Jack Lee

Game Summary not working for Fortnite Battle Royale

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I have recently started using Overwolf, and I liked the Game Summary feature.
Recently, I cant find Game Summary. I have played Fortnite and game summary is not showing up after the game, I have tried to click right click on Ooverwolf tray icon, but the game summary is not showing up. I also tried to go to developer options and clicked launch on game summary it's not launching. I have tried reinstalling over wolf but that's no help. 
If you like to know any other information to solve this issue I would like to give it asap.

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Sorry to bother you more but game summary still not work for lot of poeple on fortnite it worked well on LoL but tried just after in fortnite and he doesn't register anything. (Yes i have enabled game summary for fortnite in the setting ofc).

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