Unable to install the client

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Can you try to install Overwolf using this link?


Note: this doesn't create a shortcut, it installs it in the default location for Overwolf in the Program Files.
Don't run it as an Administrator, just run it regularly.

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Sweet, thanks!

Any idea why the standard app didn't work?

The standard installer is a 'light installer', meaning the program in your browser is very small, and the installer will make sure you automatically download the most recent version of Overwolf. If this 'light installer' experiences problems connecting to the Overwolf servers, it will give you this error message.

This could be because of a few reasons, but I'm not able to confirm which. Could be others as well:


  • Overwolf's servers being over capacity, causing server instability
  • Maintenance on Overwolf's servers
  • Firewall or AV configurations on the user end

When an Overwolf employee sees this thread, you may be able to have a little more concise reason.


I'm glad you have your issue resolved. Have fun!

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