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Found 23 results

  1. Low Frame GIF capture on replay

    I have been using overwolf for a while now but I noticed a steep decline in the FPS of the GIF's that are captured for the replay HUD. I looked in the advanced settings and saw that my gif captures are locked at 8 FPS and am unsure how to change it. Any help would be great thanks!
  2. Hello, When I play a game of League, FiFa17, Battlefield, etc there are These 2 symbolys on the bottom right of the Screen ( see Annex). Even when I close Overwolf before launching the client or game, These 2 Symbols appear. I even uninstalled Overwolf but the Symbols are still there. I only used Replay Hud and LolWiz. Please help me guys! Franyoo
  3. Hello, I use Replay HUD pretty often for recording cool moments when I play Overwatch. But when I look in the folder with the videos there are many unnecessary videos with my deaths and kills. So after every game session I have to go through the videos and delete the unnecessary one's which is very anoying! Can I turn that off somehow? (sorry for bad english) Thanks for Help, Jorin.
  4. Hi, I am using Replay HUD for several months. But since last month or so it records every single goal when im playing Rocket League. I dont want this. I just want the clips i save myself. Is there a solution to this
  5. My replay HUD stops working.

    hi, my replay hud is suddenly stop working. the ohly option for me to select in the encode video is x264(CPU), all the other options are gray'ed out. i have a 980ti gpu. i have already reinstalled overwolf, replay hud, and nvidia driver. the problem still persist. my driver version is 378.49 when i started a game, ex, league of legends, i received this message: "Replay HUD is OFF your video settings are not set to Nvidia NVENC, AMD or Intel Quick Sync encoding. using the reply HUD app will affect the game performance. Activate anyway" i have attached my log below. Pls help thank Log.rar
  6. Replay HUD not recognizing NVEC

    I have been trying to use the Replay HUD for a while now and I can never get it to work while in League of Legends. I can not get the program to recognize Nvidia NVEC. I have a gtx 970. Log files attached Log.zip
  7. Replay HUD Tutorial

    Here's a short tutorial for Replay HUD, the ultimate game replay companion.
  8. Overwolf with OBS

    Hi there! I'm here to report a couple bugs I've encountered and ask a few questions regarding compatibility. The only other overlay I use is Curse Voice, but I've reproduced these bugs with Curse turned off as well. OS: Windows 8 64bit Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 RAM: 12gigs Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 If anymore info is needed please ask. The fist bug I've found is that if you don't launch League of Legends with Overwolf, then Replay HUD doesn't work and causes League of Legends to crash when it switches you to in game. It gives you a black screen, and the first time it crashed my graphics card drivers. Those are updated btw. Now if that's not a bug and apps aren't supposed to work without using OW to launch the game then disregard that. The second bug is that even if I'm not using any OW apps, whenever OW is running-- whether I launched League of Legends with OW or not-- the in game League client is not recognized by OBS Studio. I can set it up as a source but it will not display. Even if I disable the overlay and without any apps running. I understand the programs aren't compatible at this point, but they shouldn't effect each other like that. Lastly, I just wanted to know if there's any plans to make a plug-in to add compatibility to OBS Studio? I'd love to help make that if I wasn't an idiot with program design and coding, I don't mean to be demanding. OBS Studio is so much nicer than regular OBS, but OW adds nice components to my stream that I really don't want to give up. I included my log files in case they're needed. Thank you for reading. Log.rar
  9. Replay hud change save location?

    Is there a way to change replay huds save location? my c drive doesnt really have enough space to save videos in.
  10. Replay HUD not working

    Hello, I recently installed Replay HUD on my Overwolf App. I wanted to use it but when I launched my game and opened the Replay HUD window (the coloured square), the "button" "Activate" was off. So I turned it on, it stayed on for a few seconds and immediately turn off by itself. What can I do ? Can you tell me ? Thank you
  11. My "Replay HUD" had work on classic League of Legends mode "summoner's rift" but it doesn't work when i play All Random All Mid "Howling Abyss" Map. Is it my app's bug or it's really doesn't work on it?
  12. Replay HUD Blackscreen ingame

    Hi, i cant see the Replay ingame in League of Legends, but its still recording in my file or can rewatch it on VLC. i cant use the Hotkeys and the Button after i died ingame but always see a black screen. Here are my logs Log.rar
  13. Replay Hud issues

    I decided to download overwolf and get the league of legends replay HUD. After i went through all the settings and restarted overwolf i hopped into a custom game to test out the replay HUD. When i loaded in to the game i killed died and no replay popped option popped up. Also every time i open up the replay HUD options it asks me to activate the replay HUD even though it is already actviated .I have been looking all over the internet and no one seems to have the same problem as me. Does anyone know what I need to do?
  14. Replay HUD blinking

    hello, just installed the replay hud app and overwolf today as i saw it on a player's stream. when i first launched my game in a league of legends custom game alone, it works as normal and has completely no problems. however, when i play the game with other people, such as a ranked game, my replay hud keeps on blinking non stop, and the replays, overlays,and icons all blink crazily.. is there any way i can solve this problem? blinking as in appearing and disappearing at a very fast speed , even when i alt tab it
  15. I have a Nvidia 850m currently, and when I use Nvidia nvenc for Twitch and Replay HUD, I get the "unexpected error has occured" for Twitch, and the replay shuts off after a few seconds. Both work fine with the other 2 options (intel, cpu). Does my graphics card not support nvenc? The nvidia driver is updated as well.
  16. Question: replay hud

    When using the replay hud in league of legends i can't pres the replay button when i die, is there a way to change this? As i see others just press on it and they get their replay.
  17. Replay HUD annoying Warning!?

    Hey iam using Replay HUD i must say i love it! But the only struggle i have with this App is: EVERY game session (like every LoL game i hop in) it warns me bout the nvida codec.... this is freakin annoying. I know i dont have the codec and i know it can afflect my Performance but everything is fine and i dont want to have a warning all over my Screen everytime. PLSSSS gimme dat Option!! greetz
  18. Hey developers! I'm wondering if I'm able to use Replay HUD for my own development purposes. I'd like to be able to use Replay HUD to automatically save a video, based on a user's response from a dialog box that appears after he's killed. I assume that this is not possible and that a lot of people are going to say that it's not necessary, but I wanted to know anyways.
  19. I recently started using Replay HUD for my league of legends games. I have specified a folder on my drive D: However in this folder after i complete a game there lays much more videos than the one or two plays i actually saved using the shortcuts. This means after a few games i had over a GB laying in video files there. Is this a problem with my setup or something else?
  20. Replay HUD not playing replays in game

    Hey, The replays are saved in the folder but cannot view them during game. they seem to refuse to play or show anything. I have tried re-installing... Here are my logs: Log.zip Thank you for your help
  21. Can we repost Replay HUD clips

    Can we re-post Replay HUD clips on our own YouTube Channels?
  22. Replay HUD showing blank replay

    I finally got my replay hud to work in game only now when i look at my replays there is no image just the sound from the replay
  23. Replay HUD Runtime Error

    So I downloaded the Replay HUD app from overwolf and went to try it out on league of legends, however when i got to loading screen i got spammed by runtime error, http://gyazo.com/024314aefb8c1f4d65ce895c64e3fbbe i tried the hotkey Shift+F9 put no reaction, later on I tested on cs:go with the same result.