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I'm new to Overwolf, and switching over to it from Xfire. The interface seems lovely and its integration with so many other chat services is lovely and all, but the program only seems to detect about 5 of my 100+ games, meaning that there's little chance of me making use of the in-game overlay. The vast majority of these are Steam games located on my D: Drive, and one Origin game (Mass Effect 2) Located in the same place, while Overwolf resides on my C: Drive.


All have been installed using the respective DRM services. When I try to detect games though, it only finds Guacamelle, LoL, Mark of the Ninja, Path of Exile, and Starbound. I tried manually detecting the one Origin game, as well as multiple Steam games, but every time it just tells me that the game was not found.


It would be nice if there was an option like in Xfire where I could decide the directory and file to be searched on a per-game basis. Barring that, some help on getting Overwolf in its current state to recognize my games would be welcome.

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Hey there!


Just cause the game wasn't detected by the "My Game" search, doesn't mean that it won't be present in the game if it is a Supported Game.


The "My Game" search is only to be able to launch the game from Overwolf, not for it to support it. Also, I must point out, that not all supported games can be launched by Overwolf.


Steam games in general if they are on a different drive than where Steam is installed will most likely not be recognized, but this just means that it won't be launchable by Overwolf.


if you are having issues with Overwolf showing up in games, then please let me know which games and if they are on our Supported Games list.

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You're right. I just tried it with a couple Steam games and it worked. Thanks.


Now the only issue remains with the Origin version of Mass Effect 2, and I'm guessing the one listed as being compatible is the Steam version. Ah well. I can live with that. My focus right now is ME2 but if it works with the majority of my titles then it serves its purpose.

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