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When I load into an LoL game I can not shift tab to see statistics for the pre game analysis

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Idk if I worded that correctly but I see people who use lolwiz, they shift tab or have some kind of hot key and it shows all the stats for your team as well as the enemy, like rank, win rate, how much damage/resistances they have etc but when I shift tab all I see is the overwolf main screen and when I launch lolwiz is just shows me a screen that says "what lolwiz is" "what about it" and "official website" and it tells me it'll show me the stats in game but I don't see it in game. I also don't see that little circle on the side of my screen that pops up the menu once you hover your mouse over it when I'm in an LoL game. The thing that stumps me the most is that after the game it shows me the after game analysis so it's like its running but I cant find the pop up menu that shows pre game statistics.

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