Problem with overlay (cannot click in game)

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i am having problem with overwolf overlay.

When activated (ctrl+tab) i can no longer click on anything in game. No matter the game (LoL, SC2, WoW)

I can either have overlay activated and use overwolf apps, or have it deactivated and click in game.

for example when i start game of LoL, LoLwiz automaticly opens, and shows me what i should buy on my champion. I will buy that, but when i want to close window of LoLwiz, i have to press ctrl+tab (my cursor change), close the window, and again pres ctrl+tab to be able to move my champion.

or in sc2. I start a game, hit ctrl+q to activate spawning tool, but i cant click on anything in it, until i pres ctrl+tab, so i choose what game i am playing, but until i press ctrl+tab again i cant control my army at all.


I am using windows 10 and playing both games in fullscreen mode.

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