. Hello dear reader, I downloaded the Overwolf program in order to improve my LoL experience. The apps from the program run nicely, but there is one thing that is very frustrating. Whenever I load a game of LoL it is very blurry, and almost seems ghostlike, nearly unplayable. I have tried uninstalling all the apps, so it is the program itself that is the issue it seems. Example: Have you tried to make yourself cross-eyed and there basically becomes an identical image of whatever you are looking at? Well, that's what happens to my League of Legends screen. It gets way warmer in colors, and the screen basically goes berserk with the bad quality. I have tried multiple settings and I just can't seem to get hold of the issue. I hope I can get some help from anyone who might have had the same experience, or someone who might have a possible solution. I am open for suggestions. Thanks for reading this Regards, Jakob.
  3. When i'm trying to install overwolf, its says "Downloading 25.40/47.70MN,2483 KB/s" but it's getting stuck, i tried to restart and to exit and enter to overwolf and its still not working. I got windows 10,64Bit.
  4. Replay HUD not working

    Hello, I recently installed Replay HUD on my Overwolf App. I wanted to use it but when I launched my game and opened the Replay HUD window (the coloured square), the "button" "Activate" was off. So I turned it on, it stayed on for a few seconds and immediately turn off by itself. What can I do ? Can you tell me ? Thank you
  5. Hello there, I'm looking for some help... I've installed Overwolf to use it with GTA Online, because the high amount of people I get on TS, and with Overwolf's TS APP it's easier to work that out. But my Overwolf isn't detecting Grand Theft Auto V... Can anyone help me on this?
  6. Overwolf Store stopped working

    Hello, i've got this problem with Overwolf where i install the program but after installation i can't use it since it shows me the error "Overwolfstore stopped working". I was really looking forward to using LoLwiz but since i can't even open the program i was disappointed. I tried to search for a solution in the forums but there does not appear to be any solution to this, at least nothing i found actually helped me. Maybe it has something to do with the newest patch? I'm running Win7 Home Premium x64 Service Pack 1. Please respond asap. Thanks in advance!
  7. Elite: Dangerous horizons issue

    Hello, I recently installed Overwolf for elite dangerous horizons which recently came out. May i mention that i know for a fact some people in the community i play with are having NO issues what so ever. I boil it down to either my machine or its just me being an idiot. I digress here is my issue: - I have installed the client, had to manually add elite into Overwolf game section as it didn't find it. - Continued to add some apps such as Spotify, ED board. - Go to games launch the game. - Game launches the Elite dangerous LAUNCHER window... - Choose x64 bit horizons - Game launches ok, the overlay tab (little semi circle stays for about 2 seconds before disapearing on the appearance of the logo_ - after that there is no way ive found to show the tab (ive tried CTRL+TAB and SHIFT F2 with those Hotkeys respectively ticked in the settings menu) - Ive tried reinstalling Overwolf as well. - tabbed out of game to see if OW is running, it is.. it just sits on my desktop instead. I would love if someone would point out what im doing wrong here and i do hope its not hardware specific. Im on windows 7 -GPU NVIDIA GTX 780SC i dont think you'd need to see anything other than the GPU But if you need more info please dont hesitate to ask.
  8. Hello, occasionally LolWiz works but most of the time when I press Shift + Tab after seeing your stats are ready, it doesn't show off the overlay. Also I do not see overwolf on the left hand side of the screen when in game. League of Legends_10-07-15_14-56-28.Game.html
  9. Okay, so. I've been trying to use your software for streaming and I have quite a lot of issues that is hindering me from doing so, so let's get started shall we. 1. I want to be able to pick what webcam I want to display. I have two, none of them work with Overwolf/Twitch app for Overwolf. They're both high quality cameras and work in >any< other program on my PC. I get the error 'Camera not available' after it pretends to load a camera. Picture: 2. I want to be able to choose what mic I am using aswell since my cameras have mics which suck and will make people's headphones explode even if I drop a needle on the floor with the volume setting on 1. I want to be sure that it is my Yeti mic that I am using. 3. The 'Live Rounds' app is completely useless for me, it doesn't work at all. If I start it, it gives me an error, if I manage to get it running for a few seconds, it gives me an error if I touch any of the buttons. I understand that this is beta but issue number 1 and 2 are basic functions in everything, except for the error part of course. But I am wondering how such a basic function as picking what device I want to use is left out? I can't stream with the app if it is using the wrong microphone, that would ruin the whole experience and leave your software completely useless because of that. Also, I want to mention that I haven't even tried starting streaming with Overwolf because I am having the camera issue. There's no point in streaming if I don't have a facecam since that is always half the experience in watching a stream in the first place. So that's my main issue, I can't get it to work, I've tried two different cameras, tried them in different USBs and yes, they are up-to-date with drivers and as mentioned before, working in all my other programs and the twitch app doesn't recognize any of them (I don't know if it actually has to do with Overwolf at all, maybe it's the twitch app which I would assume I'll have to go elsewhere with my issues, oh well). Okay so let's get down to what I've tried. First I installed Overwolf somewhere else on my PC other than its default location and figured maybe that would be it, that it needed to be placed in the default folder for it to recognize drivers for things but to no success. I still have the exact same issues after reinstalling Overwolf and restarting my computer several times. I don't care much about the Live Rounds issue for the most part as my biggest issue is the camera thing, but I needed Live Rounds for something and then it turned out I didn't. I've tried disconnecting each camera, trying to let it connect to only the one I have connected. Since there's this thing you know, you can't simply pick what device you want to use, yeah? Basic features and stuff. So, any suggestion what I can do to fix this issue? I am trying to be constructive with my criticism but I am too annoyed with this to not be showing my frustration aswell with it. PS. I am not convinced on any level so far as to why I would use Overwolf as it is missing key functions as of the time of writing this. It does take good screenshots though, but so does my 'printscreen' button on my keyboard too.
  10. Hi, I just started usig overwolf nd a lot of my friends use skype, unfortunately, skype is not detected in the overwolf dock it tells me to login to skype(even when I am) and it never detects it, even when I restart it :/ I need help guys, thanks Tl;dr: skype doesn't work, please help me
  11. VLC and Overwolf

    VLC 2.1.3 doesn't work with the latest overwolf build? music player says its unable to connect to VLC and i have enabled the web interface and restarted VLC.