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Found 12 results

  1. I have downloaded Overwolf from Ts3 to get the overlay ingame but the Ts3 plugin don't connects to Ts3 properly! I have already tried to reinstall both. When I try to open the channels tab, it shows me that I should try to activate the "control plugin" and restart ts3 but I did this already. Nothing works. I would really like to continue on using Overwolf but but I can't when I can't use this plugin.
  2. GEM Hook

    UPDATE: GEMHook has been discontinued by the developer @goodbyte. So the version you got from the store won't work anymore. If you still want to use it, read this post! Since there is no actual related thread to this app i'm just going to create one. First of all, thanks for creating this awesome app. I am waiting deperatly for this since over half a year (https://r4p3.net/threads/request-cs-go-execute-commands-on-event.1669/) I already configured some nifty events. What I would wish for the future of the app are some more events: team_change ( I have seen this and a few more undocumented events in another forum post [can't remember which one]) player_joined ( Like in the CSGO-Stats.com app) player_left ( Like in the CSGO-Stats.com app) Also I would love to have a execute_commandline trigger.
  3. TeamSpeak 3 control plugin

    Hello, I would like to ask if anyone knows a way how to fix this plugin ("TeamSpeak 3 control plugin" == "TS3CP" ). Basickly any time OW is running TS3CP fails to initialize. I have been using "YaTQA", "TeamSpeak utilities" and other apps working with TS3 from OW for long time and it was working perfectly but for some reason few days ago all of them stopped to working. I didn't even notice any updates, except for maybe W10 update(not 100% sure). I found out that TS3CP is failing to initialize. So I searched and tried everything I found except reinstalling whole system. - reloading pluggins - uninstalled both TS3 and OW - deleted all leftover files in %localappdata% and Program files - installed OW and TS3 32 bit version (tried it with 64bit version aswell) - tried running just OW in admin mode or both at same time. Even with clean install of both programs without imported backups or anything it still doen't work. Still the same problem I mentioned at beggining where OW is causing TS3CP to not initialize. Thanks for advices in advance and Merry Christmas to everyone! Mmat
  4. Releasing this repo i've worked on for a bit, It allows you to read/write to 32 and 64 bit process' memory(note Overwolf is a 32 bit app). I invite you tinker with the provided sample. Currently working on a parser for ArtMoney and CheatEngine tables so you'll be able to write "trainers" using JS and run as an Overwolf app! https://github.com/Noobay/MemWolf
  5. hi! I've been running into some problems with the old NPAPI git repo, and I need it since I'm using some old code I wrote a few years back. the sample is running sort-of-fine, sometimes it does and other times it doesn't (requires a restart of overwolf, or a navigator.plugins.refresh(), not very consistent- but once it's loaded, it's loaded for the rest of the app's lifespan, including overwolf restarts). the DLL from the sample is running fine on other projects also. but when I compile a DLL on my own (even when i recompile the sample projects' dll), nothing happens, and it returns that "echo" is not a recognized function (i.e. plugin is not loaded) The old code is supposed to work since we're making an XPCOM component and awesomium(the UI backend) still supports these(afaik). what might be the problem? might it be the version of my xulrunner-sdk(which is 41.0.2) ? anything else i might need to be aware of using the "deprecated" sample as a skeleton? Compilation is done using MSVS2010 with Gecko 3.6.28 under windows 10 64bit .
  6. Hey guys, I am a bit confused at the moment. I'm using the simple-io plugin, (the older version since I've found the newer one crashes a lot). Anyway, I use getBinaryFile to read in a video file. It's a 6mb video file but when I read it in it's 20mb so I'm just curious what's going on with that. Anyone have similar issues?
  7. I'm able to compile the sample plugin provided by Overwolf, but I'm unable to call any functions or access the sampleProperty field: Uncaught TypeError: plugin(...).echo is not a function Has anything changed in regards to refreshing plugins? I noticed that using navigator.plugins.refresh(true) causes the app to constantly restart. Below is my current HTML: <html onmousedown="dragMove()"> <head> <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" /> <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"> <title>Demo app</title> <script src="js/jquery-2.1.4.min.js"></script> </head> <body> <script> navigator.plugins.refresh(false); </script> <embed id="plugin" type="application/x-overwolf-sample-plugin" width=0px height=0px /> <div id="content" onmousedown="dragMove();"> <button id="close" onclick="closeWindow();">Close</button> </div> <script src="js/index.js"></script> </body> </html> index.js is where I'm making my calls. I don't see what I'm missing. Any advice?
  8. Hey Guys, I keep trying to enable the ts3 control plugin but keep getting the error message saying Quote: "Failed to Initialize Plugin". Any ideas?
  9. Two twitch chats

    So I have tried having two different Twitch chats in my app using Overwolf's chat plugin but whenever I use two difference chats the other window always seems to reload? An example would be: window 1 is open - user authenticated and connected to chat window 2 is opened - then window 1 reloads but they are both connected to chat perfectly fine? I am using two different client id's and have tried making a copy of the plugin but I am not sure if that would work or if i just didn't reference them properly? any ideas?
  10. Help taking screenshots

    I recently began work on a Guild Wars 2 overlay meant to assist WvW players in a way not attempted before. After recently taking a short break from the game to play Archeage I was shocked at how bad Guild Wars 2's UI is for handling large groups of people when you wish to see health information. Because of this I wanted to work on a UI that allowed larger groups doing "raids" to see real time health information on everyone easily. While no official raids exist people treat many things like them, from the large scale world bosses (60+ people) to WvW guild groups (20-80 people). Guild Wars 2 has no way of passing a players health information out of the game (I would seriously love them if they added health % to the mumble-link API) so I resorted to other measures. After much thought I settled on screenshotting the game 5 times every second, detecting colour information where the health orb is and then changing this to a percentage. This is an example of the Guild Wars 2 base game UI for those unfamiliar: http://i.imgur.com/9Ku6uG5.jpg . As you can see there is a large health orb in the centre. This is the area of the screen where I wish to read pixel information from and then using RGB thresholds establish the % of health remaining. I have had some success on this as you can see in this video (look at the minimap) Now this works fine using my current (custom) C++ plugin that screenshots, reads pixel information at a set of coordinates it was passed and then returns the RGB values for anyone playing in Windowed mode (Borderless or not). When you make the game fullscreen for some reason my plugin breaks down and it can not take screenshots of the game. This is a big problem for people using dual-AMD cards as they can't use Windowed Fullscreen without serious FPS drops. I can link my C++ if people would like, but it is actually horrific (I downloaded the sample plugin and modified a function on it using my limited C++ knowledge). So this is sort of a request; I would like a plugin that took screenshots of the active window and either passed the bitmap to javascript in the form of a javascript image object (without Cross-Origin Contamination) OR like my current plugin you could pass it a set of coordinates and it returns an array of RGB values. Any help is much appreciated. (As for why I don't use the built in screenshot feature, as far as I can tell those screenshots are saved to the drive, which means CORS is a factor and for SSDs you would burn a large amount of read/write cycles.)
  11. Help with TS3 plugin

    Alright, I have searched the past two days for anything that can help me but going to ask the community on this one. I have TS3 for my clan for MWO and Star Citizen (Clan Widowmakers). However I want to use Overwolf with my TS3 but for some reason the plug-in isn't working and it says fail to connect. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone give me a step by step guide how to fix this issue.
  12. TS3 Plugin Error

    I am getting this error when loading up my app using the teamspeak plugin: "capi ts3client plugin seems to be busy". What does this mean? It seemed to happen after Overwolf crashed for an unknown reason.