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On 2/10/2017 at 6:53 PM, Quatlol said:

Yeah it's an DLC, but if i want to start to stream, there comes the message "This game is not supported" :(

The game Ark survival evolved is supported, but the video recording is not... sadly...

5 hours ago, mazeman said:

hi, is it possible you would support new games without the voting step ?


Conan Exiles, For Honor and Ghost recon Wildlands are big AAA games ....


Added go and vote for it!! Wolfs 

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is there any point in mentioning new releases ? For Honor, for example, as its not on the list but may be an obviously worked-on upcoming supported game, and i would like to avoid trolling by accident, and Black Desert already has some votes would love to see that game get support.

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Could You please add Free Fall Tournament into list?

I installed Overwolf specially for this game to easily capture the gameplay, but it's not easy at all.

Hot keys doesn't work and if i turn on capturing manually, it captures in windowed only. Not it fullscreen :-(.

Or is any way to "force it" to capture the game while in full screen?

Thank You for any reaction.

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On 20.3.2017 at 9:05 AM, LEOkonami said:

Hey @mazeman,

We love to hear what game do you want us to support, we will make sure to support all AAA game.

Sorry for the discomfort :(

No you do not , you dont support Ghost Recon wildlands, For Honor, Mass effect Andromeda....

Now tell why in the fucking hell you just support these AAA games instead of adding them to an fucking vote list ?!?!?!


So you telling me you make sure to support AAA Games is an lie !!!

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