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Twitch streaming stops randomly

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Hello :)

I'm a recent user of the overwolf app. I use it with ts app and twitch app. But very randomly, the stream stops itself without any notificaton or crash. it can be after 2 mins, 30mins, or way longer as i already streamed for over 90mins. i tried to detect a pattern, but without success, it's random. i can restart it just by clicking but it's annoying.

i have a good internet connection (100Mb down / 5Mb up / 10ms ping) and my provider does not have restrictions or blocks anything.

My settings for the stream on twitch app:

server: The nearest from my place

resolution: 1980x1020

bitrate: auto

fps: 30

codec: amd amf

preset: automatic


i'll be submitting the Logs tonight through mail with a link to this post as asked in here.

If anyone has a suggestion on how to fix my problem, let me know.

Thanks for your help and have a nice day ;)


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email to support sent and logs added

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