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Found 15 results

  1. 1. trying to sign up via the app 2. captcha not working 3. trying to sign up via the website - works 4. trying to login to the app - doesn't work because the app and website use different accounts 5. trying to sign up via the app again - app tells me my username is taken 6. closed the app I googled the captcha problem and found 2 year old threads! Why is this bug not fixed? Why is my username suddenly reserved by my website account, but I can't login with my website account? this is ridiculous.. i wasted half an hour for nothing..
  2. I start overwolf but i can't see the apps in the app screen, can't install and download. Help pls
  3. Hello community, i am an old user of overwolf, from Argentina... I'm going straight to the problems i found since i got back to use the client. (Sorry for my "not so good" english) 1. Problem login into my account: I wasn't able to login with my very first account into this forum so i been force to make a new one, although i could log in with my old account into the client, so i guess the client and the forums account are not directly relatives, right? (i made the "password reset" process and found out that there is no account with my email or display name). 2. Login process not secure: It's not THAT bad, but as some of my suggestions i sent privatly to the support, this point would make look (and be it) a more serious application and site. 3. Client problems detecting games: This is an old one problem that i been facing long ago and seems to continue. There are 2 kind of problems with the autodetecting and manually adding a game (supposedly supported) games like Half Life for example had been detected as 2 games (Counter strike 1.6 and Counter Strike: Condition Zero) so i manually proceed to add the Half Life game wich was no big deal, but found out that i couldn't delete those other games that are not installed or even a trace of an old install process. From the other side i found that most of games that are supposedly supported can't be added even manually, the client can't recognize the ".exe" file for the game, i even explore the folders personally to make sure that on those folder there was the ".exe" file related to the game. (most of the game i had are Steam games) So i leave a list of games that found with this problem: - PAYDAY: The Heist / Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster / Sniper Elite V2 / Amnesia: The Dark Descent / Arma 3 / Metro 2033 / Grand Theft Auto V / Alan Wake / Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Multiplayer / Just Cause 2 -. The problem seem to rely on the ".exe" name and the platform folder they are located, because games like WarThunder, wich i had on Steam folders, is not detected automatically but it can be added manually so the ".exe" file is correctly detected. In summary, there are a lot of things to adjust and i really want this app to progress in the right way cause it's so usefull, i don't wan't this app fall in the same disgrace as others apps felt, like Raptr and Xfire. I hope this information can help to solve problems and be notify of solutions to reach the objective of making a better app. Thank You. [UPDATE] Seems like some games add automatically by launching, it happened with PAYDAY: The Heist and Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Multiplayer, still can't delete those who i don't have installed.
  4. Cant install any app

    Yesterday I installed Overwolf for LoLwiz but I cant install it and any app at all. I click on install button in store and wolf trying to do it but every time there is an error and "Not connectedConnecting in Xseconds... Try now" When the timer reaches zero installation begins again and so on. Absolutely the same problem described in this topic But the decision was a new version of Overwolf. I have the latest version from official website and I still have this problem. Some screenshots Log.rar
  5. Teamspeak3 and dock are hiding/closing

