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Found 11 results

  1. App request

    I want a app that can automticly write some text which I have written. So I can for example make a text which is GGWP or a longer string. It is like a macro but I want it activated in a list I can press, so I can have more. So when I open up ingame chat I can find the string I want to write and press it.
  2. Discord App

    Can someone make a discord app so i can make calls without leaving the game. I know desktop discord has a overlay, but i dont want to use two overlays at the same time
  3. So, many users like to use YouTube while gaming. Some for entertainment while farming/doing boring stuff, others rely on it for tutorials of any kind. I have found too the comfort of watching a tutorial step by step without exiting the game. Games like Minecraft have very complicated stuff to replicate. Problem is, both the browser and the youtube app lack the ability to put in fullscreen a video. You either have to resize the window and live with that and the fact it occupies an excessively big chunk of your screen, or use Borderless Video Player. However, Borderless Video Player is a pain to set up for a simple use like that. You have to browse with other tools the video you want to watch (the browser or the youtube app, which is a mere link by the way), find the video you want to see, copy and paste the link, and then go with what you want to do. If you realize that is the wrong video, or you don't really like it, and want to change it, you have to repeat everything from step one. So, I ask if it's possible to fuse in the youtube app or maybe even in the browser itself, the ability to switch to "Borderless Videoplayer Mode" right when you press fullscreen, and a button to bring you back to the normal sized window. Another thing that Borderless Videoplayer lacks are hotkeys. If you want to open it, if you want to stop the video, if you want to play it, if you want to silence it, you must necessarily stop what you are doing, open Overwolf controls and do what you want with the mouse. It slows you down and is annoying, so that in the end you may prefer to just use the browser and live with its limitations. So, what I suggest to do here is: - when you go fullscreen with a video while browsing, it is automatically switched to a view similar to Borderless Videoplayer, possibly remembering the resize and the opacity settings for a more comfortable use - in this mode, there should be the possibility to use the following hotkeys: pause/play, mute/unmute. - the most popular application would be for YouTube, however it would be better if it is integrated with the browser and therefore it would work with other sources like Twitch for example PS: The browser app also would be a much better experience if it would remember the opened tabs, and the ability to set favourites to show in the home page. Alternatively, I would like to know how to change the home page to set a custom offline html one. There are plenty of downloadable and customizable pages for that purpose, born for browser like the old IE. If you want, this may be a subject for another topic, to not clutter this one. Either way, fusing the above with this side note would bring one of the best and most useful experiences for Overwolf.
  4. Request: A decent Notepad

    I know there already is an app that does this, but it's horrible. It's clunky, it's slow, and it has ADS! Ads in a notepad, and even quite large and annoying, a sick joke. So what I ask is a working, lightweight notepad that does what it's expected and nothing really more. I am no programmer and I am not a professional designer, but in case you need images, vector art or icons, I can do it. I can even work on some mockups. And if it's not too much asking, the following features would be awesome to have: -select a custom font and size -no border, just the 2 buttons for dismiss/close and maybe a support to be dragged from anywhere like TS3's app would be perfect (or just a button-like thing like in the Borderless Videoplayer) -adjustable opacity -ability to use bold, underline and italic A simple and effective notepad could be very useful for many players, as the ability to store memos and take notes is a great help in many games. And for video makers and streamers, it could also be a tool to list, remember and show objectives to complete (which is not uncommon, especially for open world games).
  5. I admit to being relatively new to using Overwolf, but one of the first things I do when getting a new game is to head into Overwolf and see what apps are available for the game. My problem is that I can't seem to find a way to categorize the apps by which game they target. I think the For Games category is too broad and that many great apps may get overshadowed by the top apps for each game. When I open the app store, I am not there to just browse all the apps. While this is a valid use case, I am almost always there with a specific game in mind and have to wade through tons of unrelated apps to find something useful. And even then, I don't know what game the app is for if it is not hinted at in either the app's name or picture. Allowing the apps to be filtered by game would allow lesser known or new apps to gain more exposure and not be drowned out by the popular ones. This would add more competition between apps as a new user would not be as likely to only grab the first app they see, which is the most popular in the current sorting. And as they say, "Competition breed innovation." As I said in the beginning, I admit to being new. I may have overlooked this feature already but I made a good effort to find it. If this is the case, the feature should be made more prominent as it is easy to miss. Thanks, Raitono
  6. I would love to sync between all my game accounts and stuff to get all my game hours in one place. Amd gaming evolved does a good job with syncin and stuff. I havent played 245 hours tf2 for nothin. I want to share them. So please overwolf ur a nice worker group could you implement it. Thanx Stuff that I want to be intergrated: - Steam account(games, hours achievements) - Origin account (same) - Mojang account (hours of playtime + games) - Uplay(same) - Playstation(same) - Xbox(same) - Wii(same) - Wiiu(same) - Nintento ds(same) - GameForge(same) I hope we are tryin to make overwolf the best game platform and system ever so we Need to combine some of the features of our rivals
  7. Very simple app request

