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Found 32 results

  1. Multiple TS Servers connected

    I often are connected to multiple TeamSpeak3 servers at the same time. Usually this involves an active game server and 1-2 servers where I'm available to contact. It would be great, if the team-speak part of overwolf would not only show people speaking in the currently opened teamspeak-tab, but from all tabs and also give information, from which tab and channel this person is speaking from. Is this already a feature that I was unable to set up properly? Otherwise, it would be a great addition, since in many moba-games you often have a game/raid/fight server and a guild-server where you want to be present, if you e.g. have a moderator-position...
  2. When I download a teamspeak plugin and run it, it is supposed that an installation window should appear but no, how can I fix this?
  3. It was working perfeclty some time ago, if it didn't work, I cold just quit teamspeak, re-open and re-connect, then it was showing ingame overlay. But since that, I changed GPU, and maybe a few other things, and war thunder client also got updated a lot. Now it doesn't work anymore. Does Overwolf support war thunder's latest version? Do I need to set some specific setting in teamspeak?
  4. Hi all! Recently I noticed that the notification texts of each of the TS skins is hard to read on a white background. Since I want that for Overwatch, I decided to create a simple skin extension in the Overwatch look with a dark background for notifications. So far so good. This is what I did: Copy the content of the directory "User\AppData\Local\Overwolf\Extensions\naegiaepjlllhcifhofkbpecfbongejimehomedk\" (this is the "WoW (go jenkins!)" skin) to "User\Overwolf\OverwatchTsSkin\" Adjust the manifest.json. I adjusted the following properties: meta.name meta.author meta.description Replace the "thumbnail.jpg" by another image with the same size and file type Open the settings of Overwolf Click on "Support" Click on "Development Options" Click on "Load unpacked extension..." Select the OverwatchTsSkin directory Restart Overwolf Open the dock in-game Open the TS app in-game Click on "GET SKINS" in-game Look for my thumbnail.jpg in the list of skins Notice, that it is not there What should I do in order to be able to create a new TSSkin-extension? I attached the OverwatchTsSkin directory so that you can reproduce my problem. Regards, Finanzkrise OverwatchTsSkin.zip
  5. I am using the teamspeak overlay in-game and everyone works, the notifications and channel overlay, but the full ts3 wont open. I am using windows 10 and teamspeak version 64 bit.
  6. LF HELP! Teamspeak!

    So I would love to make a skin for teamspeak for my guild. I was wondering that programs I need I currently have a program called QssEditor.
  7. In short: in Teamspeak 3, I have set up hotkeys for switching between the channels on the one active teamspeak server I am logged into, and this works when being on windows desktop with the teamspeak client, however if I load the whole teamspeak client in game via Overvolf tools in game.. ..when I have Overwolf running as an overlay in Arma 3 (Sa-Matra Wasteland), none of the teamspeak hotkeys seem to work. Q: Can I not use the teamspeak hotkeys when using Overwolf in games in general, or is there perhaps something wrong somewhere? Fyi, the hotkeys I use in the teamspeak client, are: Ctrl + down arrow key = basically, switch to next channel Ctrl + up arrow key = basically, switch to previous channel
  8. Overwolf broke TeamSpeak

    I just installed Overwolf for its SweetFX support for Guild Wars 2. Overwolf broke TeamSpeak. If I have TeamSpeak running, and launch OverWolf all is well. But the moment I login into Guild Wars 2, my push to talk key stops working in Team Speak. I running Windows 10 64bit with a Radeon 270X video card. <edit : spelling + removed a second problem as it needs its own thread>
  9. So I use Overwolf for lolwiz and replay Hud. Thats it. Also I use teamspeak to talk to my friends and such. So i have to run as administrator for teamspeak to work in game. So basically when i run overwolf and teamspeak at the same time a million teamspeak clients spam and make my computer lag. I have tried all of the stuff i have seen(reinstalling both overwolf and ts3, starting overwolf After ts3, running overwolf and ts3 as administrator) and nothing works. So I was wondering if anyone else know how to fix this. Please help because this has forced me to only beable to use teamspeak and not overwolf. Thank you.
  10. Hi, I want to stream mechwarrior online on twitch.tv. I've got a fast i7 16GB system w/Win10 and an AMD R9 290 4GB GPU. Logitech C920 Camera and G930 headset. When I try to stream with AMD's Raptr, it works... until I try to use overwolf... then it hangs or closes the MWO client. I can record fine with it too. The stream quality is not good. Way over compressed and lower rez than I specify. If I try to use Overwolf to stream, it works for like one match then hangs/close the MWO client. Also, the quality of the stream is horrible. I've set it up for 1080p/30fps/3500kbps and it looks like horrible, over compressed 720p more like a bad 480 or even less.? Then I installed Open Broadcaster, It works perfectly and is 100% stable, until I try to run overwolf, Hoping to use it and some of it's plug-ins like the TS3 one. But then it hangs TeamSpeak 3, and/or the MWO Client. OBS looks fantastic at 1080p/30fps/3500kbps. like a soft 1080 or a very clean 720p (like a real 720p without all the over compression and artifacts). It just looks great! I want myself and my viewers to be able to see who it talking in TS3 in my game window and on the stream... so far this seems impossible. So... in order to steam, I've abandoned overwolf and other streamers who play MWO have told me that they have found it to be nothing but trouble for them also. Is there any hope of things being fixed or am I doing something really wrong? Note, I'm a photographer and video guy so I know what over compression looks like and I've also compared it to other Twitch streams, so when I say it looks bad, it's because it really does look bad ;-) Thanks Bruce Searl
  11. Hello, I have been trying to recording a game with some friends on teamspeak. I can hear them fine when I am in the game however when I go back to watch it everyone is very quiet. How can I increase the volume of my teamspeak when I am recording using Game capture?
  12. Missing teamspeak

