Overwolf version 0.87.22 released!

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Summer is here, and so is a new version of Overwolf!


It’s that time again! A new version of Overwolf is here and so are some new features! We’re upping the pace that we do releases as we want to get these fixes out to you all sooner


From now on, the forum posts will be the technical release notes instead of the normal blog information. Here we go! This release included:



LoLwiz in open beta!


Lolwiz is coming out of closed beta! We want to thank everyone who tested Lolwiz and helped get us to where we are today. We feel that LoLwiz is in a great place and is now ready for everyone who plays League of Legends.
Now you don’t need to pester us for any more beta keys! Just go ahead and download it now!


  1. Major bug fixes
    • Chat connectivity - Fixed an issue where users had some connectivity problems to the Overwolf chat.
    • Giveaway counter restart-  Fixed an issue where the timer for the giveaways would restart.
  2. SDK improvement and development:
    • Video Editing API - Added new API for editing videos.
    • Hardware information - Added in the ability to read hardware information. 
    • New audio encoder -  Added in AAC as an audio encoder.
  1. Jinx skin released - Released a brand new League of Legends skin. Get it now on the appstore!
  2. Memory leaks - Introduced a fix for skins that leaked memory under rare circumstances.
  3. Windows skins support 
  4. Sounds tab  - Included a new option that will enable\disable skin speech sounds
  1. New Game flags - Introduced a fix for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 cursor disappearance
  2. Games fixes - Introduced some fixes in Overwolf behavior for the following games:
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
    • Darkest Dungeon
    • Transistor
    • Clicker heroes
  1. Hotkey defaults changed - We changed the way the hotkeys work. By default all the hotkeys are disabled except for the hotkeys needed to control Overwolf (Control + Tab for example).
  2. Hotkey Enabling - If you want to enable a hotkey, you’ll need to go into the settings and just check the ox next to the hotkey to turn it on. You can also change the hotkey there as well.




In this version we removed Skype from Overwolf. Unfortunately, due to Microsoft no longer supporting the Skype API, we can no longer offer this service because of technical limitations. The current tools that exist to connect to Skype are buggy and are no longer being repaired and we at Overwolf don’t want to offer you all a “half baked” app that works only some of the time.




Remember if you have any skins you want to let us know on our skin request site! Catch you all in game!



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Will Microsoft ever begin supporting the skype API or is this forever? That was the most useful application in Overwolf for me.


Unfortunately, that's only something Microsoft can answer. Till they start supporting it again, we can't do anything about it. 

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