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Found 112 results

  1. Overwolf launching HLEP PLS

    sook so when i try to launch overwolf's this is what happens : https://imgur.com/a/JkrJW I tried with fixing some VS 2013 x64 x 86 pack - repairing but its still prroblem occuring with overwolfs app
  2. League Of Legends doesn't show up on the library section in Overwolf, so i am unable to use lolwiz and replayhud. It would be nice if there was a solution for this problem.
  3. Overwolf and Replay HUD lagging

    Hello, I've been using overwolf + replay HUD for several months and recently it started causing FPS crashes that drop from 120 to 20, does anyone have a solution? Log.rar
  4. Controller Support

    Hi! This is my first post on the Overwolf Forums! I've been using the platform for a while now and I noticed something. When I finish playing Rocket League, and my game summary comes up, It says most used keys and clicks. I would LOVE if it would show controller output keys and stuff like that. Thank you for your consideration.
  5. I start overwolf but i can't see the apps in the app screen, can't install and download. Help pls
  6. Recover password

    Hi, I forgot my password on my overwolf client and I opted to recover it through the available button, this button sends me to https://www.overwolf.com/register/recoverPasword.html but the page doesn't exist anymore, 404 Page Not Found The requested resource "/opencms/register/recoverPasword.html" was not found on the server. I want to urge you to fix this I am most likely not the only one with this issue, in the mean while I would like to ask to give me the right link to the password recovery page for the overwolf client thanks in advance kevin
  7. Sometimes Heartharena sits there and says "Waiting for you to start Hearthstone..." even while Hearthstone is running, it's also displayed outside the scope of the Hearthstone window. Is there a way to force it to attach to Hearthstone while Hearthstone is running without actually restarting Hearthstone? Because on my machine Hearthstone can take a while to relaunch and it's a pain.
  8. Overwolf not displaying in game

    Alright! So here's my issue. I'm playing paladins yesterday, right? and all of a sudden "overwolf browser has stopped responding" tabs me out of my game. This happens regularly so I'm fine with it. I click "ok" as always as go back to my game. Then, I get in and my dock is gone. I press Ctrl+tab, which is my hotkey to get the overwolf cursor and whatnot. Nothing showed up. This is getting to be a horror novel, ya know? so I told my people "Yo, I gotta restart my computer, I'll be right back" and I restart my computer, give it a full 20 seconds before turning it back on, and still, the overlay refuses to show in the game. it works fine on the desktop. all features still work, but in game, it will not show.
  9. Windows scrolling problem

    I started having scrolling problems with overwolf windows. At first i just thought it was the browser, but then i installed the facebook app and it had the same problem. Most of the time the scrolling is broken. It will either randomly scroll up or down a page regardless of how i turn my mouse wheel, it will get stuck on a point and if i try to scroll using mouse wheel or drag the scroll bar with the cursor it just snaps back to that point. Rarely, if i just sit idle, the page will very slowly start scrolling down on its own. I know its not my mouse because this doesnt happen on other programs. I tried restarting, reinstalling but nothing works. I havent managed to find anyone else having these issues so i hope to find help here.
  10. Heroes of the Storm Overwolf crash

    Hey guys new to this forum and not the best english. What I just wanted to tell you If its not known already that if you start Heroes of the Storm with Overwolf that it will launch normal then it will kinda freeze and your mouse will like go in slow motion and then it will crash.
  11. Hi there, I wanted to install Overwolf for using it in rocket league and teamspeak of course. But it keeps freezing.. I re-installed it 5 times now but nothing changes, the following link shows when it freezes. Please help https://gyazo.com/1039724f80136d2a1628f99782b32fc2
  12. Good evening, I bought a RELOOP SPODCASTER microphone recently, and I started to record some videos for YT. Unfortunately Overwolf is making my voice weak. My in-laptop microphone works perfectly fine, but there is a problem with Spod. I hope there is a solution
  13. Why does this keep happening?