    Hello I recently installed teamspeak and overwolf. Problem is - Teamspeak doesn't appear in the overwolf icons. It did before I formatted my pc, now there's an icon for My Skins instead. I searched the problem and didn't find answers that helped me. I tried reinstalling and launching in different orders and I'm not sure what else to do. I'm running a win7 64bit, and as I said, this worked before and somehow doesn't work now. I'll add a pic with where the teamspeak icon used to be... Thinking about it, it's almost like overwolf doesn't recognize I have a teamspeak. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey everyone, I've just recently gotten a new PC computer, which means I am able to use overwolf. When I installed it last night, it took some playing around, and I was getting the in-game TS notifications, as to who's talking. Today, these are not working, and I cannot figure out why. Runescape is running in DirectX and not OpenGL. Overwolf has TS Notifications to on in the top left corner. Notifications are also on within the TS overlay option. This is my process: Start Runescape, Start overwolf, and then start teamspeak using the overwolf app button on the dock. Then I click "Full Teamspeak" and connect to my server. I then minimize everything and start playing my game. The confusing thing is, that I am not getting notifications as to who is talking, but I am getting Private Chat notifications in the lower right hand corner, where I am able to reply. Looking for some help troubleshooting these issues.
  14. Aye so, I'm wondering if Overwolf Overlay will ever actually work with Minecraft? it hasn't since I got it, Any ideas when it will?
  15. Hello, I want to customize overwolf to work like the steam overlay. I want it for teamspeak mainly. I picture it to work like this: I launch CS:GO, hit ctrl+tab, the overwolf shows, a hit the ctrl+tab again and it is gone. Same principal like the steam overalay. I do not want to see teamspeak when I am alive in the game. I just want to check it quickly.
  16. Hey Guys, I keep trying to enable the ts3 control plugin but keep getting the error message saying Quote: "Failed to Initialize Plugin". Any ideas?
  17. Teamspeak Notifications not showing

    Hey, So i recently got overwolf (again) and i opened arma 3 up and i was sitting in the main menu and people were talking in Teamspeak and it wasn't showing the notifications. I made sure the notifications was turned on and it was. I made sure that the Control Plugin is on and i reloaded it all. Still nothing. I restarted teamspeak several times and arma 3 and overwolf. Still nothing... I attached my logs beneath. P.S When i restart everything and start teamspeak with overwolf i get Connection Error. What can i do to fix this issue? Thanks, Whiskers. Log.rar
  18. Setting Up Overwolf

    Hello to the Overwolf community. I have recently installed overwolf, and the teamspeak feature itself is really something that I like. Sadly, I have one issue right now, which is that Overwolf bombards you with a billion features and processes while it runs. Could anyone tell me a step-by-step way of setting up overwolf so that the only feature enabled ingame is the name that pops up when someone speaks in my current channel, without actually having the box of the channel open?
  19. Hey there. I really want to use Overwolf, but right now I have two monitors. Usually I just leave Teamspeak on one monitor and my game on another. When I run Overwolf, it hides the standalone TS3 application and brings it into the game itself. Is there a way to disable this functionality (without losing the rest of the overlay features) so that Teamspeak just stays as its own standalone app even while Overwolf is running? Note, I'm not asking for dual monitor support, I just want Overwolf to not hide Teamspeak's standalone app when it launches. Or, even better, if I could have both (standalone TS3 and also in-game full TS3). Thanks!
  20. Teamspeak not working

