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Found 9 results

  1. I have downloaded Overwolf from Ts3 to get the overlay ingame but the Ts3 plugin don't connects to Ts3 properly! I have already tried to reinstall both. When I try to open the channels tab, it shows me that I should try to activate the "control plugin" and restart ts3 but I did this already. Nothing works. I would really like to continue on using Overwolf but but I can't when I can't use this plugin.
  2. Hi, I have some issues about Overwolf on some games like Arma 3, Rust and others. After the update in Windows 10, works normally but now, only game i can see who is talking on TeamSpeak with OW is Insurgency (there i can see my FPS OW count and TS3 Alerts). The others, i can't see who is talking to me and i can't see my FPS Overwolf count as well. Thanks... Thiagotnn
  3. Teamspeak3 and dock are hiding/closing

    Hello! I have problem with hiding dock, ts3 and other apps. When i'm playing World of Warcraft i'm using TS3 with displaying people in my channel. When i click on game window its hiding behind game. I tried to look in options, on forum, change priority of ts3helper and whole overwolf but nothing happens. Same problem with overwolf dock. Thanks for answer!
  4. I am using the teamspeak overlay in-game and everyone works, the notifications and channel overlay, but the full ts3 wont open. I am using windows 10 and teamspeak version 64 bit.
  5. Hi, I want to stream mechwarrior online on twitch.tv. I've got a fast i7 16GB system w/Win10 and an AMD R9 290 4GB GPU. Logitech C920 Camera and G930 headset. When I try to stream with AMD's Raptr, it works... until I try to use overwolf... then it hangs or closes the MWO client. I can record fine with it too. The stream quality is not good. Way over compressed and lower rez than I specify. If I try to use Overwolf to stream, it works for like one match then hangs/close the MWO client. Also, the quality of the stream is horrible. I've set it up for 1080p/30fps/3500kbps and it looks like horrible, over compressed 720p more like a bad 480 or even less.? Then I installed Open Broadcaster, It works perfectly and is 100% stable, until I try to run overwolf, Hoping to use it and some of it's plug-ins like the TS3 one. But then it hangs TeamSpeak 3, and/or the MWO Client. OBS looks fantastic at 1080p/30fps/3500kbps. like a soft 1080 or a very clean 720p (like a real 720p without all the over compression and artifacts). It just looks great! I want myself and my viewers to be able to see who it talking in TS3 in my game window and on the stream... so far this seems impossible. So... in order to steam, I've abandoned overwolf and other streamers who play MWO have told me that they have found it to be nothing but trouble for them also. Is there any hope of things being fixed or am I doing something really wrong? Note, I'm a photographer and video guy so I know what over compression looks like and I've also compared it to other Twitch streams, so when I say it looks bad, it's because it really does look bad ;-) Thanks Bruce Searl
  6. Teamspeak not working

    I have just got Over-wolf I am fairly new to this I got it for the Team speak overlay. I launch it and it says connection error make sure TS 3 control plugin is enabled and restart TS I don't see a control plugin I have launch Team-speak multiply times I do have Team-speak in a different directory if that makes a difference any ideas? Cheers
  7. TS3 Connection Error

    So I've been running Overwolf just for the TS3 in-game notifications on GW2. It has worked successfully for 2 years until I logged in and was prompted that the software had been updated. Now I cannot get the channel or notifications as to whom is speaking or entering/exiting the channel. Additionally, any messages sent via TS3 no longer appear in game, I have to alt-tab out of game to get them now. The tabs where these normally would appear now have red warning stickers that state "TS3 connection error" when I hover over them. I'm running Windows 7 home premium 64bit I've tried uninstalling and re-installing. I've tried checking/unchecking the "TS3 control plugin" under settings. Nothing seems to work to get this functional again. Please help ><
  8. Help with TS3 plugin

    Alright, I have searched the past two days for anything that can help me but going to ask the community on this one. I have TS3 for my clan for MWO and Star Citizen (Clan Widowmakers). However I want to use Overwolf with my TS3 but for some reason the plug-in isn't working and it says fail to connect. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone give me a step by step guide how to fix this issue.
  9. [SOLVED] TS3 "Connection error"

    Hi Before I start, I would quickly like to let you know I've searched nearly every corner of Google and these forums for an answer, but haven't found a single or helpful solution. So I would like to post a thread with detailed problems. Basically, Overwolf refuses to connect to my TeamSpeak3 client. I have found in other threads asking to confirm if the "control plugin" is installed and enabled, and yes I can confirm it is. (http://i.gyazo.com/02101aef5c39f105572ee4d48c97b4ec.png) I have tried uninstalling both TeamSpeak and Overwolf, and re-installing them, but no luck. This is the error I get, even when in TeamSpeak it clearly says its enabled and running. Other solutions I've tried, is removing the TS3 app, deleting the "Overwolf" folder in "%localappdata%", and disabling and re-enabling the "control plugin". If someone could shed some light to what's going in, it'll be very much appreciated. Many thanks! - Dan