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So, Firefox is pretty cool, right? I think so. Regardless, here's a skin :D


So my current main browser is Firefox, and I figured it would be pretty chill to make a theme for Overwolf that incorporated my favorite little flaming canine thing. Coincidentally enough, Tiamarth made a Vivaldi skin, which you can check out here. Soon the community will be able to represent their favorites of everything with their Overwolf skins!


Please note that this is only v0.9, as I haven't had any inspiration on what to do about the expanded dock. This is merely just a release to make the skin public because I feel it would be better than not releasing it.


Download here


Installation instructions:


1. Download the .zip file above.

2. Navigate to either C:\[uSERNAME]\Appdata\Local


Navigate to %localappdata%

3. Open the Overwolf folder.

4. If it doesn't exist, create a folder inside the Overwolf named Skins.

5. Extract the entire content of the .zip file you downloaded into the Skins folder.

6. Open Overwolf, if you haven't already.

7. Open the settings window, either from your dock or from the Appstore.

8. Open the Support section, and click Development Options.

9. Click on "Load unpacked extension..."

10. Navigate to your Overwolf Skins folder you made earlier.

11. Make sure you select the version folder of your skin before clicking OK, it will be shown as x.xx

12. Now you can either click Launch to load the skin, or you can load it from your Appstore.


Here, have a preview:



Special thanks to Tiamarth for helping me get unbanned from these forums because of why ever that happened, and to being my inspiration for making this, as well as testing out the functionality of the skin when it still had ugly placeholders. Thanks, buddy





05/21/2015 - Initial 0.9 release


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