    I have just got Over-wolf I am fairly new to this I got it for the Team speak overlay. I launch it and it says connection error make sure TS 3 control plugin is enabled and restart TS I don't see a control plugin I have launch Team-speak multiply times I do have Team-speak in a different directory if that makes a difference any ideas? Cheers
  21. Overwolf & TypeFrag

    Hey Overwolfers, I'm proud to present one of our newest and coolest applications! TypeFrag From TypeFrag, known for their excellent voice-server hosting Allows Overwolf users to quickly and easily create TeamSpeak servers The servers are absolutely free and can host up to 5! Works well with our already existing TeamSpeak overlay Help us learn a little more about it by taking a survey, we love your feedback!: TypeFrag Feedback Check it out for yourself:
  22. Has Teamspeak to be minimized?

    Dear developers, As much as I like Overwolf, it somewhat startles me. Everytime i start a game that is supported by Overwolf and therefor uses the Overlay, it minimizes Teamspeak. Its nice that i can still see who is in my channel and who is currently talking by the app, but I have 2 monitors set up so I can see skype, Steam, Teamspeak etc. while being ingame without having to sacrifice space of the ingamescreen. So far i havent found any setting where I can turn it off, so if you are able to help me with that problem, Overwolf is problemfree for me again ;D
  23. Hi there, is there a way to set the own away message in Teamspeak via the provided plugin? Didn't find anyhting, but maybe it just isn't documented. If not yet available, I'll put this up as a SDK feature request, cause it might be useful as a sneaky and hacky way to exchange app-related information between teamspeak users. Edit: Setting the own description would be even better.
  24. SpeakEasy Like the Speakeasies of days gone by, this app is going behind the curtain to provide you with the features they don't want you to have. Get your fix with this app today! This is a beautiful replacement for the TeamSpeak app that comes with Overwolf. It provides the same functionality plus much much more! Features: Chat via Server, Channel, or with any User! View all channels on current server and click-to-switch. Toggle your mic and speakers See a list of other users in your channel and send them a message! Two notification areas. One for people talking and the other for other events like people entering/leaving and messages. Open chat from notification! Settings window to move where the two types of notifications will be displayed. On-hover window controls for moving, minimizing, and closing. Transparency while dragging. Future Improvements: Connect to a new server either by typing in information or from bookmarks. Streamline client list and channel list. Set transparency of windows. Resizability of windows. Theming Bugs: None known Please message me on the forum if you find a bug. Username: adamk33n3r
  25. Toolbox

    The Toolbox for Overwolf consists of a set of helpers requested by the community, or frankly, that I wanted to have while gaming Included are Tools around the Teamspeak Chat, a Volume Control for Windows, and Guild Wars 2 Map/Notifications. TeamSpeak - Chat, Macros & Announcements Channel and Private Chat including Multi-Server Support Shows pictures and youtube videos directly in chat Overlay Announcements & Questions Macros: Create Chat Macros that can be used for TeamSpeak or copied to clipboard for chat pasting Toggle Microphone Mute Volume Control The Volume Control module is a tech demo for accessing the windows volume mixer without having to switch to desktop. The latest version of SonicConductor, the required background application connecting Overwolf to the Windows Core Audio API, can be downloaded here. Since I'm developing this one in dotNet/C#, a seperate installation is necessary, however as things move forward, fingers crossed, I may be able to completely include it transparently, removing this extra step. It's not all on me, though, Overwolf needs to support dotNet for that ;D Guild Wars 2 - Map & Notifications Live Guild Wars 2 map including WvW objective timers Avatar position is provided out of the box Other players positions can be fed over TeamSpeak enabled by my CrossTalk plugin (recommended) and conventional server with shared key. Also shows TS nicknames when using CrossTalk Set your personal commander on anyone Interact with the map to give commands via TS Chat (resulting in announcements, notifications, map markers) or to the clipboard for chat pasting Have the map follow you or make it free flow for seeing the whole picture and separate Notifications for objective changes without having to have the map open. Interested? Get Toolbox here! Note that since I got a couple of other projects, all with todo lists and such, future development has much to do with feature requests and bug reports. "He's gonna add that anyway" is as uncertain as "sure he'll notice himself and fix it". Feedback helps me a lot with prioritization of my limited development time. So feel free to keep it coming Cheers, thorwe