uninstall overwolf?

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i downloaded overwolf on accident when i installed teamspeak 3, and i dont want to use it. ive tried deleting files and all that, and it keeps saying i have it running when it isnt on my screen. How do i delete overwolf from my computer?

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Hey there,

are you really want to uninstall Overwolf?! You should give it a try, it's a shame that a lot of teamspeak users want to uninstall Overwolf for some reason... 


Anyway, if you 100% want to uninstall and it is saying it is still running then on the bottom right of the screen on the taskbar check if there is an Overwolf icon and if there is right click is and click "Exit Overwolf" and then uninstall.


If that doesn't work then open up task manager(hold down ctrl+alt+delete and select task manager) and make sure all the Overwolf processes are ended and no more are running and then try uninstalling.


Hope that helps :)

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