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Hello Survivors!

I want to share with you a little adjustment i make for ZAM Search in DayZ Standalone.



I've just test it out ZAM Search (Ctrl+Z) on DayZ Standalone, but...


But ZAM Search searching on DayZDB that is really poor of contents.


So with a little bit of knowledge of Notepad++ and Gimp i have modified the ZAM Search code (just 3 lines) to make ZAM, search in dayz.gamepedia.com


I choose this site because has a lot of contents, but you can change it with any site you want.
(Read on Dev section at the bottom for more info).

Gimp are used for making appropiate icon in search box, saved from dayz.gamepedia.com logo and adjusted a little bit.

Important for backup! When you modify files, config files etc, you always make a backup of what you are overwriting, so for your convenience i post another .rar (ORIGINAL_DATA_JS.rar) to restore the original file i've modified, to know where put this file read below, keep in mind data.js stay inside (Files/js/data.js) - I've tested the fix on my machine and it work!



How to Install:

  1. Close Overwolf
  2. Download the .rar archive on this post. (ZAM_SEARCH_DAYZSA_FIX.rar)
  3. Unrar where you want
  4. Copy the two folders ( images, js )
  5. Paste the two folders and say YES to overwrite anything in:


    Warning, after Extension Folder, there is a long name, this is the ZAM Search APP ID, i don't know if it change on other machines, if you don't find this name on your Extensions folder, you can go into Overwolf Settings > Support > Development Options > And look for ZAM Search UID, that is your ZAM APP ID, and is the same name on Extensions folder.

    To go in Appdata just hit on your keyboard Win+R , type %appdata%, press Enter, go one level up, and go in Local instead of Roaming folder.


  6. Run Overwolf

  7. Done!



Modified file is: data.js

Lines: 27,28,29


Added .png is: images/sites-icons/dayzwiki_icon.png (related to line 27 on data.js)


If you look at my modification, it's quite simple, line 27 name of site, line 28 home url of site, line 29 search query of the site.

Every wiki site has a search box, just type a random thing like 1234 on search box, then look for url give to you on your browser like www.anygamewiki.com/index.php?search=1234, now you can use this URL (Query) to put in line 29 (obviously you need to delete 1234 from URL).

With this method you can use any site you want to tell ZAM Search to point to this site for it's research. As you can see ZAM put the text you type in search box after the query url (like 1234) and redirect to you in browser page (OW Browser).

Hope you enjoy this little fix, and have understand how to modify data.js to make your own "fix" and put any site you want for ZAM Search.







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