    Hello! I have problem with hiding dock, ts3 and other apps. When i'm playing World of Warcraft i'm using TS3 with displaying people in my channel. When i click on game window its hiding behind game. I tried to look in options, on forum, change priority of ts3helper and whole overwolf but nothing happens. Same problem with overwolf dock. Thanks for answer!
  6. Hello dear reader, I downloaded the Overwolf program in order to improve my LoL experience. The apps from the program run nicely, but there is one thing that is very frustrating. Whenever I load a game of LoL it is very blurry, and almost seems ghostlike, nearly unplayable. I have tried uninstalling all the apps, so it is the program itself that is the issue it seems. Example: Have you tried to make yourself cross-eyed and there basically becomes an identical image of whatever you are looking at? Well, that's what happens to my League of Legends screen. It gets way warmer in colors, and the screen basically goes berserk with the bad quality. I have tried multiple settings and I just can't seem to get hold of the issue. I hope I can get some help from anyone who might have had the same experience, or someone who might have a possible solution. I am open for suggestions. Thanks for reading this Regards, Jakob.
  7. Hey wolfs! We just want to give you a quick status update on the Facebook chat feature. Many of you approached us with issues regarding the following actions: 1. Downloading 2. Installing 3. Signing up/Logging in FB have disabled this feature since April 30, 2015. We understand it's an inconvenience, and we are working hard on it guys, we really are. For now we simply ask for you to be a little patient, and promise you we will fix this as soon as we can and send out an update for you. Keep on rocking!
  8. Hey wolfs! We just want to give you a quick status update on the Facebook chat feature. Many of you approached us with issues regarding the following actions: 1. Downloading 2. Installing 3. Signing up/Logging in FB have disabled this feature since April 30, 2015. We understand it's an inconvenience, and we are working hard on it guys, we really are. For now we simply ask for you to be a little patient, and promise you we will fix this as soon as we can and send out an update for you. Keep on rocking!
  9. Hi, I have a problem, a new, old problem... a new because its never happend with me before, an old, because I see posts from last year about it... the fix there isent working with me... I play in fullscreen window mode, I use some video enchant, and im working in a develop app project for gw2 i try: reinstall overwolf, delete the gamelist replace the owlog but the app for overwolf still going to background when i click in the game, and the app how only shows in game never shows... I dont know how to fix, i will place some log here... I hope you can help me^^ Gw2_04-06-15_11-27-51.Game.html Gw2_04-06-15_11-40-28.Game.html Gw2_04-06-15_11-50-13.Game.html
  10. Thai Language problem

    When i use overwolf in Infestation Thailand I can't typing thai language. btw this is good program anyway
  11. problem with world of tanks giveaway

    Hi. I started yesterday for 1000 gold in world of tanks. after 1 h i received message on screen "expended". I never received code. WG support sayed that that is a bug and I must start countdown again and then I will receive. But i can't start again. I have oved picture in overwolf menu green stripe with text expended. My name is same on WOT like here zagrizeni. So pls if someone can help me or ppl from support it will be nice. send me that code
  12. Server Connection Error

    As you can see in the attachment when I try to install Overwolf appear this messange, I've checked my connection and everything works,I've tried to download and install again the installer but doesn't works, tried to start the installaer as amministrator, change language settings but anything works. Few seconds I click "I agree - Install" button in the installer the last one stop the installation and appear the messange. Sorry for my english but it's not my first language so don't be rude... Thank you for the help
  13. Crash On Startup-Need Help

    When i first downloaded overwolf the program was great and had everything i needed or could ever want!!!!! But after a couple of days the program would not open or would crash on stratup. I looked to forums for help and they said to send a log so i attached the log rar down below!!!!! If you can please help me !!!!!!!!! Log.rar
  14. I can't open overwolf in Crossfire , It just doesn't show up . Here is my logs , Thank you ... Log.rar
  15. Hey guys, I recently started running into a problem with Overwolf and Guild Wars 2. The game runs just fine with OW except when I try to change maps. If I teleport from waypoint to waypoint on the same map I have no problem, but if I try to get to another map it gets stuck during map loading and will remain like that forever until I close the game. This only happens when Overwolf is active. I tried starting Overwolf before the game, then turned the game on and it loaded fine, but as soon as I wanted to load into the game, thus loading the map resources...it got stuck again at the loading screen. Tried started Overwolf after the game, same problem...it runs fine until I change maps. I can record, use browser, anything works except when I load a different map. It doesn't matter if I have any OW apps on or not...it happens with or without them. I'm running Win 8.1, all drivers up to date, no other issues whatsoever except this and it started on the last update I think...at least that's when I noticed it. It never used to do this before and I've been using Overwolf for a long long time. Thanks for your thoughts, in advance!