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Found 37 results

  1. Hello, I installed the Twitch app for Overwolf and can't seem to get it to work. When I try to go live, I get "An unexpected error has occurred." I looked into the logs, but I couldn't make head or tails of it, so here they are for you to review. I know I am not the only person to whom this happened, unfortunately, the solution wasn't made public in any of the topics I checked. Thanks for your help. Log20170714.zip

    What happened to Twitchr? I had to switch to OBS because there is nothing for Twitch Alerts on Overwolf anymore - RIP </3 Is there anything?
  3. Hey all, just signed up to overwolf and added the twitch app to it. It seemed to be so easy to setup the streaming... But im getting allways the error message "An unexpected error ocurred"... This error message unfortunately doesn't help much.. My PC should be pretty good for streaming. The worst part is the graphics card (GTX 960). Upload is 5 mbit/s. Can I attach the error logs here, without any problem? It doesn't log any information about my computer which I shouldn't paste in public? Thanks for any help in advance! Have a nice saturday. Alex
  4. First time forum poster here- just downloaded the Twitch app yesterday. NOTE: I am extremely technologically challenged, so please be patient and bear with me. I'm writing because I am getting the following error when I click the "go live" button. It just displays a loading symbol and nothing I do can get rid of it, even clicking again. I've tried going into the settings, because other forums have indicated that one can change the settings and that might solve the problem. But when I click the wrench icon in the top right, I get a grayed-out version of the settings with the same loading icon. I can't press any buttons in the screen or check/uncheck any boxes, so I am unable to change any of the settings. Here's what I see: I know my screen isn't frozen because I can hover over the question marks and get information about the viewer counter. But nothing happens when I click in any of the boxes. Has anyone encountered anything similar? I've seen forums where the posters have gotten the loading symbol, but they were able to manipulate the settings. I can't even do that. I have Windows Vista and a 32-bit system. I don't know much more than that. I don't know how to post error logs or what a codec is, but I'm very good at following detailed instructions despite my total lack of computer knowledge. If anybody could help, I would greatly appreciate it- thank you!
  5. Twitch app

    I really love the Twitch streaming app over other streaming apps, but I do miss being able to just have a ten or 15 sec delay on my streams if you could just add that in on a future update.
  6. Hey guys, I'm having issues with the Twitch app just randomly stopping during a stream. I checked the settings to make sure I wasn't hitting a hotkey or anything but the longest I had it run was about 15 minutes and then it just stops. I have 1Gb download connection with 100Mb upload, so I'm pretty sure it's not my connection. If anyone has had this issue or any ideas to try please let me know, thanks all !
  7. Hello, I will try to explain this as detailed and clear as possible as I think I realized what's happening now. When streaming with the OW. Twitch App. you have the option to put in the title of the stream and even edit it while live. Am I wrong to assume that the Twitch App. is also sending to Twitch the game your playing? I have my Twitch page set to "Diablo III Reaper Of Souls" because I want to show up under that game NOT "Diablo III" where there are NO viewers or streams. Every time I launch the Twitch App. and go live it changes it to "Diablo III" on Twitch website instead of "Diablo III Reaper Of Souls" as I have it set and saved it in the settings on my profile many times over now,... then I have to minimize and go to my Twitch settings and set it back to "Reaper Of Souls" after going live in game. I also have to go to my archived videos after being live and edit them to say RoS instead of Diablo III because when I started streaming that's what the Twitch App. told it I was streaming and archiving. I realized what was happening after earlier going to check out and old Lineage server I used to play on and noticed OW. worked with L2 now and was in shock. So I wanted to see if I could stream it also. BOOM no problem was streaming Lineage II with the OW. Twitch App. in full 1080p. HD. lossless,... beautiful,... except on my Twitch stream it automatically said I was now playing "Lineage II The Chaotic Throne" live. I never set it to this on the Twitch website or touched it at all or ever have set it to Lineage so this is when I realized what was causing it to always say I was playing the original D3 and not the expansion RoS because this was also a PRIVATE L2 server running GoD NOT Chaotic Throne so the Twitch App. was wrong again on what game or version of it I was playing. I recommend removing this completely as people can simply set this to what game they are playing on the Twitch website and change it them selves if needed and don't really need the OW. app. to auto override it every time you go live OR please add an option with the stream title to set it to what game your playing in some sort of drop down menu like the Twitch website has or something and make sure to add one for Diablo III and Diablo III - Reaper of Souls as these are two separate live categories on the Twitch website. If you have any questions or need anymore details about this feel free to ask. I hope to see it fixed as it slows me down and is very annoying to have to go change these settings after going Live each time and the Twitch App. overriding them with no option built into itself to set what game your playing yourself. At least you need to add Diablo III Reaper of Souls to it's built in list instead of just Diablo III. I hope this made sense thanks! Chuter.
  8. Flashing stream on DOOM