    So i had the idea for an app recently, and wondered why it didn't exist already, i have a simple request: An app that loads a .exe file of your choice. I got the idea when i recently wanted to open Snipping tool, Unity, Visual studio and other work related things, i know Overwolf is supposed a gaming platform, but even gamers need to work sometimes..
  8. Access the web with ajax

    How can I access a json file from the web, i've tried this. But it doesn't work $.getJSON("http://example.com/data.json"); But it gives this error XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://example.com/data.json. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'overwolf-extension://dclgklmaeghimggpmnkknggocmcgefeglecjcajd' is therefore not allowed access. How can I access json in an overwolf app?
  9. Help taking screenshots

    I recently began work on a Guild Wars 2 overlay meant to assist WvW players in a way not attempted before. After recently taking a short break from the game to play Archeage I was shocked at how bad Guild Wars 2's UI is for handling large groups of people when you wish to see health information. Because of this I wanted to work on a UI that allowed larger groups doing "raids" to see real time health information on everyone easily. While no official raids exist people treat many things like them, from the large scale world bosses (60+ people) to WvW guild groups (20-80 people). Guild Wars 2 has no way of passing a players health information out of the game (I would seriously love them if they added health % to the mumble-link API) so I resorted to other measures. After much thought I settled on screenshotting the game 5 times every second, detecting colour information where the health orb is and then changing this to a percentage. This is an example of the Guild Wars 2 base game UI for those unfamiliar: http://i.imgur.com/9Ku6uG5.jpg . As you can see there is a large health orb in the centre. This is the area of the screen where I wish to read pixel information from and then using RGB thresholds establish the % of health remaining. I have had some success on this as you can see in this video (look at the minimap) Now this works fine using my current (custom) C++ plugin that screenshots, reads pixel information at a set of coordinates it was passed and then returns the RGB values for anyone playing in Windowed mode (Borderless or not). When you make the game fullscreen for some reason my plugin breaks down and it can not take screenshots of the game. This is a big problem for people using dual-AMD cards as they can't use Windowed Fullscreen without serious FPS drops. I can link my C++ if people would like, but it is actually horrific (I downloaded the sample plugin and modified a function on it using my limited C++ knowledge). So this is sort of a request; I would like a plugin that took screenshots of the active window and either passed the bitmap to javascript in the form of a javascript image object (without Cross-Origin Contamination) OR like my current plugin you could pass it a set of coordinates and it returns an array of RGB values. Any help is much appreciated. (As for why I don't use the built in screenshot feature, as far as I can tell those screenshots are saved to the drive, which means CORS is a factor and for SSDs you would burn a large amount of read/write cycles.)
  10. irc / jabber

    can someone made better irc support? mibbit is huge, i guess there shoud be cgi:irc or something else i'd take that https://webchat.freenode.net/ for example as freenode app maybe? and i think web interface for jabber conference should be awesome addition aswell.
  11. Hi hi Devs and Overwolf team! i have a request and that one (title says everything) it's a grooveshark app, just like the Spotify one Is it possible? i'm pretty sure it is :X and this question goes for the Overwolf Team: There was a Grooveshark APP, why did you guys took it out? i tried searching the forums but nothing came up about it if you guys please could answer that question please i'll love you forever Ok i'll wait for your answers, Thhhaaaankkk yooooouuu!!! <3 PD: if this topic doesn't goes in this subforum please move it and i'm sorry for the trouble PD2: Sorry for my bad english/grammar X.X