    The game that I am currently playing (Minecraft) decides to crash anytime I attempt to record with the Overwolf Game Capture application. I don't know why this is happening Can anyone please help me? To possibly help you, I will attach the log file. latest.log
  14. I came here to share my experience with this bug i found. Whenever I have Overwolf running with Steam running and i enable Steam FPS counter this bug appears. The skyline gets a black texture and the view distance is shallow. This also happens if the Steam FPS counter is off but i shift+tab into steam overlay. If Overwolf is not running this problem goes away completely. This only seems to effect Source Engine games. The bug exists with Counter Strike also. Just posting this so the developers can see it. Thanks
  15. Overwolf - cannot install

    Hello guys. Im new here and i would like to solve the problem i have. I have downloaded install directory of overwolf from this link: http://www.overwolf.com/download/ In order to install Arena Companion, but when i click on downloaded file, a small window apears, that has "Install" button on it. The moment i click install, 2nd small window apears, with download started, but every single time after a second or two, this window closes and interupts download by itself. Can someone please help me about this? Thanks in advance
  16. Minecraft game summary issue

    EDIT: Game summary for Minecraft, League of Legends and CS:GO are now working as per normal function. ReplayHUD seems to fail to register LoL in-game ultimate ability casts. I've been having some problems getting the game summary to open after multiple games of League of Legends, but it did not show up on any of those occasions. Tried doing a clean reinstall of Overwolf, which did not help with the issue. However, after a game of Minecraft (!) the game summary window somehow opened. I'm quite sure the only games to support game summary is League of Legends and CS:GO, but somehow my game summary refuses to open for LoL but instead does for Minecraft. Heres the Minecraft game summary window: http://i.imgur.com/YZtJ5f0 I'm also quite sure that I have had ReplayHUD installed since I installed Overwolf, yet the game summary reports that I do not have ReplayHUD installed. My Overwolf client log is attached below. Log.rar
  17. Recover game record from temp file?

    Hello! I'd like a bit of guidance in what should I do to fix my problem. I recently recorded a few games with overwolf game recorded and it reached almost 2 hours of gameplay. The problem is that I stopped recording and I closed the game a bit too soon and it left me with an mp4 of 40 mins instead of the 2 hours. The temp file is still there and its considerably bigger than the mp4 so, I'd like to know if there's a way to recover my footage from the temp file. Thanks!
  18. Cant install any app

    Yesterday I installed Overwolf for LoLwiz but I cant install it and any app at all. I click on install button in store and wolf trying to do it but every time there is an error and "Not connectedConnecting in Xseconds... Try now" When the timer reaches zero installation begins again and so on. Absolutely the same problem described in this topic But the decision was a new version of Overwolf. I have the latest version from official website and I still have this problem. Some screenshots Log.rar
  19. Server Connection Error

    hello i'm trying to install overwolf but i'm getting this " Server connection error" i'm on windows 10 64bit i found the full installer of latest version http://setup.overwolf.com/
  20. Disable Side Dock

    I've seen in a few opst on different forums, where says it will be added soon, but as today, maybe im blind and didnt saw it, or hasnt been added. I like overwolf like an ingame utility to, for example, use the instant replay, the ranks checker, or the ts3 notifications. Thats cool, haves its own menus, AND shortcuts to open them without any need of the dock. So I dont want it. Never ever forever. Maybe a interface like steam's would be cool, but that bubble there its just annoying.
  21. I've searched the forum, and it doesn't appear that someone has the same problem as I do. Perhaps this is not that big a problem then? However, I feel it necessary to report the bug, so I am doing so. If Overwolf is running whilst I attempt to run Fallout 4, there is only ever a black screen and an unresponsive computer. I am able to solve this, by quitting Overwolf, but it is somewhat irritating. I am running ENB on the game, however, I am also running ENB on GTA V and there is no problem with that game at all. Anyway, I felt the need to inform you guys n gals, so there you go, you're informed Have a good day!
  22. S.K.I.L.L. SF2 Overwolf

    Hey Guys, I want to Ask you if you can add the game S.K.I.L.L. SF2 to Overwolf. I add it manually but i doesnt work :(. I have read a Method with gamelist but i dont understand anything. Can anybody give me a correct code( Copy+ Paste ). thx ya Synapse
  23. lol wiz won't pull up data

    Won't pull up data. Keeps on saying retrieving data until the game ends. Help please
  24. Help me please.

    I have reinstalled Overwolf and I don't remember how to change the "Start/Stop video capturing" button... I click on the default Shift+F10 and nothing happends, after I try to change the hotkey but I don't find the Start/Stop video capturing hotkey to change it!!! PLEASE HELP ME Thanks
  25. Recording Issue

    Alright, well I've been recording a video using the Game Capture app. I set the settings to save the videos onto my desktop, but the videos are nowhere to be found. I've checked all of my video folders and the video I've made is completely gone.