    Hi all. I have some problems with DOOM and Overwolf twitch app. When the stream starts, the picture in my twitch channel just start to flashing between black and game screen. Audio is fine. I try to start the stream with different settings (show game only, show desktop only while the game is in window mode and show both of them) the result was the same. When the focus goes somewhere else not over the game flashing stops and when the focus goes to game again flashing appears. I'm with ATI R9 X280 video card and clocked i5 4690k. The problem appears for a first time after DOOM update. If you need more info just ask I hope someone will help me. Best regards Bertone_bg
  9. Hi, I downloaded Overwolf last night and added the Twitch app to it. Works like a charm except ... ... when I open the Chat overlay so I can view Twitch chat in-game (one of the primary reasons for using this tool) it spins infinitely and never connects. No error is produced, it simply displays "connecting to Twitch chat" forever. So far I have: Validated chat works on my channel. Restarted the program, game, and app. To no avail. Any suggestions?
  10. I was able to stream with the twitch app a few times before. For some reason it isn't working now. I've uninstalled the app and reinstalled... Disabled and re-enabled my playback device... Uninstalled the high definition audio device and reinstalled... The speakers work perfectly fine though. http://prntscr.com/a1pegs
  11. Broadcast Language of Stream on Twitch

    Hi, I am broadcasting on Twitch in Dutch. However, when I launch my stream via Overwolf, and I go to check my stream on Twitch, it has put my language as 'Other'. So I force it in the browser as Dutch again. Is this normal? Thanks! Dieter
  12. Hello people! I am relatively new to Overwolf. I stumbled upon it, while I was searching for a way to watch a Twitch Stream while ingame (i.e. Diablo 3). Now I digged through the appstore, but couldn't really find an app with which I could watch Twitch streams. Most of the apps related to Twitch seem to be for broadcasting yourself to Twitch.tv only, instead of "simply" watching a Twitch stream. Well, and now to my question (title): How can I watch Twitch.tv ingame via Overwolf? Is there a way to use Overwolf to watch Twitch streams, while I play - i.e. Diablo 3?
  13. I have a Nvidia 850m currently, and when I use Nvidia nvenc for Twitch and Replay HUD, I get the "unexpected error has occured" for Twitch, and the replay shuts off after a few seconds. Both work fine with the other 2 options (intel, cpu). Does my graphics card not support nvenc? The nvidia driver is updated as well.
  14. Twitch Game Stream Delay?

    Hi. I just started using Overwolf and so far its good, ive also streamed with the Twitch app on it and its better than OBS. The only problem I have so far is there is no option for stream delay like in OBS where I start the stream and for example it will show on twitch 10 minutes later. is there an option for that available right now on the Twitch up? if not is it possible to add it to the app? thank you.
  15. Two twitch chats

    So I have tried having two different Twitch chats in my app using Overwolf's chat plugin but whenever I use two difference chats the other window always seems to reload? An example would be: window 1 is open - user authenticated and connected to chat window 2 is opened - then window 1 reloads but they are both connected to chat perfectly fine? I am using two different client id's and have tried making a copy of the plugin but I am not sure if that would work or if i just didn't reference them properly? any ideas?
  16. Twitchr App Explanation

