unwanted lines / grid displayed on or above app window

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While experimenting with my first Overwolf App I am experiencing some unusual visuals which I am unable to resolve.


I have created a new window for my app using these manifest properties.

    "resizable": true,
    "transparent": false,

These give me the nice header with minimize/maximize/close and footer with transparency slider thingy. I love it. Good times. However...


My experiment has a dark background and some light colored lines are displayed above the page and its elements. These lines are spaced at 256px both horizontally and vertically creating a grid pattern at large window sizes.


These lines are also visible when I use the app "Calculator" ( installed from the appstore ) when it is sized greater than 256 pixels in either direction.


Are these lines intentional?

Are they seen by others?

Is there an obvious thing I am missing to make them go away? 


Thanking you in advance for any time and thought you are able to give in helping me find a solution to this problem.


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The lines themselves were displayed at any resolution I tried 2560x1440, 1920x1080 or 1280x768....


B-b-but I had the slider set way over to make text readable by blind people. like 150%-175%


Setting the text size to 100% did in fact make the lines go away. 


I have some really nice screen that was never designed for old people to look at... ~frowns~


Thanks for the tip.


Please consider testing future versions with this setting .... Make text 125% / 150%


It would really help those of us who are visually challenged.


I appreciate your time, consideration and speedy response.


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We're aware of that issue, just didn't manage to get to it yet.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Any update on this?


I'm using DSR 1440p and 125%DPI and this happens, i could just change back to 100% but then everything would be too small to read.


Thank you. :)

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