So, I did a thing in minecraft..

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..where I took RoosterTeeth's version of Monopoly and rolled with it.


Basically, I turned their version of Monopoly into the real version of Monopoly. I just finished it up like two nights ago or so, and have just released it to the wild land of the interwebs. lol.



There's a download link in the description, here's what some of the board looks like on my end(because of the texture pack):




I've seen some videos where they had a working version of Monopoly that required several mods to work, or in the case of the RT version, was a lesser version of Monopoly, which kinda made me think, "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a working version of Monopoly in minecraft that was identical to the actual board game, but at the same time required no mods?"


I searched, then gave up on trying to find one and made my own in my spare time. lol

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Damn that's impressive!


do you plan on sometimes try and play Monopoly  in minecraft?


I've actually done several play tests of this on my own. Only 2 player play tests though, so I haven't actually tested it with a full amount of players(5 players with one additional as banker in creative). My own tests have worked out very well, however. Once the rules are explained and/or read over, the game works identical to the physical board game.

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