    So I made a video for explaining how my App Twitchr works and the features - yes it kinda sucks but I guess it gets the point across?!!? Anyone that has questions please feel free to ask, Enjoy!
  17. Hi, this is my first post, I want to develop an app for the Twitch contest, so far I was good until this question came to me, I hope you can help me, is there a way to send an image to a twitch streaming, with this I mean, create my app window and pressing a button in that window it shows an image on the streaming just for the viewers. Is this possible with overwolf? something you think that can help me? Thanks in advance.
  18. Cannot stream or record videos

    when ever i try to stream or record anything it goes to 5-8 seconds and stop recording i dont know why this is happening i have used overwolf for long time and didnt need recorder but now i need it badly dont wanna use xplit or those others because those make me lag as hell so i need help fast Log.zip
  19. Twitch app chat not working

    I installed the Twitch app, I click "chat view" then it says "connecting to chat..." it said that for like 5 mins, and it wouldn't load. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  20. Q: In the video showing 3 submitted apps (Sketch, Kappa Feed, and Patreon ), Kappa Feed appears to be "an IRC bot", and thus hosted on a server. Assuming this is allowed, what are the "rules" of connecting an Overwolf App to a server (which in our case would be http://bonozo.com) ? We have been designing apps for the contest regularly at http://twitch.tv/bonozoapps and anyone interested in collaborating or watching is more then welcome to join @BonozoApps
  21. Coffee, anyone?

    I'm running Overwolf version 0.84.92 on Windows 8.1, and for some reason, whenever I launch LoLWiz or Twitch, Overwolf gives me the "Coffee, anyone?" popup and restarts. However, it doesn't render over the game when it restarts, and I can't use either of those apps.
  22. Twitch Echo w/ Microphone

    I am using the twitch app while attempting to stream LoL. While speaking into my microphone I continually get an echo that is lagged by roughly 20 seconds. Can someone please help me so I can get back to enjoying my streaming? Thank you so much.
  23. Twitch App doesn't start streaming

    Hey, I was searching in the support forums but I didn't find anything about my problem so I decided to make a new topic. When I'm clicking the button in the twitch app to start streaming theres a loading symbol and the stream doesn't start. I'm using WIndows 8.1 (64x). Do you have any idea what the problem could be? Sorry about my english, it's not my native language.
  24. Just installed the developer version and off the bat I've been having nonstop problems. I'm sorry it's a lot in one thread, I just didn't think you'd want me to make a new thread for each issue and I suspect that the issues are probably related to eachother in some way. When I start up Overwolf, it doesn't remember me having logged in. Whenever I start it up I get spammed with several errors saying "Overwolf is already running on a different Windows account. Please close it first.". This spams me 3-5 times despite there not being any overwolf processes open before clicking it. When I click log in button and sign in that way, the program locks up, doesn't give me access to anything, and just gives me a loading wheel. I have to close the program to get it to stop. In order to actually log in, I have to click "Skip sign up for now" and then click the log in button in the top right of the window after the store loads. I tried to download the Twitch app, the button switches to "Installing" but nothing ever progresses and it never installs. This is true for any app I try to install. It also tells me that there are no reviews and it's never finished "Fetching Downloads..." When I log in, as long as my cursor is over anything in the store (not one of the modals that pop up such as an install) my cursor gets the loading wheel next to it. The loading wheel never goes away. I can't use any of the drop down options (Settings, Show Dock, Support, or Exit) without it getting stuck in the loading wheel thing again. "Show Dock" does toggle to "Hide Dock", but no dock appears. When I open up My Library, which shouldn't have anything in it, it shows the loading bar get very close to being full but it never does. I'm on Windows 8.1 64-bit and I just installed the program for the first time today.
  25. Unexpected error has occurred

    I re-download Overwold today in hopes of being able to stream on Twitch, I've had no problems with Overwolf in the past as I used it to record gaming videos. But today when I clicked "Go Live" it would load for a little while and then show the following message "An unexpected error has occurred". Any suggestions as how to change this? Running on windows 7 and Im trying to stream Tera Rising.