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overwolf create an error 0xc00000e5 for

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So I have a problem with my overwolf.

Since yesterday if overwolf is launched battlenet, steam or other can't be launched. I have the error 0xc00000e5.
I know this is with overwolf because I tried a lot of different setup to launch my games and it happened only when overwolf is on.

I try to desinstall and reinstall but the problem is still here.

So I try to launch battlenet first and then overwolf. 
It doesn't work better, my computer freeze when I try to play any game.

I don't have any idea if I can do something or just not using it... so if you have any suggestion ?

Thx for your help.

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Hey @Abnelia23,

Please add your Overwolf logs so we can have a look.

Overwolf can't affect Steam or BNET in this way, it must be something else on your PC... 

Just to make sure I ran a few tests and everything worked fine, it could be that you have some corrupted DLL files on your PC that are affecting both Overwolf and other programs.

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Sorry for the absence.
With the holidays, I didn't have much time to come back.

I think this are my logs
I'm pretty noobie for this, so if I made a mistake, I'm sorry in advance.

Thank you for your time and help

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It's okay.

Yesterday I needed to deactivate my antivirus and the problem with overwolf disappear.
So I don't know why. When my antivirus is activated with overwolf battlenet doesn't work, but it works with only the antivirus or only onverwolf...

I don't even want to question why, I'm just happy to see everything is fine.

Thank you for your time.
Happy new year

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