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Found 19 results

  1. Overwolf not Recording Minecraft

    Ok.. So over the past couple weeks I've tried to record with overwolf on minecraft. It all goes as its supposed to, but after I finish and look at the video.. It only is 3 seconds long and has visual glitches.. Here's an example of one that was, as it said right before I finished it, 8-9 minutes Youtube Link Anyone know why this might be happening? Settings: - Recording Mode: Monitor - Resolution 720p - Frames 30fps - Codec: X264 (uses CPU) - Preset: Very Fast - Capture mouse cursor: Desktop and Game - Capture Overwolf Windows: All, except the video recorder - Recording Indcator: Top Left - Audio: All set to system default and on It works fine on other games, but apparently it's not liking minecraft
  2. Hello, I use Replay HUD pretty often for recording cool moments when I play Overwatch. But when I look in the folder with the videos there are many unnecessary videos with my deaths and kills. So after every game session I have to go through the videos and delete the unnecessary one's which is very anoying! Can I turn that off somehow? (sorry for bad english) Thanks for Help, Jorin.
  3. Recover game record from temp file?

    Hello! I'd like a bit of guidance in what should I do to fix my problem. I recently recorded a few games with overwolf game recorded and it reached almost 2 hours of gameplay. The problem is that I stopped recording and I closed the game a bit too soon and it left me with an mp4 of 40 mins instead of the 2 hours. The temp file is still there and its considerably bigger than the mp4 so, I'd like to know if there's a way to recover my footage from the temp file. Thanks!
  4. overwolf keeps recording

    dear overwolf team, overwolf keeps saying it's recording and it keeps making the video files eventhough i dont activate it. due to the recording i keep dropping fps. thanks in advance
  5. I already try a lot of video settings! I always have problem with the video file created by overwolf. The quality is bad and my voice lag a lot, some times not record a lot of words! If the quality is set to high I got lagging & pixel glitches and the voice is always lagged too! I attached my overwolf settings, logs and system spec! The game that I use overwolf is CS:GO! How can I fix it? Log.zip
  6. Recording mic with push to talk?

    hello i want to use push to talk while I'm recording so I'm not constantly hot micing through my videos. Is there a way to capture your microphone with a toggle/push to talk?
  7. Today I have been working and testing my app a lot and it was working without any issues to speak of. Then out of the blue it started giving me the "Replay is already capturing." error and none of my recordings were saving anymore. I closed and reopened the app, but immediately upon calling turnOn() I got the "Already turned on." error. I should mention that I did not have any other Overwolf apps installed and I don't have ShadowPlay or any other recording software set up. (I mention this because one of my beta testers had the same issue and disabling ShadowPlay + restarting his computer fixed it.) I ended up reinstalling Overwolf and deleting everything in AppData/Local/Overwolf. I did not restart my computer, but after reinstalling Overwolf I installed my app and it has been working normally since. This is giving me a great amount of paranoia because I don't have the vaguest notion what caused it. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Edit 1: now I'm getting this as an error when I try to call turnOn() after launching the app: Object {status: "error", error: "Could not start recording.", description: "START_STREAMING_ERROR_ONE_INSTANCE_ALLOW"} Edit 2: I cleared the cache and it didn't fix the problem so I restarted my computer and it hasn't happened again . . . yet.

    hello guys, so my problem is that when im in game (LoL) and i try to record the game it show that i have "Start_Streaming_Error_")... the funny part is that im not streaming, im not even on twitch, when i close the game and try to record it shows i must be in "Active Game"... i try again while in game and there is no change, still this error... Btw i recorded 3 videos, 2 of them were till i got in the game, i mean the videos were on my monitor, when LoL started the videos have auto stopped... then i saw that in my settings there was "Record monitor/Record Active Game" so i unchecked the first and checked "Record Active Game" the next video was recording the whole game and in the end in the video folder the video was 0bytes and i couldn't even open it... so these are my problems... would be thankful if you help me fix them... Cya.
  9. I've started using the built in recording software with Overwolf as opposed to using a non-native app outside of Overwolf to record when I play Minecraft. When I use a launcher called http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-tools/1262884-launcher-magic-launcher-1-3-1-mods-options (Magic Launcher) the overlay does not cover the game, and only records my desktop. Is there a way I can fix this, an argument I can enter or something along that line?
  10. AMD VCE support

    Hello! Is it possible to add support for AMD VCE to record videos?
  11. I'm playing Planetside 2 and am using the Recursion Stat Tracker Overlay. The video quality I get when recording with Overwolf is amazing compared to Playclaw, but the Overlay just won't show up in recorded Videos. (I tried changing recording mode from "record monitor" to "record active game", but the Overlay still doesn't show up in recordings.) I'm running Planetside 2 in Windowed Fullscreen btw. Strangely, Recursion Overlay is visible in the recordings when I alt+tabbed to it. When I alt+tabbed back to the game it vanished again. Edit: My guess is that Overwolf's overlays are causing Recursion Overlay from showing up in recordings. Is there an option to completely disable Overwolf's Overlays without disabling functionality?
  12. Please Help. Recording

    I downloaded overwolf today and went to try recording minecraft. It worked fine. Later though i tried again (after i had done some messing around with my minecraft stuff and some NVINDA stuff) and now when i hit record it will say recording for a sec then it's gone. When I check my files it shows one second black screen clips. Anyone help? Thanks!
  13. Overwolf recording won´t stop

    Hello, I have a problem where Overwolf wont stop to capture a Video. This happens regardless what Games I play. I allready deleted the Ovwerwolf folder located in %appdata%/local I`m suspecting Either Win8.1, AMD OMEGA drivers or 24Bit 44100 Hrz Audio to be the culprits... System specs: MB: ASRock FM2A88X Extreme4+ APU: AMD A10-5800K GPU: MSI Radeon HD7770 RAM: 8GB DDR3 2330Hrz OS: WIN8.1 GPU Driver: 14.12 Catalyst OMEGA Also found this in the logfiles: 21:32:52.87 1614 687 VideoCaptureManager::OnReceivedStreamingStart Ready to stream W=1920, H=1080 21:32:52.87 1614 135 InterProcessElement::create Failed -> m_pShareMemoryData == NULL 21:32:52.87 1614 625 VideoCaptureManager::CreateImageSharedMemory Failed to create image shared memory (handle = 0x2a) 21:32:52.87 1614 105 VideoCaptureManager::Initialize Error while opening shared memory 21:32:52.87 1614 577 VideoCaptureManager::StartMainThread Created Thread - Created , ThreadId=8384 21:32:52.87 1614 700 VideoCaptureManager::OnReceivedStreamingStart Streaming Started StreamId=1 (1920,1080) 30fps 21:32:52.158 20C0 559 VideoCaptureManager::MainThread m_vFramesVector count: 0 21:32:52.158 1614 711 VideoCaptureManager::OnReceivedStreamingStop Stop Recording
  14. Hello, I use Overwolf (the latest version). I want to record Videos and Screenshots in Elite: Dangerous. Elite: Dangerous is not yet supported by Overwolf, but there is a forum thread in the Elite: Dangerous Forums that describes how to get it to work: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=36834 So I edited in the path "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Overwolf" the file GamesList.8103415.xml and added the following lines: <GameInfo> <ID>106563</ID> <GameTitle>Elite Dangerous</GameTitle> <DisplayName>Elite: Dangerous</DisplayName> <ProcessNames> <string>EliteDangerous32.exe</string> </ProcessNames> <LuancherNames> <string>EDLaunch.exe</string> </LuancherNames> <GameRenderers>D3D11</GameRenderers> <InjectionDecision>Supported</InjectionDecision> </GameInfo> Now I can use Overwolf inside Elite: Dangerous. I can chat with other people, open TeamSpeak and other Apps. But taking Screenshots is not possible (no screenshot is taken). I tried this by [F11] and by the Overwolf Overlay (where I can press the camera icon to take a screenshot). Taking Videos works but here the colors ore very strange. Instead of an Orange User Interface (with orange text) as shown here: http://hosting.zaonce.net/elite/website/images/mediaPublic/screens/images/ContestedSpace.jpg in my space ship I have everything in Light Blue (see attached screen shot). Also when I watch the video with the Windows Media Player. Is this a bug in Overwolf? Greetings OLLI
  15. I cant record my games

    I want to record something in Dota 2 with teh overwolf recorder. But when i finish recording, open my directory where my videos should be, there is just a video file where nothing is recorded. 0 second video, just plain nothing.
  16. Overwolf Recording Issue!?

    Hello! so I've encountered this problem where upon reviewing a game play i have recorded, Whilst i am playing the game live and recording all at once, my voice is very quiet, but it picks up everyone else's voice fine in Skype. This only happens when I record live and do voice-overs with Overwolf. Any tips or tricks to maybe fix this problem? Other than that, Overwolf has been a charm to use! Also, The recording is choppy sometimes when i play it back, and i have lowered the quality settings for the Recorder, but my computer can run the game perfectly fine whilst recording? Thank you for your help! ~Blind Kamekazi
  17. Recording

    Hi guys, today I was wondering if you can record out of you game? So I wouldn't have a game open? Is there a mod for this or something in the options? kthxbai ~WithGuns
  18. Cant use overwolf in SWB2

    I cant access my overwolf when i play Star Wars Battlefront 2 i hit Shift+F1 and it still wont work
  19. Hello, I've recently been recording Minecraft with Overwolf. (I've recommended it to some of my friends .Only thing i would say it needs is a 2nd audio input so u can record your voice and what comes out your stereo and or/ headphones .) But anyway, I recently went to go change some capture settings and i noticed it was on automatic and i couldn't uncheck it. And it says Minecraft for now is only supported in automatic mode. So basically the question is when will it be supported in custom settings. (Dont know why i made it so long just for that XD sorry)